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Tutanota review: Is this secure email service worth it?

Update: The new Android version is in beta now, and I can even get the open source app from F-Droid. Keep going, guys, you're building the best Gmail replacement possible!
I’ve been using Tutanota for over two years now and I couldn’t be happier: slick and fast application (especially the new mail client really got me hooked & finally convinced me to upgrade to the paid plan), awesome support (if not always the fastest), no down-times so far, encrypted mailbox and contacts easily available on mobile and web client.
However, as I haven't done much research before switching to Tutanota, so far I have trusted their claim that Tutanota is secure. With this review I want to dig a bit deeper into Tutanota’s security to find out how secure it really is and if it is worth it paying for a privacy-focused service.
I am trying to give this post a little structure and plan to update it in case I am missing important information.
  • What is Tutanota
  • Who is behind Tutanota
  • What makes Tutanota more secure (than let’s say Gmail)
  • Tutanota Pricing and Plans
  • Tutanota Features
  • Tutanota Pros
  • Tutanota Cons
  • Tutanota Review Conclusion
What is Tutanota
Tutanota is an ad-free, secure email service that automatically encrypts the entire mailbox and address book, thus, offering a high level of privacy. It is a webmail service with Android and iOS apps (Pop/IMAP is not possible due to the encryption), published as open source software (GPLv3).
The service is super easy to setup and use. Sending encrypted messages to other Tutanota users and outside users is a breeze as well. Tutanota makes encryption so easy to use that literally everyone can use (honestly, I made accounts for everyone in the family, and no one complained). Tutanota claims that it will put an end to mass surveillance, and with its easy-to-use encryption, it will be a gamechanger for sure.
Who is behind Tutanota
Tutanota is developed by a small team based in Hanover, Germany. Their motivation to build Tutanota is that they believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and must be protected, particularly online where surveillance can be done super-easily.
Of course, we cannot read their minds on this, however, judging from what they say – especially when onboarding new employees – their claim does sound very trustworthy. It also falls in line with the fact that they are a small team, growing slowly but steadily because they want to be in charge of the future development of the company, without giving power to a Venture Capital that is just interested in maximizing profits.
I like that the team behind Tutanota seems to be really passionate about privacy, and does not develop Tutanota to build another privacy-intruding Google-like imperium, but a truly secure alternative. So, now let's find out how secure it really is.
What makes Tutanota more secure (than let’s say Gmail)
No phone number needed – ever
One of the reasons I started looking for an alternative to Gmail was when I wanted to log in from another machine, Google asked for my phone number to verify the account as the login seemed sketchy. I didn’t want to give them my phone number for privacy reasons, instead, I started looking for alternatives.
Tutanota is one of the best options out there because it does not ask for your phone number when you sign up – or log in from another machine. You can even sign up via Tor, and they won’t ask for your phone number. That’s a high plus to me, which I haven’t seen with any other major email provider.
End-to-end encryption
Tutanota uses symmetric (AES) and asymmetric encryption (AES/RSA) to encrypt the entire mailbox, including the address book. The user unlocks their private key with their password, which then decrypts the mailbox locally on their device. This works either via a web browser or via the Tutanota apps for Android and iOS.
When both parties use Tutanota, all emails are automatically end-to-end encrypted (asymmetric encryption). When a Tutanota user wants to send an end-to-end encrypted email to another emails address (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, GMX) they need to exchange a password for the encryption/decryption process (symmetric encryption).
The receiver gets a notification from the Tutanota user. They can click a link and enter their pre-shared password. A ‘Tutanota-light’ mailbox opens where the receiver can read the decrypted message. They can directly reply end-to-end encrypted to the Tutanota user. All emails exchanged between the two are stored encrypted in this ‘Tutanota-light’ mailbox. Personally, I always recommend my friends to simply sign up as well so no extra step is needed at all.
When you send an encrypted email, Tutanota automatically encrypts
  • subject line,
  • content,
  • and all attachments.
The great benefit is that you can use this encryption even on mobile devices, which I’ve never managed to achieve when I was still using PGP.
SSL encryption
However, there’s more to secure email than just the encryption. As you will also send normal emails – emails that do not use the end-to-end encryption – with Tutanota, the SSL protection Tutanota uses is also important.
As all websites (email, online banking, Facebook, etc.) Tutanota secures your connection to the Tutanota servers with SSL. For this they use:
  • STARTTLS with PFS (extended validation cert)
  • DANE
  • DKIM
The new Tutanota mail client scores very well on SSL Labs (A rating) and on Securityheaders.io (A+ rating).
You can check their SSL fingerprint here to make sure that your connection is secure. Up to now there are only a few email providers (Tutanota, Posteo, Mailbox.org) that support DANE, which is a shame because it is a very good protection against MITM (men-in-the-middle) attacks.
Securing your login data
Tutanota hashes and salts your password when you log in. This means your password is never being sent to the Tutanota server, but only a hash of it is being sent. It is impossible to derive the acutal password from this hash, thus, no one can know your password.
To further secure your login, you can add a second factor to your Tutanota account. Tutanota supports U2F (a physical decive) and TOTP (an authenticator app) for second factor authentication. Right now, 2FA only works with Tutanota’s beta client. However they have already started to add 2FA to the Tutanota apps so hopefully we do not have to wait much longer for mobile support!
Email privacy
When it comes to email, there is a lot of tracking going on that most people don’t even realize. Tutanota automatically protects against lots of standard email tracking methods that are being used by marketing agencies, Google, Facebook and other companies to make money with your data.
