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Unstable system after changing MoBo and CPU (BSODs/Freezes)

I recently changed my CPU and Motheboard which left me with an unstable system and I cant figure out which component causes these crashes. For the last week or so I didnt do much in my free time besides troubleshooting the problem and trying to fix it.
So what happens is this:
The crash comes in two forms. Either I get a BSOD or the screen looks like this: http://imgur.com/Z7kX9NL. If the latter happens, this distorted screen doesnt go away on its own, I have to manually restart. Also, the latter happens only when the PC crashes while surfing, mainly when watching youtube or twitch. This is however not reliably reproducable and may happen after 10 minutes or 2 hours.
The first case is very reproducible. I start a game (in my case Endless Legend but it also happens in other games like Planetside 2 or CSGO) and just sit in the main menu. After a maximum of 5 minutes, the system BSODs and restarts (well in some cases the screen stays black with the vents still running and I have to manually reset). This happens literally every time, no exceptions. I Included all the minidumps I have at the bottom of this post. Its always a STOP error with csrss.exe as the failing process and VISTA_DRIVER_FAULT as the Default Bucket ID. Sometimes the system BSODs right after I start opening apps after startup (restart from previous BSOD/crash) , thats when wininit.exe kills it, but its the minority of cases.
Whats important to note is that right after I installed the new components (CPU, MoBo), the system worked flawlessly for a day. The next day, BSODs began. In a knee-jerk reaction, i bought a new PSU because somebody told my symptoms would be most likely PSU-related. After I got the new PSU and built it in, the system worked fine for another day before the BSODs and crashes started again.
Now for my system specs and what I already did to solve the problem
Specs: Intel i5-4690k (new, previous: AMD Phenom x955 BE) AsRock H97 Pro4 (new, previous: ASUS M4A78T-E) Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Dual-X 3072MB G.Skill F3-10666CL9S-4GBRL / G.Skill F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH (2x2) BeQuiet 630W Modular PSU (new, previous: Corsair CX500) Crucial_CT128MX100SSD1 (MU02) Some 500GB HDD that worked fine before Win7 Home Premium SP1, installed from USB and authenticated
For full disclosure, I'll go over each component and say what I already did to troubleshoot. All of the below did not fix the problem.
  • Stopped all overclocking, BIOS was set to dynamic overclocking
  • Installed latest chipsetdrivers via INF
  • Got the latest BIOS (P1.90)
  • Installed the audiodriver (I had problems with an unstable system years ago, those were casued by some audiodrivers. I have a G110 for a keyboard and I used to use the keyboards audio jacks for my headset, but as a troubleshooting measure I installed the MoBo realtek driver and jacked the headset into the MoBo itself)
  • Installed the LAN driver (cant access internet via cable otherwise, didnt have to do this on my old MoBo)
  • Installed the USB 3.0 drivers (just because, but it didnt affect my problem in any way)
  • Refrained from installing any other drivers because through my google researches I came across people who had BSOD problems that were related to i.e. Rapid Storage driver)
  • Ran 3DMark to see if I somehow damaged my GPU during the MoBo transition (Skydiver went smoothly with an realistic score)
  • Upgraded from CCC to Crimson (im not affected by the fan-fixed-at-20% thing)
  • Underclocked the card via Crimson since its OC'd by default. instead of 940 MHz I went 895 MHz.
  • Downloaded GPU-Z and logged until BSOD. Looks like load is taken off the GPU on the last 3 logticks, otherwise pretty regular behaviour (temps, fanspeed etc) Dont have the logs available at the moment but can easily make new ones if required.
  • Ran the Win7 Memorychecker and Memtest for a reasonable amount of time - no errors
  • Checked every stick individually, no behavioural change
  • The single 4GB stick has 9-9-9-24 timings and the dual channel kit has 7-7-7-21 timings, tried adjusting them to match Note: Both kits not on the QVL for the board, but very similar kits are
  • Changed it after the problem started occuring (see above). Not the cause but im keeping the new one anyway because modular PSUs are pretty neat.
  • To be sure I installed Win7 on both of them and the problem occurs in the same way on both drives. Tested them indivually of course. Plus while researching, I found out that theres usually an IOERR somewhere in the.dmp when the drives are involved, which I dont see.
  • Updated the firmware for the SSD from MU01 to MU02 since Intel seems to have kind of problem with Crucial SSDs
  • SSDlife Pro tells me SSD is at 98% health
  • sfc /scannow on both drives, both without incident
  • chkdsk done, nothing wrong, nothing fixed
Alright, so Im pretty sure that I missed some things that I did already. Im not counting out any component completely since I'm really, really puzzled as to what causes this. While researching, I didnt really stumble upon anything that fits, all the VISTA_DRIVER_FAULT errors combined with csrss.exe being the failing process had solutions that are not applicable to my problem/symptoms. Im not even sure if its a problem with the hardware of the software. I just shelled out around 350€ for the new things I got and while I'll grudgingly spend more to get my system stable again, Im not going to buy random components to see if thy fix the problem. Im gonna resort to that if ~the internet~ cant help me with this issue ;)
So lastly, heres an example from a minidump opened with windbg:
BugCheck F4, {3, fffffa80049da8e0, fffffa80049dabc0, fffff80002f92db0}
Probably caused by : csrss.exe

