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Warcraft III | Introduction | Beginner Guides | Community Links

1. Subreddit Info

Welcome to warcraft3, the official Blizzard recognized subreddit for all related topics. Content and discussions can range from the base game, campaign/lore, custom games, competitive ladder, memes, esports, modding, art, and more! Please see the rules on the right hand side.
Official Discord: Warcraft 3 United - Players and representatives from hundreds of WC3 communities gathered in one place!

2. Basic Game Info

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002) is a real time strategy game set in the fantasy universe of Azeroth. The game combines classic RTS mechanics with RPG elements as you play through the Human, Orc, Night Elf, and Undead campaigns. Warcraft III: Reforged (2020) acts as a graphical remaster accompanied with major infrastructural upgrades and many new features.
2a. Gameplay and Game Modes
Warcraft III presents itself as an accessible yet highly dynamic game. Besides the melee mode, there exists many different ways of playing the game - solo or in multiplayer with up to 23 other players. It is a fusion of lore-heavy campaigns, competitive match-based gameplay, a diverse custom game selection, a thriving esports scene, endless modding and artistic possibilities, and more.
2b. Standard or Melee
  • RANKED MODES: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and FFA
  • OBJECTIVE: Gather resources, build a base, train your army, level your hero, and totally destroy the enemy base and army.
  • SPECIFICS: Balance micro (swift decision making, individual unit control, movement, ability usage, hero exp/items) and macro (resources, buildings, army upkeep, expansion). The high level of competition has led to WC3 becoming a prominent esport that still has a thriving to this day!
  • RTS GAMES FOR BEGINNERS: Finding the Fun
2c. Custom Games
  • CUSTOM GAME TYPES: Genres include hero arenas, campaigns, strategies, RPGs, tower defenses, mini-games, and even the unique shooter or 2D platformer.
  • SPECIFICS: Popular maps include DotA, Footies, Wintermaul, Legion TD, etc. Thousands more maps can be played competitively, creatively, or casually. The World Editor, WC3's modding tool, has allowed maps to essentially become unique games within the client. It is famous for the creation of DotA which has pioneered MOBA genre.

3. Guides, Tutorials, and FAQ

In addition, the Classic War3 Battle.net site provides explanations and statistics for all the gameplay features and races in the game.
The guides below are largely based on introductory concepts relating to each scene, so they are beginner friendly under the assumption that you've already familiarized with the base game. You'll also find more niche and advanced guides if you dig through the websites hosting the provided links.
3a. Competitive Melee and Ladder Guides
3b. Modding and Map Making
3c. Custom Game Guides
  • There are an endless amount custom game tips and pointers that would suit your needs for each map, whether it be for DotA or your favorite TD. Your best bet is to visit communities that specialize in the custom game you are interested in!
3d. FAQ
  • Where can I play online? The built in battle.net is the official server excluding China. There are 3rd party servers that are not supported by Blizzard, in which warcraft3 does not support nor condone.
  • Where/how to Play Reforged? You need to have purchased the game. In the BNetApp at the WC3 tab you have the Install/Play button.
  • How do I host? HOSTING IS INSTANT NOW. No port forwarding, no bots (on Reforged).
  • Is Reforged worth it? That in the end is up to you, we suggest that you look into the maps/modes you would like to play. This post have some comments about events from a veteran player's point of view. Also as previous mentioned if you have the Reign of Chaos you already have access to the Classic(SD) version and if you do buy the Reforged version and don't like it you can easily Refund it here.
  • How do I find games? You can checkout game lists like: w3maps/w3stats or use the ingame search/filter function ingame (the box where game names are).
  • What is PTR? PTR also known as the Public Test Realm is what one might call a beta-server. Where players can test incoming patches and provide blizzard with feedback. The old PTR had a separate installer but now it's a "drop-down" option beside the main game and server options.
  • Where can I download the latest patch? Current patches are downloaded automatically through battle.net if you have an official copy. Also see patch history.
  • Is Blizzard's new ladder done/working yet? At the moment no it's still in the works. However W3Champions is a community made ladder that a lot of players use.
  • Which realms are more populated? For ladder, the Europe (former) Northrend realm has the highest activity but Americas (former) Azeroth & Lordaeron can be more during American times. 1v1 and 4v4 are the most active ladders. Custom game activity is huge and is and can be played on all realms.
  • Anyone know name of [blank] map? When asking this question, please provide as much information as possible. Things like describing the gameplay, the theme, terrain visuals, and possible names should be considered and described to the best of your ability to increase the chances. Don't forget to check map databases on your own first, though!
  • Is the community alive? Yes, it is absolutely bustling. See below!