An email tells the marketing guys a lot. When you send one, there’s header information (IP address, system/browser you are using etc.). When you click a received email (newsletter) and it loads external content – ie images – you instantly transmit a lot of information to the sender (IP address, system/browser your are using etc.). That’s why marketeers love email. That’s why privacy fans hate email.
Tutanota now gives you an option that even privacy fans can fall in love with:
  • Tutanota automatically blocks images so that external content is not being loaded when you click on an email. This protects your personal information from the sender.
  • Tutanota strips header information (IP address, etc.) from the emails you send to protect your privacy.
  • Tutanota warns you when the technical sender differs from the from header. This is a typical method used in phishing attacks. Here are some more tips on the Tutanota blog that will help you spot suspicious phishing emails.
Tutanota scores very well on Email Privacy Tester, a site where you can check how well your email provider protects your privacy. From all the email services I have tested, Tutanota scores best: https://imgur.com/1c7RUug
I've asked the Tutanota team about the two remaining issues - DNS Prefetch - Link and DNS Prefetch - Anchor. Here's their reply: "We plan to fix these two issues. However, these two issues do not reveal any personal information about the user so we haven't gotten around to it, yet."
Session handling
I’ve recently discovered that the beta client let’s you see your current and previously closed Tutanota sessions. This enables you to check whether someone else has been trying to log in into your account. It also enables you to close sessions remotely. This is very important when you loose your mobile phone, for instance, and you are still logged in with the Tutanota app. By closing the session remotely, you make sure that no one can access your mailbox on the lost phone.
Tutanota features
Tutanota is a fully functional webmail client that lets you do all necessary email tasks. It is not over-loaded with features – which I love – but some may miss features like automatic ‘out-of-office’-replies, which Tutanota does not support, yet. They do ask their users to vote for missing features here so that users can make their voice heard.
According to their blog, Tutanota supports these features:
  • Send / receive end-to-end encrypted emails
  • Automatic encryption of subject, body and attachments
  • External recipients can answer with an encrypted email (password exchange needed)
  • Encrypted storing of all contacts
  • Send / receive 'normal' emails, but stored encrypted
  • Delete emails physically
  • Apps for Android & iOS
  • Folder management / unlimited creation of folders even for free users
  • Password can be changed, but resetting is impossible for security reasons
  • 31 languages available, more will come
  • Choose from several free domains
  • Up-to-date SSL-configuration, plus support of PFS and DANE to secure emails further
  • Published Tutanota client code as open source
  • Prevent automatic image loading to protect your privacy
  • Spam protection & custom spam filters (blacklist)
  • Custom domain support (Premium feature)
  • Upgrading existing account for business use (Tutanota Premium)
  • Adding aliases (Premium feature)
  • Enabling export of emails
  • Added Signatures
  • Automatic saving of drafts
  • Inbox rules (Premium feature)
  • Multiple email selection
  • Adding storage (Premium)
  • Adding more aliases (Premium)
  • Combining multiple Tutanota accounts (Premium feature)
2FA and full-body search
The new Tutanota client, which you can access here by the way, also supports:
  • contact import via vCard
  • two-factor authentication with U2F and TOTP
  • and full-text search
These features are currently being added to the Tutanota apps. With the upcoming update the Android app will also be published on F-Droid.
Tutanota Pricing and Plans
They have a paid tier, which is at 1€/month very competitive, and with the low price they seem to be able to turn enough users into paying customers to run and develop Tutanota further. Tutanota Premium is also available for free to non-profit organizations.
Tutanota Pros
  • 1GB storage for free - can be expanded with premium plans
  • Everything is encrypted – subject, body, and attachment
  • Good SSL encryption
  • Good privacy protection (no automatic loading of images, strips IP addresses from emails sent, warns about issue with the sender’s header info)
  • Anonymous sign-up (no phone number required)
  • 2FA available in the new client
  • Client & apps are fully open source
  • Solid Android and iOS apps, which are also getting an extensive update right now
  • Unlimited creation of custom folders
  • Supports lots of keyboard short-cuts
  • Can change signature even in free account
  • Bulk contact import via vCard is possible
  • Can receive an encrypted reply from regular email users
  • You can use a Tutanota domain or your own domain
Tutanota Cons
  • 1 GB of free storage (Gmail offers 15 GB)
  • 2FA is not yet available in the Tutanota apps (Edit: available in the beta versions now)
  • Search of encrypted data is not yet possible in the apps (Edit: available in the beta versions now)
  • Does not support IMAP, Pop3
  • Does not support Auto-response
Looking at the new Tutanota email client and all its amazing new features (2FA, search, auto-sync), I simply can’t wait for the app update to go live. As I am using Tutanota a lot on the go, the outdated apps are my biggest drawback.
Other than that, I love Tutanota, and I recommend everyone to secure a good user name now. Tutanota is definitely the future of email, and has great potential in replacing mainstream email providers. In my opinion it is the most privacy-focused service out there; the team has a great attitude towards privacy rights and focuses on building a secure email service that is worth every Cent of the 12 Euro per year that I am currently paying.
However, if you are one of the ‘everything must be free’-guys and are used to getting 15 GB of storage for free, then you have to stick with Gmail. Just take note that you are paying with your data, and that this in the long-term is much more costly.
I hope you'll find this helpful. If there’s anything to add, let me know. I’ll try to update the post regularly.
Last thought: I have literally spent days sifting through the Tutanota FAQ and Blog to find all security information that might be important. Guys, you really need a security page on your website.
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