Followup: MachineOwner

3: kd> !analyze -v
  • *
  • Bugcheck Analysis *
  • * *******************************************************************************
CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION (f4) A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated. Several processes and threads are necessary for the operation of the system; when they are terminated (for any reason), the system can no longer function. Arguments: Arg1: 0000000000000003, Process Arg2: fffffa80049da8e0, Terminating object Arg3: fffffa80049dabc0, Process image file name Arg4: fffff80002f92db0, Explanatory message (ascii)

Debugging Details:

PROCESS_OBJECT: fffffa80049da8e0
IMAGE_NAME: csrss.exe
FAULTING_MODULE: 0000000000000000
PROCESS_NAME: csrss.exe
STACK_TEXT: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 : 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 : 0x0
BUCKET_ID: X64_0xF4_IMAGE_csrss.exe

Followup: MachineOwner

The minidumps: http://www.filedropper.com/minidmp
I dont consider myself a techie, although investigating this problem certainly had a fun part to it, although it didnt come near outweighing the frustration. Anyway, Im out of things to do. Please help.
Thanks so much in advance.
submitted by bombinyoplex to techsupport

Gundam Build Fighters Rewatch - Episode 16 Discussion

Episode 16 Dad, We Meet Again?

Previous Episode | Next Episode

Episode Index Thread

General Rewatch Instructions

To all Rewatch Participants
Please follow all subreddit rules, treat all participants here with kindness and respect, and take care to follow proper reddiquette.
Note to all Rewatchers
Please abstain from spoiling future events in this series and other Gundam series. If you want to explain a reference, either do so in a way that does NOT include plot relevant events or spoiler tag it. Thus, if you are unsure and want to include a possible spoiler, err to the side of caution and spoiler tag the comment like so: Spoiler Source Given that there are several first time viewers of Gundam Build Fighters as well as the Gundam Franchise in general, we must ensure that the utmost care is given to make sure no one is spoiled.
Discord Collaboration
Want to head over to the Gundam Discord? One of our two co-hosts of Comrade RX-Nota-II has got you covered as here’s a link to the official Gundam Discord where you can find a Channel Dedicated to this Rewatch as well as a whole lot more. Also thanks once again to the kind and learned Comrade Fenixius, a moderator from the Gundam Discord Server that has kindly offered to identify any and all Mobile Suits you may be curious about, see instructions here.

