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Tenpin Toolkit Review

A couple weeks ago someone posted about Tenpin Toolkit available for Android and iOS. I went ahead and bought it partly because I had some Google Play credit and figured what the hell.
This is going to get longer. TLDR:Good app overall. There's a mish-mash of features that appeal to beginner bowlers and more advanced bowlers and coaches. Overall it looks like in it's current form, may be worth it to some including most people who would frequent here. I would like to see a couple other features implemented including tracking of bowler information which even though I'm not a coach (and am not good enough and not sure I know enough to really be), I think would be ideal for those who do. As of right now, they would have to use some other method to record and track stats but this makes it easier to get that information without installing expensive equipment at the center.
My phone is a Moto G4 Plus running Android 7.0 and Nova Launcher, though that shouldn't be relevant. I'll also start off saying I initially had some issues that I couldn't figure out that I will expand on later. I did contact the developer and was responded to very quickly with suggestions and comments.
First off, over all the app is basically a set of tools that bowlers could find helpful in developing and quantifying their game. For an app, it's on the pricier side, but in reality when you look at it and the fact you're very likely to keep receiving updates that adds features, $10 which probably isn't as much as linage in a week of bowling, is probably not that much.
Navigation seems pretty straight forward with everything accessible from the menu button. I'll break down each section. There are options to choose left or right handed, can turn on or off range finders, set the length of the approach and change speed from MPH to KPH. Language settings include English, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish, though listed as "Experimental" saying it's because translations were done using a service and may not be accurate.
Oh, and all features requiring a camera you have the option of importing your already created video or record from within the app.
Angles and Targeting:
Honestly this has been one of the sections I've spent the least amount of time in but as I'm looking it now, is much more valuable that I was first thinking. You can select to throw at a breakpoint or pin. When using the breakpoint options, you can choose distance to breakpoint, board at breakpoint then choose your target as the arrows, dots or foul line and there's an animation with a line showing the path of the ball. There's a plus option that that can show what the entry angle of 4-6% looks like. You can use this to show where you would need to stand/release the ball to get the desired result.
There are similar options if you select pin instead of breakpoint but there's an assumption you're throwing straight. You again choose a target at the dots, arrow or foul line. You can then use the plus option here to see the angles and miss area along with where to start to throw this line.

Axis Tilt & Rotation:
Just like you would look normally, you start out by putting a piece of tape or some contrasting mark on your PAP and record yourself throwing the ball. Right at release, you zoom in and get the ball lined up in the provided graph and it gives you an approximation. They only progress in 10 degree increments and after talking with the developer, it is only intended to be used as reference, at least that's what I got out of the exchange.

Ball Speed & RPM:
This is the section I had some issues with-at first. There's two modes. The simple you just hit start and stop for when the ball crosses the foul line to when it gets to the pin and give a calculation on ball speed. It matched my manual calculations, not that I didn't expect it not to. At that point, it's just plugging number in a formula.
For the advanced mode, this is where I initially had an issue. This is where you can take video either recorded from the app or using the app itself. The issue I had was slowing the playback speed down. There are options to go down as slow as 1/32 but I couldn't get those to work. I restarted the app, restarted my phone. At first I was using previously recorded video but I tried it this weekend using the built in recorder and still had issues. I could pause and step through frame by frame which still gave me speed but the RPM calculator I guess doesn't know how to calculate that. It works by you placing tape or some contrasting mark on your PAP, then you can use another, probably closer to the finger holes or just use a full piece going out from the PAP. You start the ball speed calculator and then hit the RPM button each time you see it rotate. If you try to step through using the frame by frame feature, ball speed will be right, but RPM always gave me something like 12-14 RPM even if I hit is every from. Because this would severely limit the usefulness of the app, I contacted the developer. I was responded to within a few hours with questions about my phone and to try to use something other than 1/32 since some phones may not be able to play back at that speed. I know the Coach's Eye app that I use works in slow mo, but only goes down to 1/8. I was sure I had but went ahead and tried 1/8 and the video slowed down. I went ahead and tried all the options including 1/32 playback and it worked. I wish I could explain what happened or what changed. The app wasn't updated, my phone wasn't updated or restarted since I contacted them for support. Even though it's working at intended now, I thought it important to include that here. All that done, app worked as intended. Using slowed down playback I was able to get an overall speed and accurate RPM that I calculated manually and got pretty close.

