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Sapphire Ati Radeon Catalyst Driver Suite Version 7.11. Driver Genius torrent. With just a few clicks of your mouse Driver Genius will analyze the drivers on your PC and recommend updates from a. This is a perfect software that can check your device for driver problems.

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Able to manage computer devices to get updated Drivers and optimize PC performance, Driver Genius Professional enables application users to back up, restore and search for new drives that they might need for their computer consoles. Driver Genius Professional is a professional driver management tool features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. Driver Genius Professional v14 + Crack. Download Setup File Driver Genius Pro Crack.

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Driver Genius manages your PC to get 100% up to date Drivers and optimize PC performance. Avanquest Software is a leading developer and publisher of cutting edge software available in more than 100 countries. Driver Genius Professional Serial Key scans your PC for out-of-date drivers and updates them automatically or on demand. Download DriverPack Solution Online - Finds outdated drivers on your computer and enables you to download and install the latest versions, so as to keep your system in top shape.

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Just press the download button below to start the download and you have your program in no time. Driver Genius improves PC performance with the powerful driver manager for Windows that backs up, restores, and updates your device. DRIVER GENIUS Professional 11 serial key license Crack Pro Edition 2020 full version keygen code. Driver Genius Professional + Full Crack.

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The application form has an integral scanning device that will check out all devices linked to the computer and automatically find the latest posts for specific components. Driver Genius Professional Edition Multilanguage. It is a comprehensive software that can scan your device for driver problems. Driver Genius Professional 14. Driver Genius Professional is a Professional Driver management tool features both Driver management and hardware diagnostics.

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Driver Genius 20 Professional Edition 2 Years Software Protection for $9.90: Sep 19, 2020: N/A: Driver Genius Free Edition: Aug 12, 2020: N/A: Driver Genius Professional Edition - 1 Year Subscription /3 PCs for $22.95: Apr 30, 2020: N/A. Compatibility with this driver backup software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. It can detect all the devices on a computer and backup the drivers. Avira Antivirus Pro 2020 patch lifetime activation crack with license Key keygen+serial 100 worki.

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It can compress the backup drivers to a zip file, self extracting file. Just press the download button below to start the download and you have your program in no time! Hledejte: driver genius. Become a Driver-Soft Inc affiliate today!

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Free Download with crack serial key license key or patch activation code full version. Driver Genius Crack Professional With License Key Driver Genius Crack Pro 18 finds the latest and accurate drivers for your computer. Driver Genius Professional 11 was added to DownloadKeeper this week and last updated on 09-Nov-2020. Select a file to send by clicking the "Browse" button.

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Driver Genius Pro 17 Crack + License Code Free Download Driver Genius Pro 17 Crack is a professional tool for managing drivers that may be used to return up, restore, update, delete and search for. The database contains drivers for the vast majority of. Genius Pro 11" Patch Crack Free Full Download Serial key keygen license registration review pc software new keyfile "product key" activation code. Crack driver genius professional 11.

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Razer / Blade Stealth 2019 Experience