Comments of the Day

For our Fifteenth Comment of the Day, Comrade Nazenn present some neat character and episode analysis as well as a FANTASTIC write-up on today's epic confrontation between The Italian Dandy and our heroes.
Before getting into this fellow Comrade of Culture's fight impressions, let's get into the introductory analysis:
Though I did have a little laugh at Ral's "Gunpla mafia will do any job for a price"... Isn't that just the normal mafia? XD
Kirara was an interesting addition to this episode, almost a friendly alternate to Nils. She's willing to do whatever to win, and expects others to do the same. I'm glad that Fellini didn't let her get to him and that he was able to be honest in the fight despite her expectations. Nils on the other hand is simply happy with not losing, and as a result his approach to that fight was quite different and he couldn't understand the motivation behind battling. It was nice to see the two perspectives here to play against Fellini's passion and show what a good fight really looks like.
Speaking of Nils, he had to fight another big ass gunpla. Haven't these people learnt yet that big doesn't mean more power?
AND now the main attraction of today's episode, namely the rundown on The EPIC Brawl between The Wing Gundam Fenice and The Star Build Strike:
Reiji vs Fellini - Draw
Second fight to get an S in music, first fight to get two S ranks!
There was a lot of different musical themes through this fight but they all blended incredibly smoothly. Going from the more generic theme to start it off, it moves to silence once the headbutt happens. Its a good way to do some musical story telling: This isn't just another battle and they aren't going to back down. The music cycles through a bunch of tones: Dramatic, to threatening, marching and energetic. And then as things change rather then going bigger, it pulls back a bit and focuses on lighter instruments and more of a personal style of song, that the important part of this fight is the people first, and then builds from that into something more powerful but still hopeful and happy. Overall the various transitions were just well handled and helped to push the fight rather then just being over the top.
The layout of the song was also well handed as well. Rather then trying to force musical cues over the top of the existing sound effects to emphasize the impacts, the other sounds like the brass that sound instead puts some detail on the smaller moments. Emerging from the dust cloud, putting the shield up, breaking the shield, passions rising, gunshots happening. Each of these small moments got their own little impact through the music because its these small things that made the fight.
That headbutt though really set the stage for the battle and took off that edge of "they can't lose". By doing that it put everything else aside. This wasn't about the tournament, or points, or other peoples hopes. It was just two fighters and two builders wanting to face off against each other honestly, no holds barred, and neither would give for the other. And that made it interesting for me in a fight that otherwise had every right not to be.
They really did pull out all stops. Reiji accounted for flaws in the design with not having a shield, Sei balanced out flaws in Reiji's experience by setting and using tactical means to fight. A particular favorite for me was Fellini wrapping the remains of his broken cape shield around his arm to reinforce it as a weapon, that same adaptability we saw with using the scissors earlier. Fellini came at them openly and earnestly and well... those poor Gunpla at the end. Its a good thing that they both like to build huh? I really hope that somewhere in the tournament building is a gunpla store, or a 3d printer or something.
Also Comrades, for our runner-ups for today, I proudly present the first two NON-Parent Comments of the Day picks, namely due to these two replies to Comrades dralcax excellent post being so fantastic that I had to give them the proper recognition they deserve.
Anyway, for our first runner-up Comment of the Day, Comrade No_Rex has an excellent comment regarding the existence of the Gunpla Mafia and how its analogous to IRL Corruption in Sports
Given the reply is fairly short, I'll post the entire comment here, but do go check out the link and the parent post Comrades:
Of course there’s a freaking Gunpla Mafia, Gunpla Battle is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
Let me go back to by pet theory of "Gunpla battles as an almost realistic esport":
Would there be a mafia inside this sport? Rather not. But would there be a mafia trying to manipulate this sport? Yes, clearly.
In the Build universe, Gunpla battles are huge. We see it in the large venues, the international setup and the TV broadcasts. The best real world equivalent we have is football. That is an internationally played sport with lots of emotions, but also lots of money involved. They have been silent on the money part in Build, but given how big the sport is, it has to involve a lot of money from advertising. Surely, the world champion has superstar status and the according income.