Observation Trainer
This is probably my favorite section of the app and I wasn't expecting it going in. It's a little mini game where you watch a ball go down the lane. You are then given sliders to select where the ball crosses the arrows, break point, where it hits the pins, and where it leaves the deck. So far there is only one animation so everything looks like a flush strike which does influence my choices but you are then scored on how well you did along with a display showing actual ball path and what you chose. At the end, you're given an overall score. This has been one of the weaker portions of my game, especially recognizing the breakpoint and where it leaves the deck. This makes it something I can work on sitting on the couch. Edit:The sliders can be a little finicky. This was brought up with the suggestion to put in selection arrows which was received positively and may be included in a future release.

Score Calculator
This at first is one of the stranger options to me. All's it does is give you a score sheet that you put in the pin fall and it calculates the score. There's no option to save anything. I can see this as helpful for a new bowler that still isn't sure about scoring but still seemed out of place. When I brought this up to the developer, they mentioned this was needed for part of a future update. On my reply I mentioned my first thought went to score tracking and was responded to confirming this was in the plans. As it stands right now, I don't see a lot of use for it, but was told it has been helpful for others so take it for what you will.

Spare Names:
You have a selection showing the pins. You select what you left and if there's a "name" for it, it shows you. As it stands, it's mostly for fun from what I can see.

There you have it. As a whole in it's current form not a bad app. Maybe a few features or tools to make it really useful for coaches like some basic video analytics tools and tracking by bowler in app would be good but at least worth checking out. Keep in mind it's limitations, but I wouldn't be afraid of spending a fast food meal's worth or there about for this software if nothing else so I don't have to do some of the calculations by hand each time.
Edit:fixed a couple typos and spelling errors.
submitted by Myrddin97 to Bowling

