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[GUIDE] Making the most of your new SSD and SSD Optimizations - Revamped for Windows 8

So you've just built your computer with the amazing help of the entire /buildapc community. You've gone and done yourself a favor by buying the SSD at the same time as your initial build, and are ready to install Windows 8. Great! You're awesome!
This guide will give you a run down on how to properly install Windows 8 onto an SSD as well as give you a few quick optimization tips on how to keep your PC running as quick as it can be.
It may be wise to print this and keep a copy next to your new PC as you run through each step.
  • Bootable Windows 8 Installation USB or Windows 8 Installation DVD
  • At least one unformatted SSD and one unformatted HDD in your PC (ie. brand new and never used)
  • Intermediate PC knowledge (any terms you don't understand please feel free to ask for help in the /buildapc sub-reddit with a [BUILD HELP] tag)
  • SSD Firmware up to date (most will come up to date when bought, if you don't think yours would be up to date then consult your SSD manufacturer's website for more information on how to do this)
During the guide I will help you move certain folders too and from both the SSD and HDDs. The reason for this is that - while this is something that can be debated pretty heavily, with everyone having their own view - I personally believe that the best way to make use of an SSD/HDD combo is to install Windows, ALL applications and your frequent games to the SSD, leaving the HDD for all your files and the rest of your games collection.
Some may argue that games benefit from SSD storage so why would you save the majority of them on the hard drive? My answer to that is because SSD storage is usually limited in space, and applications gain more of a speed boost when placed on an SSD than when games are. Additionally, because my method effectively dedicates an entire hard drive to games, you will also see a performance boost in most games, as the hard drive will not have to compete with the operating system and open applications for resources.
Keep in mind that SSDs will start to drop in performance once they start getting filled past 70 or 80% so when deciding on what games you should install on your SSD, I would recommend only installing those that you will come back and play again and again such as a MOBA like DotA, LoL or HoN or Strategy games such as Civ V.
It is a personal habit of mine to physically disconnect the sata data cables of all the drives apart from DVD drive and SSD before starting the installation. This isn't always necessary, but it removes the risk of installing Windows over any other data drives you may have.
Insert your Windows 8 USB or DVD and boot your computer into the BIOS. Make sure you go to the "SATA Configuration" page and set "SATA Mode" to "ACHI". This is actually default on newer motherboards but double-checking never hurts. Now switch over to the boot menu and find a "Boot Override" or similar feature, from the boot override list you should select the USB or DVD that starts with UEFI: so in my example, it was a "UEFI: Patriot Supersonic Memory" option to boot my USB drive.
Continue the installation as normal. When you reach the desktop for the first time IMMEDIATELY shut down your PC (Windows key + I if you can't find the power menu) then plug in your other hard drives, come back to the guide when the computer has booted back to the desktop.
I was going to leave this check out, because it's going to be enabled on 99% of SSDs by default when running Windows 8 but I decided to put it in anyway just for that 1% that may have issues. TRIM is a great feature that allows your SSD to maintain most of it's advanced 'garbage collection' features by itself. Enabling it is one of the best ways to maintain good SSD health as well as performance.
To check the status of your TRIM configuration press Windows Key + X and then hit "Command Prompt (Admin)" from the menu that appears. In the command prompt window you must type (without quotes) "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify" and hit Enter.
If it returns a "0" then TRIM has been enabled. If it returns a "1" then you must type (again without quotes) "fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0" and hit Enter to set it.
Alright great! Now you've got Windows 8 up and running but we've got to start optimizing it to make it the best it can be. You've just plugged in all your other drives but you may notice that they don't appear in the File Explorer. We will first fix that and then re-direct all your personal 'Library' folders to the data drive. This is important as it keeps all your files off of the SSD as they will only slow it down and won't really benefit from it in the first place.
To make your HDDs appear you must press Windows Key + X and then choose "Disk Management" from the window that appears.
From the disk management screen, scroll down and find any sections that say "Unallocated Space" - 3TB drive owners may have a single disk show up as two separate "Unallocated Space" areas; If this happens you must right click the grey square to the left and select "Convert to GPT disk" before continuing" - Right click them and select "New Simple Volume" from the menu. Press "Next" on all the options as they are best left as default, then when the process is finished for all extra data drives you may have, check File Explorer again to make sure all drives have appeared.
Libraries are great as they provide a general area where all default save locations can point too, regardless of the file type. We must move these to the data drive though for optimal performance.
Start by going to the data drive you just set up and creating a new folder called "Libraries" (It may also be a good idea to make a folder called "Program Files" for future use too). Go into the "Libraries" folder and copy the path by clicking in the top address bar area to highlight the full path, then copy it for future use.
Go back to the drive list and browse to C:\Users\Your UserName\. Right click on the first of the many folders and select properties. Click the Location tab at the top and then replace the current location with the modified one you copied. For example my contacts default was "C:\Users\DarkRyoushii\Contacts" and was changed to "D:\Libraries\Contacts". By clicking "OK" it will ask you a few questions such as "Do you want to move the files in the location" yes or no? Select Yes to all options.