So, would a mafia there makes sense? Totally! The mafia has been in on all the football money. Football is also notorious for producing match fixing scandals (wikipedia has a whole category full of them) and corruption.
We should expect all of that in Gunpla battles as well. And, given that a lot of the corruption in football is centered on the organisation that manages the world cup, FIFA, it is not surprising that the chairmen's secretary would know the right people to fix a match.
Finally, last but not least is our second runner-up Comment of the Day, Comrade SgtExo has some amazing swordplay feedback and discussion, as well as some helpful information on this unique and interesting field
While this post is longer than the first one, I will still post it in its entirety here as it merits a read, but still, as said above, go check out the comment and the parent post it was replying to Comrades:
Every time it broke, he rebuilt it, hence the name “Fenice”. Eventually, his modeling skill brought even this outdated kit up to the level of a modern Gunpla, just below the Star Build Strike’s performance. His experience takes care of the rest.
A ship of theseus instance here, how much of the original 1995 plastic would still be present with the amount of damage we being dished out in these fights. I bet that for most of the critical parts, newer and better quality plastics have been used over time and only the non-functional and decorative parts would still be there from the old kit.
Fellini pulls an interesting trick, turning off his saber to break out of a blade lock and stab the opponent while they’re off balance. It’s just ballsy enough to work and really makes you wonder why nobody’s tried that in the series proper. Maybe it’s because they’re usually too busy arguing about their ideals?
While it seems ballsy and dangerous, it would really depend on how fast the blades power down. A bit of background, I practice historical martial arts (longsword, sidesword, dagger, wrestling, spears) and there are sword plays that achieve the same result as what Fellini pulled off there.
So what we see during the fight is that the sword powers down and Reiji's attack goes over and past the Fenice. This happens because Reiji was putting too much effort in overpowering Fellini's sword and was not keeping control of the sword exchange. When Fellini's sword is powered down, Reiji's sword will go in the direction it was pushing, but since this was not towards the Fenice, it missed him. So in their struggle to win the sword clash Reiji stopped threatening the Fenice and that allowed Fellini to disengage the blade safely.
I the real world, where we cannot just make the blade disappear like that, there are other techniques used. In the Italian style that I practice, we would lift our handle and let the opponents sword push our blade down and slide off to the side while always staying in cover behind our sword and then cut down on the opponents hands or body.The German style would do it by moving the sword handle away from you in the direction your opponent is push and drop your blade over his and stab or cut as the situation prescribes.
So in essence Fellini could pull that move off safely because Reiji was not threatening him in the moment with his sword. Another thing that would be done in real life is just grabbing the blade while it is not moving, but since these act as lightsabers, that would be unwise. Also this works in real life because the moves only take a split second to perform and the opponent rarely has time to react, and at best is just able to retreat and cover themselves. So I wonder how long the power up/down of the blades take, as that would affect how viable a move like that can be and how much the opponent can feel it coming while the blades are in contact.
Also, Comrade AlienOvermind has some amazing screencap and GIF shares, Comrade invokeneko has some fantastic impressions and analysis, and Comrade Shimmering-Sky has some wonderful wallpapers from herself and Nota to share. Thus, please do give these three comments a look if you haven't already.
And with that, we conclude with our fifteenth Comment of the Day section for today, I'm pleased to see that everyone continues to do fantastic work, and I eagerly await to read the posts for the future.
Current Comments of the Day Standings List:
Comrade dralcax: 5.5 Points
Comrade invokeneko: 4.0 Points
Comrade JadineRhine: 3.5 Points
Comrade sleepyafrican: 3.0 Points
Comrade Nazenn: 3.0 Points
Comrade fonzinator99: 2.0 Points
Comrade Shimmering-Sky: 2.0 Points
Comrade No_Rex: 2.0 Points
Comrade RyuuohD: 1.5 Points
Comrade AmeteurElitist: 1.0 Point
Comrade ZeonTwoSix: 1.0 Point
Comrade DjiDjiDjiDji: 1.0 Point
Comrade Pixelsaber: 0.5 Point
Comrade TheRiyria: 0.5 Point
Comrade Delta_45321: 0.5 Point
Comrade AlienOvermind: 0.5 Point
Comrade SgtExo: 0.5 Point
Also, remember that the individual with the most Comments of the Day at the end of the rewatch will be awarded a Reddit Silver (this award will be given to the individual's post in the July 29 Overall Discussion thread) so I wish everyone the best of luck.