Im willing to share my exp. with razer (blade) 2019, one of the worst in my life.
But lets start at the beginning (Beginning 2019) and let me introduce you how i wasted arround 3-4k (EUR) and a lot of my life time.
Im an IT professional, working in different companys (also in my own) and my daily usage is not only gaming.
I need some kind of portability and was sick of having multiple devices. The story (and pain) starts with my genius idea of replacing my working (fucckk, why i did this?!) desktop machine with the well advertised razer blade.
The idea having a single device, using a thunderbolt dock as well as the egpu feature was one of main points why i decided to do this.
So i ordered my razer Blade 2019 (4k, 512mb nvme) end of 2018 for ~2k EUR. As well as a razer core (~300) EUR.
I moved my nvidia 1080 into the core and was well impressed how this eGPU stuff works. After a short period of usage i decided to sell all my old hardware (wanted to gain some money back for what i just spend).
After a short period of time i realized that the core in combination with my blade just sometimes, but regulary (randomly) looses connection. So after a couple of times this happened i was so sick of it, that i reinstalled my machine from scratch.
It was kind of better, but the problem still persistet. On top I realized complete freezes (also kind of random, from daily to multiple times daily).
Since im an IT prof. (as well as a eletronic engineer) i was aware that this is going to be fun to debug..
I had so many new stuff (core, blade, cable connection, drivers,..) in production usage, that it could be anything. I wasnt even sure if i was the only one or if its related that thunderbolt maybe sucks? The only thing which was sure is, that the GPU was stable so this couldnt be the reason.
So i tried to isolate the issue and bought an new USB cable in hope everything is gonna be fine.. But for sure it wasnt..
Next i opened an case on the razer support page, first for sure, it took ages and then those smart guys just told me to replace the GPU and run some smart windows repair commands.
For sure this didnt help and they more then ignored that i told them like 50 times that the machine was reinstalled from scratch multiple times. This time period took btw already almost a month.
After a month you get kind of used to that the device freezes/dropps the connection, and you get more and more into the daily business of just restarting your machine when it happens.
Oh did i already tell you, if the connection drops only a reboot of the device helps to get the dock running again? Beatiful!
So after a couple of more fights (and very bad response times) razer told me that the reason must be the usb connection.. I should send in the device.
My motivation on this dropped so hard when i heard that, because as i already told in the beginning that the blade+dock was my only left device, so i got more and more used to the freezes...
Imagine now you dont have a device left as an IT-Guy (everybody would say here, then go and buy one! Its your most important Tool! Dont worry this will happen later..). Should i mention here Razer support gave a shit about it? (Thanks again for this!)
So i started to live with it.. but after a couple of freezes and connection drops it annoyed me so hard that i was searching for another solution.
I realized theres was the razer core Chroma! And it has also an Ethernet adapter on Top (which sucks btw one the first core..)
... So i bought the next Device (500 EUR) from razer just to isolate their issues.
I took the Chroma into production and who guessed it? Yes the freezes persistet! :))))
So i did another hundert support tickets with razers support. Explaining them how i isolated this, always telling them the whole story.. and in the end telling them my conclusion it must be either the stuff is generally unstable or the blade/core which brings those issues.
With Razers response time (multiple days) and no progress at all except i should reinstall/repair my windows (Oh thanks for this great idea! I saw so many repair commands from them, its impressive!). I tried to isolate it further...
I was always jumping from dock to dock, almost never using my blade mobile. Also this issue was hard to reproduce because a benchmark/stress test didnt bring the freezes neither on the dock nor mobile..
I was a longer period overseas (first time completly mobile) and realized that those freezes also happen when i use it without the dock...
So finally i was pretty aggresive on the support chat and told them they should get their shit sorted and the blade itself is the reason...
Shortly after i got an RMA and i send it in.. Realizing now that i dont have a device to work on.. so i bought a crappy PC ~300 EUR + RAM~60 eur to cover the RMA time..
It came back, and when you guess the story is now over youre wrong..
The repair report said the found and solved the issue. So i used the device and not even after 20min usage i had the next freeze again. I was kind of angry and crieing at the same time...
