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"Nice server Bacone": Addressing the atrocious quality of Polygon captions

I love Polygon videos, but the caption quality is horrendous. I've tried to bring Polygon's attention to it myself, to no avail, so I'm going to try to share my findings more widely, in the hope that someone at Polygon pays attention.
To drive home my point, I spent some time going through the most recent video (The Ring Box, Part 3) and correcting all the mistakes I could find. I've included the full 186-item list below — yes, that's 186 mistakes in one video. In a TV episode of the same length, I'd expect a maximum of perhaps five mistakes, although I grant that improvised content is more difficult to caption.
Please note that this doesn't even include the dozens of things that aren't good but aren't necessarily mistakes, like choices of formatting and punctuation, and always spelling Vang0 Bang0's name as Vango Bango.
For those who don't wish to read the whole 186-item list, I've selected a few of the worst offenders, which I feel no human editor could do accidentally:
  • skedaddle was captioned as "just get out of it".
  • Mr. Rubicone was captioned as "Nice server Bacone".
  • x7ballsboy7x was captioned as "ball's boy, seven X", and later, "X seven balls, boys, seven X".
  • ne'er-do-wells was captioned as "narrative Wells".
Obviously, this is inexcusable. Polygon's content should be accessible, and this is barely a step up from YouTube's automatic captions!
If anyone has thoughts on what I/you/we can do to bring this issue to Polygon's attention, please share them below.
This is a list of corrections, with the original caption to the left and the correct version to the right. I've marked particularly bad errors with an asterisk (*).
0:46 PPO -> PPPO 0:46 D5V -> D5B 0:56 C4 -> C4A 1:01 turned -> turn 1:32 PPO -> PPPO 1:35 PPO -> PPPO 1:55 returned -> return 2:04 ø -> Degenerates. 2:06* I doubt it -> I'll dub it in 2:09 Wells -> wells 2:25 flubbed -> flub 2:50 ø -> In our-- 3:48 a fan of M's X fan -> a fan of M's -- ex-fan -- 4:10 exploited -> exploit it 4:12 there'll -> they'll 4:36 ask him -> ask them 4:36 see if let's practice -> see if -- let's practice 5:05 role -> roll 5:16* body slam -> body plan 5:17 This -> If this 5:21 Yup, so -> Yup, you do. ¶ - Okay, so 5:26 role -> roll 5:36 disrupted -> disrupt it 5:43 ø -> Okay, okay. 6:00 jump trash -> Jumptrash 6:19 jump trash -> Jumptrash 7:01* frisk -> for us 7:08* just get out of it -> skedaddle 7:32 So this -> So... ¶ - This 7:42 I really -> I, what do we 8:10 jump trash -> Jumptrash 8:20 again at -> again. At 8:53 nice -> heists 8:57 it -> in 9:06 suppose it -> supposed 9:09 guaranteed, no -> guaranteed know 9:12 Lethario -> Lothario 9:50 jump trash -> Jumptrash 10:11* Roberts -> robbers 10:30 prove -> proving 10:38 plan -> plant 10:57 a nice -> Night City, Burger Chainz. 10:59* ø -> Isn't that a constitutional right? 11:07 sorry of -> sorry -- 11:07 Burger stopped -> Burger, stop 11:07 the van earth. -> the van. ¶ - Erk! 11:15 burger -> Burger 11:40 set -> send 11:44 ø -> - Okay, uh, I, uh... 11:48 ø -> - No one has stopped me yet! 12:55 the to or -> the ways to -- or 13:52 end -> M 13:57 C4 -> C4A 14:02 C4 -> C4A 14:08* dare me -> dare try to use this on me 14:09* Samon -> Simone 14:22* Harper -> Hypo 14:28 Harper -> Hypo 14:46 media -> median 14:56 And a Burger -> And uh, Burger 14:56 burger -> Burger 15:05 - He -> ø So he 15:22 junk trash -> forum 15:27 junk trash -> Jumptrash 15:37 C4 -> C4A 15:49 G to G -> G2G 15:54 That's good to say -> That means good to go 16:08 thing for us. -> thing. For us. 16:34 jump trash -> Jumptrash 17:03 sure -> I show him the post 17:08 Harp co -> Hypo 17:10 Harp co -> Hypo 17:10 Herp co -> Hypo 18:02 I'd trust -> Edgar trusts 18:10 It's cool. -> It's cool? 18:29 jump trash -> Jumptrash 18:57 jump trash -> Jumptrash 19:06 jump trash -> Jumptrash 19:55 convinced -> convince 20:45 company, man -> company man 21:37 So -> - It's 22:48 Oh, this -> - Okay. ¶ - This 22:52 you really conscious -> us, or really could just 23:03 like my boss -> like. My boss 24:12 write -> ride 24:17 ø -> - Nice boat, man. 24:19 I said -> Yeah, see 24:22 I was -> It's just 25:09 you -> if you 25:19 lethal weapon ass -> Lethal Weapon-ass 26:10 remember in -> remembering 26:51* Jetta -> Jenna 27:00* Gia -> yeah 27:04* attire -> entire 27:08 dis -> - 27:13 Knight city -> Night City 27:43 Weren't -> We're not 27:48 We'll -> Well 28:14 Vango is just on -> Vang0's hand is on 28:21 that sounds good -> I was just getting-- 28:22 sound okay. -> sound, okay, [this changes the meaning] 28:38 we're -> you're 28:40* Lets -> Put your Burger brain back in its bun and let's 28:54 van -> vein 28:56* Not -> I just thought it'd be 29:13 Knight -> Night 29:21 Knight -> Night 30:19 window -> windows 30:50 Rubicon -> Rubicone 32:15* Nice server Bacone -> Mr. Rubicone 32:25 want -> wants 32:34 right hand, man -> right hand man 32:41 stage, right -> stage right 32:44 Be -> Sit next to me 32:47 go -> Bang0 33:27 camera's -> cameras 33:29 Great as -> "Great." As 34:00 it's -> is 34:12 makes -> make 34:31 lives -> lies 34:54 junk trash -> Jumptrash 34:59* ball's boy, seven X -> x7ballsboy7x 35:37 role -> roll 35:46 as -> is 36:13 Lie. -> Well I... 36:20 could climb up -> clam up 37:11 none of the high discord -> none of- haha, discord 37:15* Mr. Fuck Rubicon -> Mr... fuck. Rubicone 37:24 drama -> drama, 37:26 that -> the 37:47 rolled -> roll, 37:52 what -> that 38:16 complete -> completely 38:30 ø -> Yes. I can. 38:41* You wanna -> Don't 39:33 ø -> Very delicately. 39:37 isn't like -> is in, like, 40:10 supposedly -> supposed 40:13 jumps trash -> Jumptrash 40:32 role -> roll 40:47* Yeah, we got fix her. -> Thank God we've got a fixer. Seriously. 41:15 after the, all -> after all, 43:35 Oh fuck -> Oh thank fuck 43:43 re roll -> reroll 44:16* feedbacks -> we passed 44:16 about to be -> by being 44:24* innocent -> in over our heads 44:38 circus -> a circus 44:38 it -> this 44:47* Cox has had -> cocks his head 44:52* wrapped your -> raptor 45:37 if a -> if uh, 45:41 ø -> All right. 45:45 ø -> You as well. 45:46 turned -> turn 45:49* X seven balls, boys, seven X -> x7ballsboy7x 45:55 say I'll -> ø 45:55* Harper code -> Harp co [this was already captioned correctly several times] 46:04 as the -> as though 46:14* narrative Wells -> ne'er-do-wells 46:16 me -> him 46:22 my new -> minute 46:25 tried -> try 46:38 out, out -> ow, ow 46:44 out -> ow 46:50 dead -> Dead 47:07 you peers -> it appears 47:07 way as you pile. -> way. As you pile- 47:10 ø -> yeah, go for it. 47:12* Go Warren Emmanuel. -> Should we go warn Emmanuella? 47:23 paid -> pings 48:12 deep -> ø 48:12 based of D5B -> based-- ¶ - D5B. 48:13 ø -> - Of D5B 48:13 that? -> the service? 48:15 fam camp -> FamCam 48:16 Fam camp -> FamCam 49:24 texts -> text 49:31 that -> we can't find her again 49:56 consider choose -> considering she's 49:59 streamer? -> streamer, 50:05 ø -> Emmanuelle? 50:14 like make her -> like-- her 50:25 PPO -> PPPO 50:25 C4 -> C4A 50:45 of M House -> of the M House 
submitted by timothymh to PolygonFans

Brazilian Big12 series, Episode 10/12: Palmeiras

Previous episodes: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos
In this series I will present each of the 12 Brazilian teams that together compose the "Big 12". My point is to make them more knowledgeable to you, since each one of these teams have their share of the Brazil national team success and of Brazilian club football accomplishments as a whole. I'll try to be as smooth, efficient and non-boring as I can. If the feedback is positive, I'll keep bringing more to this series. So ok, let's do this!