The contacts folder should then disappear in the list and appear on your data drive in the Libraries folder. Now you have to repeat that for every folder in the list. Once that's complete and there are no folders left in the C:\Users\Username\ folder, you can move on to the next step.
The hibernation feature was very useful in the age of HDDs as it allowed you to put your computer in a very low powered state but still have it 'resume' fairly quickly. This feature is now quite useless in the day of SSDs as it takes less than 10 seconds to boot up your PC anyway. Disabling this feature can save around 7GB on your SSD and I highly recommend it.
To disable your hibernation it is a very simple process, Press Windows Key + X and select "Command Prompt (Admin)" from the menu. In the black box that appears, type (without quotes) "powercfg -h off" and hit enter. Done, hibernation is now disabled.
As pointed out by fp4 and Thotaz, disabling hibernate will add a few seconds to your boot time. Only do this if you are limited on space like myself with a 120GB SSD. On larger SSDs or by choice, you may leave it or set it back to "on".
The Paging file is something that's slightly more dynamic and is based off how much RAM you have in your PC. To start, press the Windows Key + Pause (should be near the top right of the keyboard - because lets face it, how many times have you used this key?) to bring up the System Properties screen. From here select "Advanced System Settings" from the left hand side, and then "Settings" in the Performance section. On the performance window, select the "Advanced" tab and then the "Change" button.
From THIS window, untick the option at the top to automatically manage paging files and then select the drive C: from the list. Choose custom size and put Initial Size as "512" and maximum size, while it should be dependent on your RAM, I would suggest putting "4096" no matter what amount of RAM you have, this is a nice mid-point option. Click the "Set" button (not OK) and then click "OK".
This is the step in the guide where you finally get to fix up the resolution of your monitor. You should now browse to your motherboard and graphics card sites and get the latest versions of your hardware's drivers then install them, at the same time installing any Windows Updates that are available. Once all the updates are done, go to ninite.com and select all the programs you will use - except steam - and install them through the downloaded installer.
If you are a Steam user, Steam should be installed to the hard drive and will need to be manually downloaded to do so. Head to the Download Page and download the installer. When asked for a storage location point it to the "Program Files" folder you created earlier on your hard drive. The Install location should read "X:\Program Files\Steam" where X: can be any letter - except C. If it doesn't include the "Steam" at the end you will need to go back to the browse dialogue and create a new folder inside the "Program Files" folder to be named "Steam", then select that as the install location.
So you've got all the updates done and you've just installed all your common programs with ninite. You should now install CCleaner to keep your PC running just the same way it started. CCleaner stands for crap cleaner and does exactly what it sounds like, removes all the temporary files aren't needed and general crap that you don't need.
Download the latest version from here.
Once you have the latest version downloaded you can run the installer and install it with default settings. Hitting next until you are given the option to launch it. Run the program (while un-ticking the view release notes box) and now it's time to start tweaking.
When CCleaner launches browse to the "Options" tab and then select "Advanced". From here, select the option "Save all settings to an INI file" and also "Hide Warning Messages". Now go to the "Cleaner" tab and scroll down to "System" then tick the "Windows Error Reporting" and "DNS Cache" options. Jump to the "Applications" tab and - provided you have installed chrome or firefox - untick "Cookies", "Download History" and "Session" options from each browser. This stops CCleaner from emptying your downloads folder by accident as well as keeps you signed in to your favorite websites and makes running CCleaner basically unnoticeable in everyday use.
Now press "Run CCleaner" in the bottom right corner. Accept any warnings and Close any programs that it asks. After completion close the program and on we go to setting it up to run silently!
Press Windows Key + X again and from the list select "Computer Management". From here expand "Task Scheduler" and then select "Task Scheduler Library". On the right hand side click "Create Basic Task" and give it a name of something simple, mine is called "Weekly Cleanup" optionally adding a description then click "Next".
Choose "Weekly" as the interval and on the next screen think of a time you know your PC will be on - even if it's not in use. Once you've thought of it, set the start date and time to be the next occurrence. So if today is a Wednesday and you want Sundays at 6:30pm, you would set it to the date of the next Sunday to occur at 6:30pm for the time, then set the recurring date every Sunday. Choose "Start a program" as the action and then on the following page click "Browse" navigate to "C:\Program Files\CCleaner", select "CCleaner64" from the options finally adding the extra argument of "/AUTO". Click "Next" and Tick the box on the following page, then Click "Finish".
On the properties window that appears, browse to "Settings" and click "Run task as soon as possible after a start is missed" Hit "OK" and close Management.
If you've spent the last hour or so configuring your computer and everything is running swimmingly, Congratulations! You have now successfully configured your SSD to practically never slow down!
Now if you're wondering about maintenance that you may need to perform, there is next to none. Personally I run my SSD firmware tool every now and then to make sure that I'm constantly running the latest version. I also go into the Task Scheduler in computer management every so often and check to make sure that the Weekly Cleanup schedule is still listed and the last run time is recent. This is just to make sure that the schedule hasn't mysteriously deleted itself.. I doubt it would but I'm just cautious like that.
If you have any questions related to the guide please ask in the /buildapc sub-reddit with the tag of [BUILD HELP].
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
submitted by DarkRyoushii to buildapc