4. Community Directory

Here you can find communities, websites, social media outlets, and content creators whom have elected to post in our affiliate section on discord. There are few exceptions to communities that are not partnered with us that could be considered essential that have been included. Visit our discord for more information on these communities, or visit them yourself! TIP: USE CTRL+F to search!
LFG = Looking For Game is a term used for any arranged gaming. Clans are by nature LFG groups, but are generally more specialized and tightly nit. Streamer = Used for most types of Content Creators.
4a. Melee, Ladder, and Esports
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
Back2Warcraft.com Discord Twitch YT FB Twitter Esports, broadcast team / streamer
Warcraft3.info Discord Twitter Esports coverage, league, guides, articles
Liquipedia.net (for WC3) Esports coverage, statistics
WC3 Gym Discord LFG
Warcraft 3 Melee Discord LFG, 4v4
wc3 Esports, competitive discussion
Play.Eslgaming.com (for WC3) Discord Esports coverage, tournaments
tft.w3replayers.com Replays
FFAmasters.net Discord YT Twitter LFG, forums, FFA
Clan P4K Discord Clan, 3v3, 4v4, FFA
Clan 1uk1 Discord Clan, 1v1, 2v2, 4v4
ena1337 HOT Community Discord Twitch Twitter Clan, streamer
Grubby Twitch YT FB Twitter Streamer
WTiiWarcraft Twitch YT Twitter Streamer
KnOfFs Club Discord Twitch Streamer
Warcraft 3 Reforged North American Community Discord FB Clans, LFG
Ark's shack Discord Twitch Streamer, tournaments
Emo AntiFa (WC3 info) Discord Clan
ReplayTool Discord Replays
W3Booster Discord Overlay tool
W3Champions Discord Ladder-addon

4b. Maps and Modding
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
HiveWorkshop.com Discord YT FB Twitter News, modding, maps, forums, LFG
EpicWar.com Maps
ChaosRealm.co Discord Modding, maps, forums
WC3modding.info Discord Modding, maps, forums
WC3c.net Discord Modding, maps, forums
TheHelper.net Modding, forums
WC3maps.com Map hosting statistics
ModDB.com (for WC3) Modding, maps
WC3Stats Discord Statistics
maps.w3reforged.com Discord Maps