Method: I'll present the teams in a chronological order, from the oldest foundation (Flamengo-1895) to the latest one (São Paulo-1930). The order will be: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Cruzeiro, São Paulo. How many of these have you heard of?
Extra clubs: Due to a high number of requests, I'll also present 3 teams who don't belong to the Big12, but are also considered big clubs in Brazil: Bahia, Athletico Paranaense and Coritiba. Welcome to the club!
Geographical reference: Before we start, I'd like to ask something very simple from you. I want you to keep in mind that these 12 teams are spread in 4 different States in Brazil. The club's State name is written below, next to the club's name. It has a direct link to Google Maps, so that you can check it out to make this experience more accurate.

Episode 10/12: Palmeiras (State: São Paulo), founded in 1914

State rivals: Corinthians, São Paulo, Santos

Stadium: Allianz Parque (New) / Parque Antarctica (Old)

Mascot: Pig

Major achievements: 1 Copa Rio (1951), 1 Copa Libertadores (1999), 10 Brazilian Leagues (1960, 1967, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1993, 1994, 2016, 2018), 3 Copa do Brasil (1998, 2012, 2015), 1 Copa Mercosul (1998)

State League titles: 23 (Against Corinthians' 30, Santos' 22, São Paulo's 21)

Palestra Italia and the first decades
Palmeiras was founded as Palestra Italia in 1914, by Italian immigrants in São Paulo. In the 1920s, they acquired the ground of the Antarctica company, which included the Parque Antarctica stadium. On this decade, Palestra won 3 State Leagues and finished 2nd on three other opportunities. At this time and until 1959, there wasn't a national league yet, due to Brazil's huge size and weak infrastructure, so the State Leagues were the main tournament, which Palestra would win 5 more times in the 1930s. They also won the 1st edition of the prestigious Rio-São Paulo Tournament, a regional league attended by big teams from São Paulo and Rio only.
1942: World War II and Palestra becomes Palmeiras
Brazil were neutral in the 2nd World War until 1942, when they declared war against the Axis (Italy, Germany, Japan). This forced every club name related to these countries to be reconsidered, so Palestra Italia became Palestra.
However, the Brazilian government demanded that Palestra was also removed from the club's name, despite it being a greek word. Palmeiras was then adopted, to keep the letter P and in honor of the Associação Atlética das Palmeiras, an extinct club that helped Palestra on their early days.
In the 1940s, they won 4 more State Leagues titles, but were still behind their rival Corinthians on the overall counting - they would only surpass Corinthians in State League titles for the first time in 1972, keeping the record until 1982, to never surpass them again.
1951: Copa Rio, Palmeiras' first club world title
The Copa Rio was the first attempt of a club world cup, preceding the creation of the Intercontinental Cup in 1960.
Group Club Qualification
A Palmeiras 1950 State League champion
B Vasco (Brazil) 1950 State League champion
A Juventus (Italy) 1950 Serie A champion
B Sporting (Portugal) 1950 Portuguese League champion
A Red Star (Yugoslavia) 1950 Yugoslavia Cup champion
B Austria Wien (Austria) 1950 Austrian League champion
A Nice (France) 1951 French League champion
B Nacional (Uruguay) 1950 Uruguayan League champion
Palmeiras placed 2nd inside their group, beating Nice 3-0, Red Star 2-1 and losing to Juventus 0-4. In the semis, they beat Vasco 2-1 and tied 0-0 in the return leg, before facing Juventus in the final.
