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Why late 90's babies are the true Zillennials

I think when it comes to the "true" generationally ambiguous dividing line, then I think those born in the late 1990's makes sense. They were always considered Millennials in the past and still are generally to most people if you consider Millennials as simply those born in the 1980's and 1990's. They are also considered Millennials by a few valid sources, but are now being heavily considered Gen Z, especially because of the Pew Research Center. Classes of 2015-2017, born late 1996-mid 1999, or January 1997 - December 1999, depending on how you interpret 1997-1999, are the ultimate Zillennials, imo. 2000 is iffy, but I'm not sure if they are as Zillennial as 1997-1999.
I don't think that mid 90's babies are that Zillennial, compared to late 90's babies, not only because they are considered Y by many sources, including Pew, but also the fact that if you walk up to a typical person in their mid 20's and ask what generation they belong to, there is a high chance that the individual will say, "Millennial". But if it was a late 90's born in their early 20's, they will be a lot more divided in their responses, however, still might slightly be more on the Millennial side than Z, but most would probably say neither or both. If you ask an early 00's born in their late teens, then they are most likely going to say, "Gen Z". There are some mid 90's borns that would pick neither or both, or even more Z, but there is probably a vast majority that would say more Y, and there are some early 00's borns that would pick neither or both, or even more Y, but an overwhelming majority would say more Z. The early 00's borns might be slightly more comfortable with the Z label than mid 90's borns with the Y label, but they both lean towards their respective generations, while late 90's borns are sorta stuck in between.
Mid 90's borns could probably have some good late 90's memories, and were in some form of school, even if it was preschool, in the 20th century, and were all in school with some clear memory of 9/11, while spending most elementary afterwards. They spent the prime of their childhoods in the early 00's, which was a lot like the 1990's, and was the last "true" Millennial kid era, during the Web 1.0 era, CRTs were standard and flatscreens were rare, VHS-DVD transition, Blockbuster still being prominent, no social media yet existent besides internet chat rooms, analog to digital transition but being mostly analog, Klasky Csupo era of cartoons when Nicktoons like Rugrats and Hey Arnold were still airing on Nickelodeon and Spongebob was still in its original form in the first three season pre-Movie, the 5th to 6th generation of consoles transition, Powerhouse Era of Cartoon Network, pre-Jetix Toon Disney, Zoog Disney transitioning into the classic modern Disney Channel of the 00's, etc., as well as becoming teens in the late 00's and were in high school in the early 10's during the peak of the electropop era, the last "true" Millennial teen cultural era, and graduating high school in the first half of the 2010's before any of the major political events of the decade occurred, and were already long out of college by the time COVID-19 happened, which seems pretty Late Millennial to me.
Early 00's borns have a slim chance of remembering the early 00's (and that only pertains to those born in the very early 00's), their first real memories started in the mid 00's, post-9/11 already. They were in the peak of their childhoods during the Great Recession period, and spent the prime of their childhoods in the late 00's, which ushered in the 2010's, and was in most people eyes the first "true" Gen Z kid era, during the Web 2.0 era, VHS nearly being completely dead and extinct with DVD and Blu-ray on top (HD-DVD failed and got discontinued in less than 2 years), Blockbuster on its last legs, people replacing their CRTs for flatscreens, social media like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter had blown up in popularity already, as well as the world-renowned YouTube, the iPhone being released, predominantly digital with possible last signs of analog, tons of cartoons from the late 90's/early 00's being officially over (besides Ed, Edd, & Eddy) by then with only reruns coming on, Noods era of Cartoon Network with CN Real, Toon Disney replaced with Disney XD, the 7th generation of consoles in full swing, etc., as well as becoming teen in the mid 10's and were in high school in the late 10's when Donald Trump was president, when teen culture was slightly YZ transitional but clearly more Z, and would graduate high school in the late 10's/early 20's and enter college, coming of age in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems pretty Early Z to me.
Late 90's borns might not have any memory of the 90's, but they have memory of the next best thing: the early 00's. They might have a few pre-9/11 memories as they were all small children in preschool by then. They spent the prime of their childhoods in the mid 00's, which had a mix of early 00's and late 00's and even had the last ties to the 90's, was the sort of border between Millennial and Gen Z kid culture even though it seemed to me as the last era of Millennial kid culture, during the Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 transition, social media starting and rising up in popularity, DVDs becoming the norm and VHS is dying in popularity, CRTs still being the standard TVs in people's homes, pre-Recession, analog to digital transition but mostly digital, late 90's/early 00's cartoons either done by that time or most likely still airing new episodes, CN City era of Cartoon Network, Jetix being introduced on Toon Disney, 6th generation of consoles, lots of shows/sitcoms from the early 00's and even the late 90's still being around and airing new episodes, etc., as well as becoming teens in the early 10's, and were in high school in the mid 10's, when teen culture was heavily YZ transitional under the last few years of Obama, and graduated after the political 2010's started but before the Parkland shooting occurred, which solidified Gen Z's identity, and were college kids during the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems like equally Millennial and Z to me.

This really makes me think that late 90's babies are the "ultimate" Zillennials. This is how the cusp or YZ spectrum could go:
Mid 90's borns (1994-1996) are Y/Z on the Y side
Late 90's borns (1997-1999) are the "ultimate" Y/Z cusps
Early 00's borns (2000-2002) are Y/Z on the Z side (2003 borns are Early 00's too but I didn't include them to make the years even, 2003 is numerically and sometimes even considered mid 00's no offense, and I don't really personally see them as transitional, but they could be included if you want as they are born in the early 00's as well)
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