4c. Custom Game Based
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn (Hive) Discord LFG, Angel Arena
Battleships Discord LFG, Battleships Crossfire
BMGANG DiscordTwitchYT LFG, streamer, WitP
Bosses of Warcraft (Hive) Discord LFG, BoW
City TD Solo (Hive) Discord LFG, City TD Solo
Clan GHS Discord Clan, War of Races
Clan TDG Discord Steam Clan, LFG, variety
Clan wTc (w3m info) Discord Clan, Hero Push, Footmen vs Grunts
Coming of the Horde (Diplo) Discord LFG, CotH
Curse of Time Nevermore (Hive) Discord LFG, CoT RPG Nevermore
Custom Hero Footies Discord FB LFG, CHF
Custom War Games & Chill (Hive) Discord LFG, Build and Brawl, Strat & Chill
Daemonic Sword Discord LFG, Daemonic Sword ORPG
Escape BuildeForest Defense (Hive) Discord LFG, Escape Builder, Forest Defense
Final Fantasy Epic RPG Discord LFG, FFE RPG
First Blood Gaming Discord LFG, DotA, LTD
Footmen Apocalypse Discord Twitch YT LGF, Streamer, Footies
Footmen Frenzy Reforged (mapsW3R) Discord LFG, Footies
Fortress Survival Discord LFG, Fortress Survival
Fugatsu World RPG Discord LFG, Fugatsu World RPG
Gaias Retaliation Official (Hive) Discord LFG, Gaias Retaliation ORPG
HellHalt Discord LFG, Hellhalt TD
Green Solo TD Discord LFG, Green Solo TD
Helm's Deep Discord LFG, Helm's Deep
Hero Wars League Discord YT LFG, Hero Wars League
Impossible Bosses (IBCE) Discord Wiki LFG, Impossible Bosses, forums
Island Defense Discord LFG, Island Defense
It's Tree Tag Time Discord LFG, Tree Tag, statistics
Jungle Dungeon Community Discord LFG, Jungle Dungeon
Reforged Creations (Hive) Discord LFG, Fantasy Life
Marsh's Sanctum (WH) Discord LFG, LTA, LTF, KTA
Masin RPG Discord Wiki LFG, Forums, Masin RPG
MineralZ / OriginZ (Hive) Discord LFG, MineralZ, OriginZ
MyMGN Discord Forums, hosting, DotA
Naruto Ninpou Discord LFG, Naruto Ninpou
Naruto Shippuuden: Akatsuki War Discord FB YT LFG, NSAW
Pokemon Legends Discord LFG, Pokemon Legends
Sedonia (Hive) Discord LFG, World of Sedonia RPG
Sheep Tag Discord Wiki LFG, Sheep Tag
Sunken City (Hive) Discord LFG, Sunken City
Survival Fans Discord LFG, Survival, forums
SWAT: Aftermath Discord LFG, SWAT: Aftermath
The Black Road 1.3 (Hive) Discord LFG, The Black Road
The Black Road 3.0 (Hive) Discord LFG, The Black Road
The Maulbot Spot Discord WM1 LFG, WM1, WMW, WCM, Green TD
The Old Guard (Diplo) Discord LFG, strategy maps
This Vampirism (Hive) Discord LFG, This Vampirism
Trollforged GCTD (mapsW3R) Discord LFG, Trollforged TD
Vampirism Beast (Hive) Discord LFG, Vampirism Beast
Vampirism Fire Discord LFG, Vampirism Fire
Warhaven.org (BotUoS) Discord Clans, forums, LTA, strategy maps
Warlock Brawl Discord LFG, Warlock
2P Reforged (Hive) Discord LFG, 2Player Campaign
Alphas Unite (AU) Discord Clan
Alternative Future Discord LFG, Alternative Future
American Colonization Discord LFG, American Colonization
Angel Arena Allstars Discord LFG, Angel Arena
Azeroth Wars Legacy Reborn Discord LFG, AW LR
Battle Tanks Discord LFG, Battle Tanks
Blood Arena Discord LFG, Blood Arena
Bringer of Maps / Digital Druids (BOM) Discord Clan, LFG, Custom Castle Defense
Broken Alliances Discord LFG, Broken Alliances
Capital Z Discord Twitch YT Streamer, LFG
Castle Fight Union Discord FB LFG, clan, Castle Fight
Choice Battle Discord LFG, Choice Battle
Clan AHOI Discord FB Clan, Battleships
Clan AUS Discord Clan, DoTa
Clan Null Discord Clan, Ice Escapes
Clan TNO Discord Clan, strategy maps
Clan PASS Discord Clan, LFG
Clan WP Discord Clan, modding, variety
Commanders TD Discord LFG, Commanders TD
Custom Warcraft Discord LFG, Troll & Elves
Damned Survival Discord LFG, Damned Survival
Darkness Reborn Discord FB LFG, Darkness Reborn
DBZ-Fighters Discord LFG, DBZ Tribute
DBZ Tribute Hollow Discord LFG, DBZ Tribute
Digimon the Revolution Discord LFG, DtR
Eclipse ORPG Discord FB LFG, Eclipse ORPG
Eden RPG Discord LFG, Eden RPG
Egod123 Discord Twitch YT FB Streamer, Modding
Eras Zombie Invasion Discord LFG, Eras Zombie Invasion
Farmer vs Hunter Discord LFG, Farmer vs Hunter
Fellowship Quest Discord LFG, Fellowship Quest
Fishy Bois Discord Twitch Streamer, TDs
Forge of Origination Discord LFG, WotA: The Sundering
Gem TD+ Discord LFG, Gem TD
Hero Siege RPG Discord LFG, Hero Siege RPG
Island Troll Tribes Discord LFG, Island Troll Tribes
Kalimdor League Discord LFG, League of Kalimdor II
Kirian Tor Discord YT Streamer
LF Community Discord Twitch YT Streaming, Legion TD, Survival Chaos
LiMie's Club Zero Discord Twitch Streamer
Line Tower Wars: Reforged Discord LFG, LTW: Reforged
LoaD's Domain Discord LFG, Life of a Dragon
Lords of Arkanova Discord LFG, Variety, Strategy Maps
Lords of Europe Discord LFG, Lords of Europe
Medieval Zombie Apocalypse Discord LFG, Medieval Zombie Apocalypse
Medieval Zombie Onslaught Discord LFG, Medieval Zombie Onslaught
Monster Master RPG Discord LFG, Monster Master RPG
MrGannicus YT Server Discord YT Streamer, LFG
M.Z.I. Series Discord LFG, Medieval Zombie Invasion
Night of the Dead Discord LFG, Night of the Dead
NOTD Aftermath Discord LFG, NotD Aftermath
Nox RPG Discord LFG, Nox RPG
Official Risk Discord LFG, Risk
Okami Legion Discord LFG, modding, variety
One Piece RD Discord LFG, ORD Eng ver
Orc Gladiators Revenge Discord LFG, Orc Gladiators
Pyro TD Discord LFG, Pyro TD
Shadows of the Future Discord LFG, SotFRP
Spirit's Lair Discord LFG, AoH, tWoW
Star Wars Empires Discord LFG, SW Empires
TBR 2.0 Discord LFG, The Black Road
The Burning Crusade Discord Wiki LFG, TBC
the dimmerdome Discord Twitch Streamer, Vampirism
The Sacrifice RPG Discord LFG, Sacrifice RPG
Ultimate Dragonball Discord LFG, Ultimate Dragonball
Vamp Zero Reloaded & Other Discord LFG, Vamp Zero
Vampire Hunters Discord LFG, Vampire Hunters
Vampirism Fire Gaming Discord LFG, Vampirism Fire
Vampirism Speed World Discord LFG, Vampirism Speed World
Vampirism Zero Gaming (VZG) Discord LFG, Vampirism Zero
VimpGamingYT Discord YT Streamer
Warcraft Discord LFG
Warcraft III: Enjoy Discord LFG, archives
Werewolf Transylvania Discord LFG, Werewolf Transylvania
Wintermaul Wars Discord LFG, WMW
W3FUN Discord LFG
Zoator Community Discord LFG, Zoator TD, Switch TD, Sprout TD, Essence TD