Stage Result Attendance Venue
Final Palmeiras 1-0 Juventus 56.961 Maracanã
Final Palmeiras 2-2 Juventus 100.093 Maracanã
In the final 2nd leg, Juventus opened the score at '18, but Palmeiras tied at '47. Juventus scored again at '63, but Palmeiras equalized it at '77. The match ended 2-2, and Palmeiras were crowned club world champions.
The 1960s: the first Academy of Football
After the Copa Rio title in 1951, Palmeiras won one more Rio-São Paulo Tournament in 1951 and one State League title in 1959, beating Pelé's Santos 2-1 on the last and decisive match.
In the 1960s, the Brazilian press gave Palmeiras the alias Academy of Football, due to the extreme class and technique of their teams. Players of the caliber of Ademir da Guia, Djalma Santos, Dudu, Julinho Botelho, Zequinha and Tupãzinho won Palmeiras several titles in the 1960s: 4 Brazilian Leagues (1960, 1967, 1967, 1969), 2 State Leagues (1963, 1966) and 1 Rio-São Paulo Tournament (1965). The 1960s Palmeiras are notably known for stopping Pelé's Santos from winning almost everything in the decade.
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Ademir da Guia 1962-77 902 153 14 - 1 (1974)
Dudu 1964-75 609 25 13 1 -
Julinho Botelho 1958-67 269 81 24 11 1 (1954)
Djalma Santos 1959-68 498 10 100 3 4 (1954, 1958, 1962, 1966)
Zequinha 1958-68 417 40 16 2 1 (1962)
Tupãzinho 1963-68 231 122 - - -
They also reached two Copa Libertadores finals: in 1961, Palmeiras lost to Peñarol (0-1, 1-1), and in 1968, to Estudiantes (1-2, 3-1, 0-2).
The 1970s: the second Academy of Football
The second wave of Palmeiras' Football Academy took place in the 1970s. Still led by Ademir da Guia and Dudu, the club was reinforced by Luís Pereira, Leivinha, César Maluco and Leão.
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Luís Pereira 1968-75 346 19 38 1 1 (1974)
Leivinha 1971-75 268 108 27 7 1 (1974)
César Maluco 1967-75 327 182 13 1 1 (1974)
Leão 1968-78 617 - 105 - 4 (1970, 1974, 1978, 1986)
Together at Palmeiras, these monsters won 2 Brazilian Leagues (1972, 1973) and 2 State Leagues (1972, 1974). In the 1974 World Cup, Palmeiras provided Brazil with 6 players (Leão, Luís Pereira, Leivinha, César Maluco, Ademir da Guia and Alfredo), finishing in the 4th place.
In the end, the Palmeiras Academy won the same number of Brasileirão titles as Pelé's Santos (6) and reached the same number of Copa Libertadores finals (2). However, they won 6 fewer State League titles (4x10).
Highlights to the 1973 Brazilian League title, with only 3 defeats in 40 matches. In the final stage, Palmeiras beat 1-0 the strong Cruzeiro of Nelinho, Piazza, Palhinha and Dirceu Lopes, away at the Mineirão stadium, with this goal from Edu Bala at '74. Then they beat 2-1 another strong team, the Internacional of Figueroa, Carpegiani, Valdomiro, Falcão, Claudiomiro and Escurinho. After Internacional opened the score, Palmeiras tied at '77 with Ronaldo and Luís Pereira scored the winning goal at '80. On the last match, a 0-0 tie against São Paulo was enough for Palmeiras to be declared Brazilian champions for the 6th time. Only 35 years later, in 2008, would a new team (São Paulo FC) reach the number of 6 Brazilian League titles.
In 1974, Palmeiras met their archrival Corinthians in the State League final. Corinthians were on a 20-year title drought (since 1954) and desperately needed a trophy. In front of 122.522 supporters at the Morumbi stadium, Palmeiras won the final 1-0, with this goal from Ronaldo, and left their rivals trophyless for one more season.
In 1976, Palmeiras won their last title before a drought that would last until 1993. They won the 1976 State League title against XV de Piracicaba, 1-0 at home. It would also be Ademir da Guia last title at the club, before he left in 1977.