Guide to Copy Kindle Content to PDF using Calibre [UPDATED]


I've re-posted this thread because the old one has now become archived preventing new comments. If you want to read the comments on the old post you can read version 1 here and version 2 here
This link is an additional resource for DeDRM tools in case you are having issues: https://apprenticealf.wordpress.com/ Additionally Apprentice Alf’s tool removes the unique user ID in ebooks (Header 208)


February 2nd, 2019

Below is a reworked guide I made based on the other reddit post titled: [Updated Tools] Easy to follow beginner's guide for DeDRMing amazon trial, rental, and purchased eBooks; which was written by coralrabbit. Hopefully this will help some of you out there. Especially with the new school semesters starting and the high cost of school books these days.

Don't get put off or intimidated by all the steps. I made it a lot of steps so I could be as specific as possible to reduce any chance of a mistake. I wrote this as though I was explaining it to a 5 year old and do not assume any of you should know how to do any of this. I check my reddit mail often so if you have a question please leave a comment!

You can view the original reddit thread here: https://www.reddit.com/Piracy/comments/4bvsnz/updated_tools_easy_to_follow_beginners_guide_fo

*I have updated some of the steps to reflect the changes (such as icon appearances) in the most recent version of Calibre v2.82.

 - Guide to Copy, Convert, and Save Kindle Content to PDF using Calibre - Easy-to-Follow Beginner's Guide to DeDRMing Amazon Trial and Purchased eBooks. 

For starters, I will describe to you the type of books you can DeDRM (remove blocking restrictions).
The categories include:
  • Purchased Versions
  • Trial Versions might not be all pages
  • Rental Books in most versions
  • Sample Versions good for testing if book is actually supplied as an .azw3 or .azw4

This method works best with .azw4 file types.

 - The Required Tools - 

  • Calibre
http://calibre-ebook.com/download_windows ("NEWEST Version of Calibre")
\Calibre Version 2.21 Download Link* here
Calibre is an eBook management tool that is used for the conversion of eBooks in various formats to other formats. It can open most files, but is slow when compared to programs such as Adobe Digital Editions when trying to open .epub books to read. The current version should work, however, I am using the older version of Calibre 2.21. If You follow these steps to the point and it does not work for you, consider uninstalling Calibre and installing the older version.