Series Information

MyAnimeList | Anilist | ANN

Polls and Questions of the Day

In this lull before the finals, it's a good time to go over how we feel about the show so far! Out of 10, how would you rate the entire show?
Rate this Episode here
Don't know what to write for the Rewatch thread? Need something to discuss? How about taking a look at the Rewatch Questions of the Day?
  • How amused were you that Takeshi Iori is literally just an adult version of Sei, but with black hair? And also how surprised are you at the fact that there's Undercover Gunpla Police in this world?
  • What are your thoughts on today's grand adventure in The Meatbun Chronicles, and how bemused are you that the Literal Gunpla Advertisement Anime had an episode that serves as a basic walk-through in how to build Gunpla?

Poll Results

For those that are curious, here are the results of the polls from the previous thread:
For the first question of 'Mashita's often curling up on Baker's lap. What do you think of this relationship?' we had the following responses:
4 votes for 'God I wish that were me.png'
3 votes for 'It's creepy'
1 vote for 'It's cute'
And no votes for 'It's funny' or 'I don't have an opinion'
For the Rate this Episode Poll, we had the following answers:
5 votes for 5/5
1 vote each for 4/5 and 3/5
And no votes for 1/5 or 2/5
I look forward to the results of today's polls Comrades, many thanks for your kind participation.

Fan Art of the Day

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 'Meatbun,' quite the sterling battle couple eh?
Boy this ship's great eh Comrades? It usually takes forever for characters in anime to hold hands, and we just had Mr. and Mrs. Meatbun achieve this step today with still quite a bit of show left to go! I for one can't wait to see more exciting and thrilling adventures of The Meatbun Chronicles! Oh, and speaking of romance, I can say that the world would be much a better place if we all had someone who looks at us the same way that Best Girl Aila was looking at this ice cream cone ;) Speaking of Aila, I am SHOCKED that the Custom Gunpla she made WASN'T a Flying Transforming Meatbun Mecha, and yes Comrades, this IS indeed an actual Mecha in Gundam... ish, in that it's a HEAVILY customized NRX-044 Asshimar Mobile Armor... but as a Meatbun now cuz Mrs. Meatbun ;) Oh, and while on the subject, I just wanna say that it was REALLY DAMN HARD to find fanart of Sei's dad, resident Undercover Gunpla Cop and/or Fanboy. For some reason there's a TON of fanart of Sei's mother, and the only fanart of Sei's dad is either REALLY spoiler heavy or group shots that are also spoiler heavy. Thus, given we got to see Sei's dad in action today arresting C, here's a cropped fanart showing Best Mom and Literally Adult Sei ;)

Radio Free Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam's OST
Look Comrades, there's not a lot of Gundam songs on parenting (wonder why) so I just decided to make due with a Vinyl recording of OG Gundam's OST. After all, we know that Sei's dad piloted the OG RX-78-2 Gundam way back when, so might as well share the soundtrack to the iconic series where the granddaddy Gundam came from. That and there's also no Finnish songs I know related to Mecha besides Säkkijärven Polkka, so that concludings this section for today, ENJOY COMRADES!
'International Gunpla Battle Official Referee, Takeshi Iori!'
submitted by DidacticDalek to anime

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