1993-2000: the Parmalat Era
Between 1976 and 1993, Palmeiras didn't win a single title, finishing 2nd in one Brazilian League (1978) and in two State Leagues (1986, 1992).
In 1992, however, the Italian company Parmalat signed a huge deal with the club, bringing expensive and talented players. In 1993 already, they won 1 State League, 1 Rio-São Paulo Tournament and 1 Brazilian League. In 1994, they once again won the State and the Brazilian Leagues. Until the end of the decade, they would win one more State League (1996), one Copa do Brasil (1998), one Copa Mercosul (1998), one Rio-São Paulo Tournament (2000), one Copa dos Campeões (2000), and the most important title, the 1999 Copa Libertadores. Therefore, in 8 years (93-2000), Palmeiras won 2 continental titles, 4 national trophies, 3 state leagues and 2 interstate tournaments - totalizing 11 major titles.
The coach appointed to start this new era of the club was Luxemburgo, who had done good works for Bragantino, winning the Serie B in 1989 and the 1990 São Paulo State League. He stayed at the club from 1993 to 1994, and in 1996.
1993-94: back-to-back State and Brazilian League titles
The 16-year title drought ended in the 1993 State League final against their archrival Corinthians. On the 1st leg, a 0-1 defeat, with a historical teasing by Corinthians' forward Viola, who imitated a pig when celebrating his goal. On the return leg, Palmeiras smashed them with a 4-0 victory (6mn33 video), with goals from Evair (2x), Edilson and Zinho.
Two months later, they won the Rio-São Paulo Tournament, again against Corinthians (2-0 and 0-0). In the Brazilian League, Palmeiras dominated with 81% of points, and only 2 defeats in 22 matches. In the final against Vitória, two victories: 1-0 away with a goal from Edilson, and 2-0 at home, with goals from Evair and Edmundo. Palmeiras became Brazilian champions for the 7th time, the first club to achieve so - the second would be Santos in 2002, then Corinthians in 2017 and Flamengo in 2019.
Four Palmeiras' players were elected to the League Best XI: Antônio Carlos, Roberto Carlos, César Sampaio and Edmundo.
Of the 1993 team, three great players were there since 1991: César Sampaio, Amaral and Evair. Parmalat brought Antônio Carlos, Cléber, Roberto Carlos, Mazinho, Edílson, Zinho and Edmundo. All of them (except Amaral, Cléber and Evair) played at least 25 matches for the Brazil NT, with two winning the 1994 World Cup (Zinho, Mazinho), three reaching the 1998 World Cup final (Roberto Carlos, César Sampaio, Edmundo) and two winning the 2002 World Cup (Roberto Carlos, Edilson).
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Antônio Carlos 1993-95 58 5 37 3 -
Cléber 1993-99 372 21 13 - -
Roberto Carlos 1993-95 162 20 126 12 3 (1998, 2002, 2006)
Amaral 1991-97 107 3 12 - -
César Sampaio 1991-94, 99-00 304 25 47 6 1 (1998)
Mazinho 1992-94 127 2 35 - 1 (1994)
Edílson 1993-95 151 59 25 6 1 (2002)
Zinho 1992-94, 97-99, 01-02 460 95 57 7 1 (1994)
Edmundo 1993-95, 06-07 269 141 39 10 1 (1998)
Evair 1991-94, 99 245 126 11 5 -
In 1994, the team increased with the arrivals of Rincón, from América de Cali, Flávio Conceição, from Rio Branco and Rivaldo, from Mogi Mirim.
They began the season winning the 1994 State League, gathering 78% of the points, and losing only three times in 30 matches.
In the 1994 Brazilian League, Palmeiras led the 1st stage and then won 5 of the 6 knock-out matches. They beat Bahia twice in the QF (2-1, 2-1), and the strong Guarani of Luizão, Djalminha and Amoroso twice in the SF (3-1, 2-1).
In the big final against Corinthians, Rivaldo opened the score with this nice goal at '45. He scored again at '63, and Edmundo this nice 3-0 goal at '65. The match ended 3-1, and Palmeiras only needed a tie in the 2nd leg - which ended 1-1, with Rivaldo scoring the tie at '81.
Palmeiras were back-to-back Brazilian League champions, and had now 8 National League titles, a record only reached in 2004 by Santos.