  • Kindle for PC
\Kindle for PC v1.17* here
\Older versions of* Kindle for Mac here
Kindle for PC is Amazon's official kindle book reader for PC. It allows you to read books downloaded from Amazon's store that are in the .azw4 format. You will need it to download the books that you wish to DeDRM.
IMPORTANT! I've been PMed by other users that Kindle for PC 1.17 is the LAST version that still downloads .azw4 files (the files that Calibre uses best). If you are having issues get that version (link above) or an OLDER version. Make sure to TURN OFF AUTO UPDATES!

  • DeDRM Plugin [NEW]
This plugin allows your version of Calibre to DeDRM Amazon's .azw4 files. For that reason, it is not allowed in Calibre's official plugin download tool. You must download this .zip file and use Calibre to load the plugin from it. This particular download is pre-modified, meaning that you do not have to edit any code for this plugin to function. Note: unzipping the tool does nothing for you. It is my suggestion that you leave it as is.

  • Additionally You Will Also Need:
  • Amazon Account "Direct Link to Sign Up for Amazon" Either make a fake one or use a school email to receive discounted Amazon Prime.
  • Credit/Debit/Gift Card with the exception of trial versions you will be purchasing/renting the books FIRST, then returning them for an IMMEDIATE REFUND after saving your converted copy.

 - Steps - 


Setting Up Your Amazon Account, Kindle for PC and Calibre with DeDRM Plugin

Most of PART 1 you will only have to do ONCE. Every other time you can skip to PART 2

1) Download and install Calibre and Kindle for PC on your device.

2) Login or create an account on Amazon.com. I would suggest that this not be your personal account that you use to buy things with normally.

3) Log in to the same account on your Kindle for PC app.

4) Pick the book that you want to strip the DRM from.

5) Select the "try free" or "7-Day Trial" button, whichever you see. If you can't get the full book free via Kindle then you can purchase the book and return it for a full (and instant) refund after you make your copy with Calibre.

6) Click the pull down menu, and select "Your name's Kindle for PC" as the device. If your device does not appear, I would suggest reviewing this. I often find that I am not logged in the same account on both the web browser and the PC, and this results in the issue.

7) Allow the Amazon application to be launched. On my chrome browser, I am given a prompt in which I click "Launch application."

8) Make sure your book is downloaded. This can be found by opening the Kindle app and clicking the "downloaded" section. You might have to open it once in order for it to load. If your book is in this section, and displays a red bar with white text saying "x days left of trial," then the book is downloaded. If it does not appear, it may be likely that you sent it to the wrong device. In this situation, (if using a trial book) you would have to make a new account entirely to access the trial again, as Amazon only seems to like allowing one device to have the trial.

9) Open Calibre. Ignore any welcoming stuff it may have for you, as it's unnecessary to learn about the program at this point.

10) Click on the double arrows that appear next to "Remove Books". Depending on your screen size, they may be placed differently or may not exist at all.

11) Click the preferences icon that has a crew and wrench icon. (You might have to scroll all the way to the right with the double arrows on the top right of the screen to see this)

12) Scroll down and click the green puzzle piece icon labelled "Plugins".

13) Click the yellow puzzle piece icon that says "Get New Plugins”.

14) Click on the “Kindle Unpack” plugin, and click install.

15) Give it confirmation on anything it prompts you with. If it asks you, have it loaded onto the: navigation > favorites > plugin bar.

16) Download the DeDRM plugin linked in the instructions, if you haven't already.

17) Once again, access the preferences as in step 11. This time choose the option "Change Calibre Behavior".

18) Click on the green puzzle icon named "Plugins" in the bottom left under "Advanced"

19) On the bottom right of this next screen you'll see an option that says "Load plugin from file". Click that and browse to the DeDRM plugin.

20) Confirm and accept any warnings it gives (don't worry about any virus warnings, this is hack tool after all!).

21) Once it is installed, close Calibre, and then open it again.

 - DeDRMing your eBook - 


DeDRMing and Converting to a Savable PDF

After you have successfully completed the initial program downloads and setup for the first time, you can get any book from Amazon and SKIP PART 1

1) Open your Windows Explorer, and go to /documents/mykindlecontent. If you correctly downloaded the book, the .azw4 file should be here. The name will be random and alphanumeric, and as far as I know, starting with the letter B.