So i went back to the support complaining, and again i told them that its my only device and why and how and wtf... Also they messed arround with my Case between Europe an US (get your shit sorted dudes... please)
They gave me another RMA.. during this period i was kind of stressed because the missing days without my device increased my workload, for sure the support didnt care and i told them at least to prioritize.. They agreed blah blah, nothing happened here at all IMO.
2 Weeks later (end of dezember) i went to vacation and send in my device, using the xmas/new year period because its mostly calm.
One year already passed! With all this fun what a wondeful year... Just to get their shit sorted because of the bad quality control wasting my money.. So i was hoping the best for 2020. And guess what happened..
I was not receiving any information about that those smart ss razer repair center guys received my device. I was checking the tracking number.. it arrived 2 days after i send it. so i thought everything is fine..
After 2 weeks i was asking where my device is and why i didnt get any updates..
They told me that there was a mess happening with my case (oh rly?) and asking for my tracking number...
I send them a picture about it (i was already shocked, why they asking for their own tracking number?!).
4 Days later (!) they were telling me that they couldnt receive my picture because its to huge (lol).
So i sent it again.. nothing happened .. a couple of days later i was asking again whats the current state... nothing happened..
I said im sick of it and set a final date until the device must be back or i want to have a full refund.
All over sudden the stuff seems moving (you guessed a good end of the story hm?)
They just told me that the switched their repair center and my device was sent from one center to another and it seems... uhmm theres is "complications".
I felt im dreaming and i just need to wake up. Please someone wake me up!!
A couple of days nothing happened (blade is on the way since 4 weeks already, and because i was overseas again i bought a small mobile (btw this one (HP) works perfectly!) replacement (~700 eur)).
And now they respondet.. all over sudden (shortly before the perios ends i set about my refund) they discovered... a liquid damage! (wonder why this happened all over sudden? yeah me too..)
I felt like they are joking or switched my device or whatever..
I was asking whats going on and the next support guy told me that theres no liquid damage. So everything is fine again (haha, funny joke).. So i was asking whats going on with my device now?
The next guy told me again its a liquid damage! I was higly amused, they dont know what they just saying the moment after they wrote it...
Then they send me pictures about my liquid damage (attached the pictures). Im so fucking sure that i didnt do any liquid damage to this notebook you cant imagine. But how can i prove this, anyone ideas?
I was asking what kind of liquid is it? Were asking: "It must have happened during your funny transport or loss of my device between the support centers or whatever you did the last 4 weeks with it.."
They dont know what the liquid is (they cant analyze) and where its coming from, but my warranty is lost they told me. For sure they attached me right in the same e-mail a repair invoice about 650 eur.
(Im always formatting my machine before i send it in.. so theres no data/operating system at all).
The invoice says:
  • 340 Eur display
  • 5 eur gpu fan
  • 140 eur ssd
+vat ~650 euro
So i was asking if this is a bad joke and how it could be that the first repair center didnt discovered this damage?
They told me that the first center didnt do anything except a software-reinstall of my machine.
I was crieing for laughing.. fighting with them for month telling them hunderts of time that my machine is already refreshed and when i send it in they just reset it? Are they fucking seriouss?!
So i started another chat with those razer dudes, telling them again that those liquid cant be for me (what they just ignored) and then asking why exactly they switch my drive and or display (to be fair i complained about the display and they should check it because i felt something is wrong. But i realized it was a driver issue when i used it).
They said the harddrive is not working and the display is broken.. I was shocked why the harddrive was broken (i was just using it until the end, did the liquid break it?!)..
I was asking them is the notebook still booting up? They said yes but not with my harddrive... I was shocked again.. why they dont understand that my drive is nulled?!??!
After this i didnt see any point of replacing my Display / Drive (what should it help me about my freezes? :(). I felt scammed, already wasted so much time, money and nerves for isolating this shit and then they told me to pay 650 bucks for the repair, for stuff, which is not broken just because it seems they dont understand how it works?!
I complained more.. and had the choice of partly reparing my blade..
So all i see on the list was this 5 EUR fan, but i also hardly doubt that this is the reason for my freezes.. this should only slow down the machine IMO.