Four Palmeiras' players were elected to the League's Best XI: Cléber, Roberto Carlos, Zinho and Rivaldo.
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Rincón (Colombia) 1994, 96-97 93 30 84 17 3 (1990, 1994, 1998)
Flávio Conceição 1994-96 103 5 45 4 -
Rivaldo 1994-96 97 78 74 37 2 (1998, 2002)
However, in the 1994 Copa Libertadores, Palmeiras were knocked out by São Paulo in the ro16 (0-0, 1-2), but they applied a sonorous 6-1 victory against Boca Juniors, with this great goal by Roberto Carlos, assisted by Evair.
The team got dismantled, and in 1995 they only finished 2nd in the State League, 5th in the Brazilian League, and got epically knocked out in the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals against Grêmio (0-5, 5-1).
The 1996 superteam: 102 goals/30 matches and State League champions
In 1996, the coach Luxemburgo returned to Palmeiras, after a year span at Flamengo.
From the 1993-94 Palmeiras squad, Velloso, Cléber, Amaral, Flavio Conceição and Rivaldo remained.
New stars arrived at the club: Cafu from Real Zaragoza, Júnior from Vitória, Müller from Kashiwa Reysol, and Luizão and Djalminha from Guarani.
Together, they gathered 92% of the points, winning 27 of the 30 State League matches, scoring 102 goals and conceding only 19. Since a 100%-rate title campaign in 1932, the closest a team got to this 92% rate record were 1961 and 1965 Pelé's Santos with 87%, 1945/1953 São Paulo, 1939/1951 Corinthians and 1933/1934/1942/1947 Palmeiras with 88%, and 1946 São Paulo with 90%.
In terms of goals scored, they rank #9 in the history of the tournament, and have the highest record since 1962.
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Cafu 1995-97 101 13 149 5 4 (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006)
Júnior 1996-00 337 20 22 1 1 (2002)
Müller 1995-96 69 38 59 12 3 (1986, 1990, 1994)
Luizão 1996-97 91 56 17 3 1 (2002)
Djalminha 1996-97 83 45 14 5 -
With the departures of Flávio Conceição, Rivaldo and Müller, Palmeiras had a certain quality drop. Nevertheless, they still finished 2nd to Cruzeiro in the Copa do Brasil (1-1, 1-2).
Luxemburgo left at the end of the season for a bigger salary at Santos. He won 149 of 232 matches (64% win rate), lost 36 matches (16%), and had an overall rate of 71%.
The 1997 season was a bit below due to the lack of titles, but Palmeiras finished 2nd on the league, and reached the semi-finals of the Copa do Brasil, of the State League and of the Rio-São Paulo Tournament. But it was the arrival of the coach Scolari, the Felipão, in mid-1997 that would ignite Palmeiras into higher flights.
1998-2000: the Felipão (Scolari) Era
In this period, Palmeiras won 2 continental titles (1998 Mercosul, 1999 Libertadores), 2 national cups (1998 Copa do Brasil, 2000 Copa dos Campeões) and 1 regional league (2000 Rio-São Paulo Tournament). They also finished 2nd in 1 club world cup (1999 Intercontinental Cup), 3 continental cups (1999 and 2000 Copa Mercosul, 2000 Libertadores) and 1 state league (1999 Paulista).
With the 1996-97 team dismantled, Scolari rebuilt the team by using more Marcos, Roque Júnior and Galeano, and bringing Arce, Junior Baiano, Oséas, Paulo Nunes, Euller and of course, the maestro number 10 Alex - the most capped Brazilian player (49) not to be called to a World Cup.
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Marcos 1992-2012 534 - 29 - 1 (2002)
Roque Júnior 1995-00 206 15 48 2 1 (2002)
Júnior Baiano 1998-99 72 16 25 2 1 (1998)
Arce (Paraguay) 1998-02 242 57 61 5 2 (1998, 2002)
Galeano 1989-02 477 27 - - -
Oséas 1997-99 172 65 2 - -
Paulo Nunes 1998-99 138 73 2 - -
Euller 1997-00 115 39 7 3 -
Alex 1997-00, 2002 200 60 49 12 -
The team lacked the offensive talent and quality of the previous generations, but had a more solid defense. Palmeiras supporters wanted the Copa Libertadores more than anything - their state rivals Santos and São Paulo had two already, as well as Grêmio, while Flamengo, Vasco and Cruzeiro had one each. Scolari had the experience of winning the Libertadores in 1995, with Grêmio, along with the Paraguayan right-back Arce and the forward Paulo Nunes that he brought to Palmeiras.