2) Go to Calibre. Copy the .azw4 from the folder to Calibre by dragging the file to the Calibre window.

3) Congratulations! You've DeDRMed an Amazon book. But you're not done yet...

4) Click the book you just imported so it is highlighted in blue.

5) Click the arrows in the top right corner (as you did previously) and there should be a new icon (shaped like a yellow triangle with rounded edges) labelled "Kindle Unpack". You might have to click the right arrow near all the icons to scroll to it. It is usually the last icon.

6) Click the yellow triangle icon. If your book was successfully DeDRMed, there will be a green unlocked selection. If the DeDRM was unsuccessful, it will be red. If it is red, figure out what you did wrong, check the FAQ section in this guide, and/or repeat the above steps until successful.

7) Click the green unlocked icon and click "extract pdf". The .azw4 will then be converted to a PDF.

8) Right click the book you just converted in Calibre, and click "open containing folder". This is the location of your PDF.

9) Once you have confirmed the PDF is working properly you can then go back to Amazon and refund the book. This will remove it from your Kindle library. Remember the CONVERTED book will always be in your Calibre library.

 - Refunding Your Kindle Purchase - 

How to Refund Your Money AFTER Downloading and Converting the Kindle Book

This section will explain how to get your money back so you are left with a PDF of the book without spending any money

1) Once you have confirmed your conversion worked, sign into Amazon in your browser.

2) On the top-right of the website click on the drop down list "Account & Lists"

3) Under "Your Account" select "Your Content and Devices".

4) You will see a list of any DIGITAL purchases you made. Next to the eBook click the check box. Under "Actions" click the ... box. This will open a small window where you can select the option "Return for Refund". I usually choose the refund reason as "wrong book" but it doesn't matter what reason you choose.

5) Once this is clicked the eBook will be removed from you Kindle folder (don't worry your Calibre folder and files are not touched) and your money will be instantly refunded!
6) If you are being asked to contact customer service to complete your refund, refer to the question in the FAQ titled: When refunding the book I'm being asked to contact customer service. What should I do?
 - FAQ - 
I will try to periodically update this as I notice common issues or questions arise
Please check the comments below in case anyone has already asked your question or provided additional information that might help :)
Feel Free to PM me if this post becomes archived (and you can't find an answer in this FAQ section)

Q: I can not get .azw4 files and/or convert with Calibre

A: Another user PMed me stating that the NEWEST versions of Kindle for PC and Calibre are breaking capability with .azw4 files (the file type needed to DeDRM successfully). The solution to this is to download the OLDER version of Calibre (v2.21) and Kindle for PC (v1.17). Links for both of these are at the TOP of this guide.
If you already have the NEWER versions simply uninstall them then install the older ones. This guide was based on the older versions anyway.

Q: Does this work on Mac?

A: Yes. According to PM's I've received from other users they have been able to successfully use this on Mac OS as well as PC.
You might need to use an older version of Kindle for Mac depending on what changes are made to the most current version.
Here is a link to ALL versions of kindle for Mac: https://kindle-mac.en.uptodown.com/mac/old

Q: My file is converting to something other than a PDF?!

A: People have been replying that some of their files have not converted to a PDF or any format at all. This is because .azw4 files (the file you get from amazon when you get a kindle book) are currently the only one guaranteed to convert to a PDF. An .azw4 file is nothing more then a PDF wrapped in DRM protection. .azw3 files usually work however they tend to only convert to ePub files in which you'll need to convert those to a PDF. This is because they are nothing more then epub files wrapped in DRM protection.
To convert the formats of the file you can use the "Convert" tool within the Calibre program itself or find a free online ePub to PDF converter like this one here.

Q: Do I need to spend money for this?