So i was asking if we replace the fan if this includes the freezes and they wrote back "we can only gurantee when we fully repair the device, a refund or replacement is not possible because of the liquid damage".
I was angry... crieing.. and im pretty sure that the device is still fucked up when i fully repair it.
I surrendert and agreed on the full repair (if this at least includes a gurantee for the freezes, still waiting for the response) and will never buy razer again.
How would you have acted? Am I just unlucky? Any ideas what could be the liquid? Oil from their repair bench?
  • Start: end of dezember 2018 ordered the blade (i could also say when i was a teenager..). Shortly after it started having freezes, first ticket was created 10 days after buying.
  • Long story...: Read the text above, billion of rmas and support tickets were created, (sending in the blade multiple times and so on..) ... already 1 1/2 year until here and then the post was started. So i added updates after this here in short..
  • Update-1: Razer at least will cover in my 650€ repair the freezes...
  • Update-2: Thanks to @HockeyS003 (he had a greate idea) i asked the support if theres vapor chambers in my blade which could have leaked the liquid. If its not the case i think im gonna pay it and hope the initial issue (freezes) is at least solved and the blade stable..
  • Update-3: Someone from Razer Support (reddit) contacted me, not hoping for wonders lets see..
  • Update-4: The Support team now promised me that an escalation team is going to take care.. Sadly I heard this plenty of times and im not really convinced...
  • Update-5: They offered me discount (20%), i gave up and agreed.. will keep you updated about repair time and if they finally fixed the freezes...
  • Update-6: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=479552522759276
  • Update-7: Payed 1 hour after receiving the invoice, 1 week passed, nothing happened / arrived..
  • Update-8: Asked for invoices changes to match with my company, for sure not possible ...
  • Update-9: 10 Days passed no device received..
  • Update-10: After pushing again (for sure you dont get updates from them) the repair case was finally forwarded (after 11 days) to the repair center... But: "Dont worry its taking only up to one week!"
  • Update-11: Razer telling me that they are not getting any updates from their repair center.. still waiting for progress updates..
  • Update-12: After more then 16 Days opened a Paypal Dispute case, im sick of them.
  • Update-13: Day 22 (after the stupid wateoil damage invoice was payed) They respondet the device is fixed all will be send out soon...
  • Update-14: Received the device and after using it one day, its freezing again... Wrote them for clearification
  • Update-15 (09-03-20): Last offer from me: sue or replace & full refund of the repair invoice
  • Update-16 (20-03-20): After another ~10 days (?) they want to replace my razer blade now with a "refactored" and well checked one. Prob the same repair team which said my razer is fine, and which also werent able to understand the difference between physically broken and formatted. Also they still they didnt agree to refund my repair invoice (which was absolutely timewaste and not neccessary).. For sure i have to send back first the old one.. thats service! So the 3rd RMA Round and another waiting for month(?)... Lets see what the refactored blade s issue list will be..
  • Update-17 (25-03-20): Took me a while to send it out but now its gone
  • Update-18 (26-03-20): Because of corona (what else (?)) they have additional delay and it could take 8-10 Workdays...
  • Update-19 (08-04-20): Workday 11: for sure no device arrived, and i stopped dreaming about receiving updates from them..
  • Update-20 (10-04-20): They dont know when they are able to deliver my replacement.. (fun fact: it arrived already almost 2 weeks ago now) https://www.dropbox.com/s/giy6uyf9ldq15p6/delivered.png?dl=0), but they will contact me as soon as they have an update..
  • Update-21 (23-04-20): Almost a month now, didnt heared anything from them...
  • Update-22 (24-04-20): I was today supriesed the replacement arrived, just opened and at the first thing what is see is missing screws: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxtfs15twpdrkmo/2020-04-24%2012.01.55.jpg?dl=0 ...
  • Update-23 (15-07-20): I lost motivation to use the razer blade, so i rarely used it. had one freeze so far, otherwise at least it seems stable... I prefer my replacement devices, and the blade is just laying arround.. Anyways still waiting for the missing screws, wrote them 2-3 Times about it in between.. Lost my hope about it..
  • Update-24 (): got banned from razer, so im not able to answer any questions here, please contact me with direkt messages..
  • Update-25 (18-08-20): cant stop laughing.. they said they are unable to ship the missing screws.. i should contact them later..
submitted by blonkel to razer

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