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About using AviSynth scripts with MeGUI

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Black Clover Kai

So, I can't be the only one bothered by the overall pacing of each episode compared to the manga, right? (cofcof... prepare yourselves for a bunch of parentheses, as it is my favorite way to express my ideas and mental notes in full scale).
Overly long jokes that overstay their welcome, superfluous overstatement of character archetype and/or one liners (Asta's "marry me sister" going way more and a much larger amount of times than what it should, much like "bwu ha!", "MUH MARIE", "cute oneesans", "bakasta I'm 400% not tsundere towards u", and the list goes on...), repeated already established information in multiple circumstances, recaps (good god, almost every single episode), poor manga to anime scene distribution and execution in order to maintain an overall slower pace, and of course, filler in general that isn't restricted to these previous options.
These are some lots of "over"(done)s right there, pretty much a One Piece anime 2.0 in many instances (particularly in Arcs 1 and 5), although there were even some entire arcs wonderfully well paced and adapted (Arcs 2 and 3, almost completely)... HOWEVEEEEER!!
Black Clover's anime adaptation also has something quite significant for its fast pacing madness in the manga: Adaptation expansion! That's right, it takes its time to properly build up character threads and their respective developments, while also doing a much more smooth job with its overall presentation compared to the one in the manga (which is rushed to hell for most of the beginning parts, consequentially considered the worst part of it by most of the fanbase, and only really gets some quality storytelling goodness after arc 4 or so).
In few words, for us to take the best of both worlds for the better Black Clover experience, we should take the things the anime "corrected" (tried correcting would be the best word, because it caused several of the above mentioned pacing problems, due to their timestamp limitations and "ongoing anime" agenda to follow) and expanded upon for a richer outcome, and the naturally great mostly non-stop fast pacing in the manga... and edit in a neat little package denominated "Black Clover Kai".
I'll be editing this post and adding the links as I'll be getting done with it (had to learn many new things in the rendering and encoding side of things to do just that, so I guess the most difficult part is over).
Initially, I'll be posting a "RAW" of it (aka no subtitles as a test, for anyone to take their own conclusions upon), for now. I don't really have the time to re-sub the whole thing, so expect that to be the newest time constraint in my book. The video editing part is on my area of "expertise" (not really, but I can do a very acceptable job and have fun while doing it, and that's what matters the most I guess).
Any criticism is welcome, of course, especially in the encoding area (if you or someone you know have a suggestion on how to make out a better result using your knowledge on VS Editor, MEGUI, etc..., go forward and tell me). Also, if anyone happens to have a JP BD source for Black Clover, that would also help a bunch in the quality side (Black Clover has its shortcomes in animation quality, and apparently a lot of those were fixed in the BD release of it).
It will take be a little while to re-edit the whole thing, but I wouldn't mind doing it later on. Thus far however, I could only find a heavily encoded torrent release that just came by earlier in this week, and working with that and reencoding it without losing quality is probably a no-go, especially when it's already difficult to get things to work properly in predetermined video formats (be it Vegas, DaVinci, Premiere, or any video editor at all).
Thus meaning my beta "RAW" I'll be leaving in here comes from the TV release for now. Anyone up to the task of giving me proper BD source to editis very much welcome (yeah, they probably are out there in private trackers, and I'm not part of that stuff and my internet speed sucks).
Now, for the formats:
Episodic Format (I'll mostly unite two episodes or so into one, removing the previously stated elements).
Full Arc format (As I could probably do every single arc in a 2h or so long "episode", that would be the format I would prefer going for, the episodic formats being a slightly edited part of this bigger thing).
Links will be posted "bellow" (yeah, like Asta). |
Episodic Format:
Episode 1 Link (BD "RAW")
Full Arc format:
Arc 1
Arc 2
Arc 3
Arc 4
Arc 5
Arc 6
Updates incoming as soon as I get another one done.
I hope you all enjoy this, and please be patient. I'm doing this for fun and to marathon with my family later, and just thought of sharing with the whole community so that people can better appreciate Black Clover in a more comfy way.
submitted by danpmss to BlackClover

What's the best way to encode 1080p HDTV in x265?

I've been recording an old portuguese show via DVB-T in 1080p and I want to encode it in x265 so that I can have full quality and small file size.
I tried MeGUI and Staxrip with -qp 24 and --preset slow, but it keeps outputting huge files than the original, and I only wanted to use Handbrake as last resort.
My question is: do you have any tips or do you know any guide to encode with great quality and small file size with x265?
submitted by Abernecio to Piracy

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