A: Yes, but just until you refund it back when finished converting the book. Sometimes you can do this using the "7-day Trial" option. However BUYING the book always works. If you are buying the book you will need to use a credit/debit/gift card. You should have one on file anyway because you can't make an Amazon account without one.
If you complete the entire process from purchase to > converting to > refund in less then an hour you will not even be charged. The sale will still be pending and then will just get cancelled. If it takes longer or you choose a book that is only available from a Non-Amazon seller it could take a couple of days for the refund to process.
Make sure you have enough money on your card to TEMPORARILY cover the cost of the book. YOU CAN ALWAYS REFUND ANY EBOOK ON AMAZON! There is no way to screw this up! Either you convert it to a PDF or it doesn't work, either way Amazon always accepts the refund and deletes the eBook from your kindle folder.
As far as Amazon is concerned you just made a mistake and bought the wrong book. It's not a physical item and (as far as they know) you can't even read it without their Kindle; so they have no problem instantly removing it from your account and returning your money.

Q: All the books I'm downloading aren't converting at all!

A: There are a few possible reasons/solutions to this:

  • It could be an issue with Calibre: try downloading the older version (v2.21) I posted in the top of the guide.
  • It could be an issue with Kindle for PC: try downloading the older version (v1.17) I posted in the top of the guide. Then turn off auto updates in: tools > options > general
  • Check if there is a newer version of the DeDRM plugin available. It's possible it has updated since I posted this.
  • It could be some issue with the installation. To start fresh you can try uninstalling Kindle AND Calibre, then reinstalling and following the steps to set up the plugin again.
  • Finally you might just be getting unlucky and the books you're choosing are indeed only available as .azw files and NOT available as .azw3 or .azw4 files.
Here is a trick that was suggested by reddit user mortymertens to check ahead of time if your book will be in azw3 or azw4 format:
Heads up, I found out that you can check if the book is going to be a AZW3 (ePub) or AZW4 (PDF) before you purchase it. Just select the "send a free sample option" that is usually located under the "buy/rent now with 1-click" button. Do the same thing with the sample as you would do with the real kindle book and drag it to Calibre. Calibre will then tell you if its an AZW3 or AZW4. This way you can screen the book before you decide to purchase and return it. I've tried this with known AZW3 and AZW4 books. Let me know if there is a better of checking this before purchasing the book.
edit: This is different than the "7-day free trial" option mentioned in the guide. The sample is just a few pages from the book, and is usually on just about every kindle book. It is NOT the whole thing, but the format (AZW3 vs 4) is consistent with the real book.

If (after you download and convert it), the process works fine, then that might be evidence that you are just getting unlucky and choosing books that happen to ONLY BE AVAILABLE in the .azw format. IF IT DOES NOT WORK then it means you need to try one of the above solutions.

Q: When refunding the book I'm being asked to contact customer service. What should I do?

A: Several people have PMed me about this along with their outcome. This "extra" step seems to be a way to discourage people from refunding books either because they get "scared" or are too lazy to go forward with the refund process. However, each person who contacted me about this said they contacted customer service and gave them some excuse for why it needs to be refunded (i.e. wrong edition, wrong book, impulse buy, dropped the class, etc.) and EVERYONE has received their refund.
I'm sure for every 1 person who goes through the refund process, 10 more don't. Congratulations, the companies found another way to profit. You can even use different Amazon accounts for each purchase if you don't want to refund several books at once from one account (or say you dropped out of school and need to refund all your books). Don't get scared, they're nice on the phone and as soon as you give them ANY reason for a refund they'll refund it no questions asked. I've done this with other items from Amazon and it's always been a pleasant and seamless process.

Q: Is this illegal and/or could I get in any trouble or have my account suspended?

A: No, this is not illegal! You are buying the book. Then you are making a backup copy for yourself that has had the DRM protection removed so you can use an alternate viewer then Kindle to read it. That is the reason why this DeDRM technology was created. However, it IS illegal to try and sell those copies for profit. DON'T BE A DICK, DO NOT SELL YOUR COPIES!
To be extra safe, it is suggested in this guide (and I will reiterate it here) to MAKE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT. Do not use your primary Amazon account. You can but it is bad practice. I was contacted by 2 or 3 people who had their account suspended and they all had 1 thing in common: All of them got greedy and tried to download then return SEVERAL books at the same time. DON'T BE THAT GUY/GIRL (or person that sexually identifies as a helicopter)! If you need several books spread out your purchase and returns over several days. Alternatively you can make additional Amazon accounts and use each one to only purchase/return 1-2 books. You can have as many accounts as you want, they just need to be linked to different email address.
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