The first step was the 1998 Copa do Brasil, which would give one Libertadores spot. Palmeiras didn't have difficulties until the semi-finals against Santos: they tied 1-1 at home, and Santos opened the score in the return leg. With these two nice goals, Palmeiras overcame the score 2-1 and left with a 2-2 tie that put them on the final, against Cruzeiro. They lost the 1st leg 0-1 away, and opened the score at '12 with Paulo Nunes in the 2nd leg. At '89, Oséas scored the second and title goal after a free-kick, as Palmeiras became Copa do Brasil champions for the first time.
Later that year, Palmeiras destroyed their Copa Mercosul group: 2-1 Independiente (Argentina), 5-0 Nacional (Uruguay), 2-1 U. de Chile (Chile), 3-0 Independiente (Argentina), 3-1 Nacional (Uruguay), 1-0 U. de Chile (Chile). Highlights to this assist by left-back Júnior against Nacional from Uruguay.
With their reserves, they beat Boca Juniors 3-1 in Brazil, and tied 1-1 in Argentina, for the quarter-finals. Olimpia from Paraguay didn't offer problems in the semis: 2-0 and 1-0 to Palmeiras. In the final against Cruzeiro, Palmeiras lost 1-2 away in the 1st leg. At home in the 2nd leg, Cruzeiro opened the score at '3, but Palmeiras overcame with Cléber at '8, Oséas at '52 and Paulo Nunes at '85. On the 3rd match, this goal from Arce at '62, at home, gave Palmeiras their first continental-second tier title, the 1998 Copa Mercosul.
The 1999 Copa Libertadores title
After finishing 2nd twice in their golden era (1961, 1968), Palmeiras finally conquered South America, with 7W-2D-5L.
Palmeiras shared their group stage with archrival Corinthians and the Paraguayans Cerro Porteño and Olimpia. At that time, three teams would advance, and Palmeiras qualified in the 2nd place, behind Corinthians.
In the ro16, they met the current champions Vasco, of Juninho, Ramón, Donizete and Luizão. They only tied 1-1 at home, and saw Vasco open the score at the Maracanã. Palmeiras scored twice, before conceding the second goal. In the second half, Palmeiras scored twice again, and won the match 4-2.
The derby against Corinthians in the quarter-finals saw two same results: 2-0 and 0-2. Their rival could have scored once in the 1st leg though, at '78, if this crazy shot that hit the upper post and then the back of goalkeeper Marcos had gone a few centimeters into the other side. In the penalties, Palmeiras won 4-2, with Dinei missing the target and Marcos saving Vampeta's shot.
In the semis against River Plate, Palmeiras left Argentina with a 0-1 defeat. At home, in Brazil, Alex opened the score with this great goal, and two minutes later, Palmeiras scored the second with Roque Junior. In the 2nd half, Marcos kept the goal safe, and Alex closed the Argentine coffin with this fine touch.
In the big final against Deportivo Cali, they lost the first leg away 0-1 like in the semis. At home, Palmeiras opened the score only at '65, from this penalty kick, but Deportivo tied 5 minutes later, also from a penalty kick. Five minutes later, however, Palmeiras scored the second with Oséas, and the title would be decided in the penalties.
Palmeiras missed the first shot with Zinho, hitting the upper post, while Deportivo scored. Both teams scored the second and third shots. Palmeiras scored the fourth, and Deportivo hit the right post. Euller scored the fifth, and Zapata lost Deportivo's final penalty. Palmeiras conquered South America for the first time in their history.
This title qualified Palmeiras to the 1999 Intercontinental Cup in Japan, against European champions Manchester United.
Palmeiras played a far better match than the Red Devils, but this unfortunate mistake by goalkeeper Marcos let them open the score at '35. Palmeiras also had this wrongly disallowed goal at '50, and Oséas missed this absurd opportunity at '74.