4d. Other + Non English
-------------Website / Community------------- ------------------Media Outlets------------------ ----------------Brief Description----------------
BNetDocs.org Discord Blizzard/Battle.net docs and files
dz.163.com (Netease) Blizzard's Chinese server / distributor
Alone直播室 Discord Twitch Cantonese, LFG, modding, streamer
Warcraft 3 - FR Discord French, LFG, modding
ReadMore.de Discord German, esports coverage
Eurobattle.net Discord subreddit FB 3rd party server, DotA, multi language
iCCup.com Russian, 3rd party server, DotA
M16 Server Discord Korean, 3rd party server
warcraft3.eu Discord 3rd party server, Castle Fight
IrInA HostBot Discord Russian, hostbots
Rubattle.net Russian, 3rd party server
RGC 3rd party server, DotA
ENTGaming (Shutting down) Discord 3rd party server, hostbots
Warcraft Community VN Discord YT Streamer, Vietnamese
Heaven Heart Discord French, LFG
Warcraft & Friends Discord Twitch YT Czech, Slovak, Streamer, LFG
Warcraft 3 entre français Discord French, LFG
The Unofficial WC3 GR Discord 3rd party server, LFG
Quenching Mod YT Twitter Modding, Chinese
Warcraft 3 GameRanger Discord 3rd party server, LFG
submitted by wTcJediMaster to warcraft3

Hybrid Smartwatches: Enhanced android app v4.3.0.5 fixes weather location and notifications crash.

Update available:

Unofficial Enhanced Android app v4.5.0.1

New update to my unofficial enhanced Fossil Smartwatches Android App, based on the current v4.3.0 release.
New Features v4.3.0.5: * fix setting custom locations for weather. * fix / ignore errors reading icon from notification.
Existing enhanced app features: * Remove 20 watch face limit * Auto-sync watch whenever you wake up your phone * Priority notifications are still send if android "Do Not Disturb" is turned on. * Watchface complication bordebackground customisation. * Support setting alarms from Google Assistant. * Android "Do Not Disturb" is honored. * Support for notifications with no text/message content. * Support for correct notification icons for all apps. * Convenient access to unique key for GadgetBridge
I built and tested this to work with the Hybrid HR but many/most of the features work fine on all Fossil's hybrid watches.
Losses: * Google and Facebook login doesn't work, you'll need to use a Fossil Account instead.
Pretty much everything else should be the same as the official app. Firmware updates also still work just like normal, so you'll continue to receive these as Fossil releases them.


I'm not sure why the official app doesn't have any kind of auto sync, it only syncs when you open the app or you hit "Sync" button in the persistent notification.
Now, whenever the phone screen is turned on (eg you unlock you phone) the watch will be synced a few seconds later.
This means you'll potentially lose a lot less data if you watch gets reset (I hear static from clothes / dryer etc can be a trigger). It also means if you open the app less often there should be less data needing syncing so it'll be ready quicker.

Priority notifications

When you're using my app with Android DND enabled to mute notifications, you should now be able to get priority notifications still come through it any are configured.