Huawei Augmented Reality Engine: Experience the illusion

Huawei Augmented Reality Engine: Experience the illusion
Huawei AR Engine provides a platform for building new augmented reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds as if they are actually there with you, in your own space on Huawei smartphones.
It provide basic AR capabilities such as motion tracking, environment tracking, body tracking, and face tracking, allowing your app to bridge virtual world with the real world, for a brand new visually interactive user experience.
It is based on the HiSilicon chipset, and integrates AR core algorithms.
HUAWEI AR Engine identifies feature points in a space through the device camera, tracks the movement of feature points, and integrates feature changes with the data reported by the inertial sensor on the device, to continuously track the device location and pose.
Currently, HUAWEI AR Engine provides three types of capabilities, including motion tracking, environment tracking, human body and face tracking.
Motion tracking: Follows device locations and positions relative to their environment, and establishes a unified geometric space between the digital and physical worlds.
Environment tracking: Records illumination, plane, image, object, surface, and other environmental information to help your apps merge virtual objects into scenarios in the physical world.
Human body and face tracking: Returns real-time information about human bodies, faces, and hand gestures for your users to interact with virtual objects.
Hardware Requirements
  • A computer(desktop or laptop).
  • A Huawei phone that supports HUAWEI AR Engine, can be connected to a computer via a USB cable, and whose camera works properly.
Software Requirements
  • Java JDK (1.8 or later).
  • Android Studio (3.1 or later) and Android SDK Platform version 7.0 (API level 24) or later are available.
  • Latest HUAWEI AR Engine SDK.
  • Latest HUAWEI AR Engine APK, which is available in HUAWEI AppGallery and has been installed on the phone.
Required Knowledge
  • Android development basics
  • OpenGL development basics
Development Process
Registering as a Developer
Before you get started, you must register as a HUAWEI developer and complete identity verification on HUAWEI Developers.
Creating an App
  • Platform: Android
  • Device: Mobile phone
  • App category: App or Game
Integrating HUAWEI AR Engine SDK
Before development, integrate the HUAWEI AR Engine SDK via the Maven repository into your development environment.
Configuring the Maven Repository Address for the HUAWEI AR Engine SDK
  1. Open the build.gradle file in the root directory of your Android Studio project.
  1. In project level build.gradle file, navigate to allprojects > repositories and buildscript > repositories and add the Maven repository address for the HUAWEI AR Engine SDK.
    maven {url 'https://developer.huawei.com/repo/'}
Adding Build Dependencies
  1. Open the build.gradle file in the app directory of your project.
  1. Add build dependencies in the dependencies section.
    implementation 'com.huawei.hms:arenginesdk:{version}'
NOTE: Replace {version} with the actual SDK version number, for example, You are advised to integrate the latest SDK version.
  1. Open the modified build.gradle file again. Click Sync Now in the upper right corner and wait until synchronization is complete.
Development Guide
The following demonstrates how quickly to use HUAWEI AR Engine with sample code provided as reference. The following figure shows the general process of using the HUAWEI AR Engine SDK.
Checking Availability
Check whether HUAWEI AR Engine has been installed on the current device. If yes, the app can run properly. If not, the app automatically redirects the user to AppGallery to install HUAWEI AR Engine. The sample code is as follows:
boolean isInstallArEngineApk = AREnginesApk.isAREngineApkReady(this); if (!isInstallArEngineApk) { // The ConnectAppMarketActivity.class is the activity for redirection to AppGallery. For details, see the sample code. startActivity(new Intent(this, com.huawei.arengine.demos.common.ConnectAppMarketActivity.class)); isRemindInstall = true; } 
Creating an AR Scene
Set the AR scene parameters and start the AR scene.
mArSession = new ARSession(this); ARWorldTrackingConfig config = new ARWorldTrackingConfig(mArSession); mArSession.configure(config); mArSession.resume(); 
In the preceding code, the motion tracking scene (WORLD_AR) is configured. Other scenes, like face tracking (FACE_AR), hand recognition (HAND_AR), body tracking (BODY_AR), and image recognition (IMAGE_AR) correspond to different AR capabilities. In addition, you can use the config.setXXX method to set parameters for the current scene, such as setting the power consumption mode using setPowerMode and focus mode using setFocusMode.
After the parameters are set, pass them to the AR scene using ARSession.configure. In this process, the system checks whether HUAWEI AR Engine is installed and whether the configured parameters are supported, and returns the cause of the configuration failure in the form of exceptions. After the configuration is successful, start the current AR scene by calling ARSession.resume.
Handling Result
The calculation results of HUAWEI AR Engine can be obtained by frame. You can call ARSession.update in OnDrawFrame to get ARFrame, and call ARSession.getAllTrackables(ARPlane.class) to obtain the AR plane captured by HUAWEI AR Engine.
ARFrame arFrame = mArSession.update(); ARCamera arCamera = arFrame.getCamera(); Collection arPlanes = mArSession.getAllTrackables(ARPlane.class); 
After the plane is captured, click the plane on the device screen to trigger the hit test (hitTest), and add the hit result as an anchor (ARAnchor) to the ARSession for continuous tracking.
List hitResults = arFrame.hitTest(motionEvent); for (ARHitResult arHitResult : hitResults) { arHitResult.createAnchor(); } 
Finally, you can draw the required virtual object based on the anchor positions.
Motion, environment, and human body/face tracking enable your apps to merge the virtual world with the real world. Use AR Engine to build a brand-new visual experience and interactivity.
  1. https://github.com/HMS-Core/hms-AREngine-demo
2. https://developer.huawei.com/consumeen/doc/development/HMSCore-Guides/introduction-0000001050130900
  1. https://developer.huawei.com/consumeen/codelab/HWAREngine/index.html#0
submitted by helloworddd to HuaweiDevelopers

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