In 2000, Palmeiras kept the good shape, and began the season winning the Rio-São Paulo Tournament, beating 4-0 the strong Vasco of Edmundo and Romario in the final.
Five months later, they won the Copa dos Campeões, after beating Cruzeiro (3-1, 1-1), Flamengo (1-2, 1-0) and Sport (2-1), therefore picking a spot in the 2001 Copa Libertadores.
But the peak of the season was the Libertadores, which they finished in the 2nd place, losing to Boca Juniors in the final (2-2, 0-0), in the penalties (2-4).
First, Saint Marcos (Palmeiras goalkeeper), saved two penalties in a clutch moment against Peñarol in the ro16.
In the semis, the biggest derby in South American history: Palmeiras met their archrival Corinthians, current back-to-back Brazilian League champions, of the stars Dida, Kléber, Vampeta, Ricardinho, Marcelinho Carioca, Edilson and Luizão, once again in the knock-outs, just like in 1999. The first leg was a crazy 4-3 match in Corinthians' favor and the second leg, another crazy 3-2 match in Palmeiras favor. In the penalties, nobody had missed their shot, until Corinthians biggest idol, Marcelinho Carioca, had his penalty saved by Saint Marcos, who put Palmeiras in the final. No other derby played in South America have been higher than Corinthians x Palmeiras encounters in the 1999 and 2000 Copa Libertadores knock-out stages.
Unfortunately, the final against Boca Juniors was a refereeing disgrace: Boca had one goal wrongly disallowed and Palmeiras had at least two penalties not awarded in the 2nd leg at home, which ended 0-0, leading to penalties. Palmeiras played better football, while Boca parked the bus.
2001-2013: end of Parmalat Era, and humble times
In this period, Palmeiras got relegated twice (2002, 2012), won 1 State League (2008) and 1 Copa do Brasil (2012).
The peak of this period was the controversial elimination by Riquelme's Boca in the 2001 Copa Libertadores semi-finals: on the 1st leg in Argentina (2-2), the referee invented this penalty to Boca, which Schelotto scored, and he didn't concede a clear penalty in Palmeiras' favor on Fernando, sending the player off for "simulation". Boca were a great team, but it is generally agreed in Brazil - even by rivals - that Palmeiras was better, and if not for the referees shameful displays in 2000 and 2001, they would very likely end up with 3 consecutive Libertadores titles (1999, 2000, 2001).
In 2002, Alex scored this masterpiece of a goal against Rogério Ceni's São Paulo.
In 2009, Palmeiras led the Brazilian League for 19 rounds, but ended up in the 5th place, not even qualifying to the Copa Libertadores.
In 2014, centenary year of the club, their new stadium Allianz Parque was inaugurated.
In 2015, Palmeiras won their 3rd Copa do Brasil title on the penalties (4-3) against Santos, in a crazy final. The 1st leg in Santos ended 0-1, with their rival missing the opportunity of the century at '95. In the 2nd leg, Palmeiras scored their second goal (2-0) at '84, but Santos scored at '86, leading it to the penalties, won 4-3 by Palmeiras.
In 2016 and 2018, Palmeiras won their 9th and 10th Brazilian League titles, a national record. They were led by the league MVP Gabriel Jesus in 2016 and by the most recent club idol Dudu in 2016 and 2018. They also finished second in 2017, and reached the Copa Libertadores semi-finals in 2018, losing to Boca Juniors (0-2, 2-2).
Player Period Apps Goals Assists Brazil NT caps Goals World Cup att.
Gabriel Jesus 2015-16 83 28 10 39 18 1 (2018)
Dudu 2015-20 305 70 75 3 1 -
As of 2020, the club won the State League (0-0, 1-1, p.k. 4-3) after 12 years, against their archrival Corinthians, coached by Luxemburgo and led by the young midfielder Patrick de Paula. Gabriel Menino and Gabriel Verón are the other young bets of the club for this season.
To this day, Palmeiras has the 4th largest fanbase in Brazil with 12 million supporters, and a stadium attendance average of 28.000, as of 2019.
If you have any questions about Brazilian football, feel free to join us at futebol, where you'll be very welcomed!
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