Requested after my previous app release, I've not added switches for most of my enhanced app features. If you go to profile tab then open watch settings, you'll see new options for Auto-sync, Android DND, DND priority and empty notifications.

Notification Icons

In my previous releases, the notifications system would collect the icon from the actual notifications and convert that for use on the watch, so all apps should have their own icon on screen. However, for the listed apps which already had icons provided, often the converted icon doesn't look quite as good (scaled, black/white) as the one that Fossil created themselves. So now, if the app was already supported for an icon, the provided icon is used instead on the watch.

Auto start after reboot

It looks like the fossil app used to sorry start its sync service after phone reboot, however it was broken from Android security changes back in Oreo.


For people who dislike the alarm setting screen on the fossil Android app, with my latest app mod you can now set your watch to be the default alarm handler for Google assistant.
For video walkthrough, see https://youtu.be/fpvvGeRiSQk
Note: you only need to manually select fossil the first time, it becomes the default after that.

Do Not Disturb

Fossil have improved the internal DND in the latest firmware; now, when using their on-watch manual DND, the notifications come through but don't vibrate.
With my app however, whenever DND is enabled on your phone (either manually or through schedules overnight/in meetings) notifications wont be sent to the watch at all. No need to manually enable/disable DND on the watch (though this still works as well). In theory the DND priorities should also still work, so high priority thing should still be sent through if you've got them configured, though this isn't very well tested.


Some apps like snapchat often have notifications that have no message content, for some reason Fossil had ones like this filtered out so they never get shown. I'm guessing they saw apps with notifications like this that were just annoying/spam, though I haven't experienced this.
In my app, all these notifications are sent through like normal, so you should get your snapchats.
The official app also still only has a short list of apps with a correct icon hard-coded into the app, others come through with just a sort of "speech bubble" icon.
I've added a system to grab the icon from the notification itself and send that to the watch to use, so pretty much all apps should get their correct icon.
The generic icon often still shows for the very first notification for each app before the correct one is transferred to your watch for subsequent notifications.


This app is completely unofficial, and slightly annoying to install. My patched app cannot be installed at the same time as the official one, so you'll need to uninstall it first (which wipes all your settings). This is a one time thing, after switching to mine you can keep installing my updates without wiping again.
If you have Titanium Backup, make a backup of the official one first, then uninstall it.
If you're already using a fossil account to log into the app this is less important, all your fitness data is already backed up on your account so you can uninstall and switch to mine without losing any data. You will need to set up any custom screens or notification app selections again however.
On your first run of the new app, if the watch fails to pair please reboot your phone, sometimes it can get stuck looking for the previous app. If a reboot doesn't fix the connection problems ask describe your issue in a comment here and I'll try to help!


You should be able to install the apk directly from the download, though your phone will probably warn you about installing from an unofficial source which you'll need to allow to install my app.
If you're downloading the apk on android chrome it sometimes sort of just flashes up, but doesn't actually start to download for some reason. If this happens to you, simply hold down on the link until the context menu pops up, then go to "Download link".
Now if you made a titanium backup beforehand, you can now restore data only of the fossil app and it'll continue to work with all your previous settings in place.


If you get a regular notification popping up on your watch saying "downloading..." it's probably from "Play Music", I've disabled that myself. It seems to have a somewhat hidden notification come up a lot.
Similarly, you might be seeing a regular "Syncing email...." from gmail. You can disable it thankfully. Start by bringing up app info for Gmail app: https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/get-app-info-page-for-any-app-faster-0212023/
Then go to notifications and scroll down to miscellaneous section, turn off "account to account email transfer" if you're using imap sync on gmail, or "miscellaneous" switch if you're using an exchange account.


My app is built with open source patch code, the the apk itself automatically build from the published code. You can inspect yourself from the top link if you're worried about what's in it.
To see all the code in use just check out the repo: https://gitlab.com/alelec/fossil_smartwatches_alelec_android
Good luck and enjoy!


Can't install the app, keep getting "Install Failed"? Double check the original fossil app has been uninstalled. Also, If you've got a Samsung phone google "uninstall app from secure folder".
Can't sync after installing this app, or get some weird network connectivity issues? Reboot your phone first. This happened to me on a number of occasions when testing switching from official to my app but a reboot always fixed it for me.
Google and Facebook login are currently broken, so you'll need to use a fossil login account to use the app. Initial attempts to fix these haven't worked, I'll continue to investigate how to fix them but can't promise anything.

Previous patched version: https://www.reddit.com/FossilHybrids/comments/go8612/hybrid_smartwatches_enhanced_android_app_v4303/

submitted by coronafire to FossilHybrids

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