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Hydra Xiaomi Standalone Server (Unlimted Use) Without Credit, Without Extra Activation, Following Models Supported - Write Firmware, Reset FRP, Format, Read Firmware and many more function. Add your review After trying out the software you can review it by clicking on the adjacent stars. ShareCash Premium Downloader V1 0 1 Working 2020 Skip ANY Survey Survey Remover 2020 100% Working 720p SHARECASH HACK ShareCash Survey Killer 2020 The Ultimate Tool. Click Here for Facebook Hack V1 0 Android Click Here for Facebook Hack V1 0 Android Click Here for Facebook Hack V1 0 Android Facebook Hack V1 0 Andro. Hack Games Tool Hack Free Download is Safe: June 2020.

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Vrms ASIO is a a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. The Sony Channel Editor tool allows you to re-order your. It offers many powerful tools like auto comment reply, like on videos, auto comment on videos, auto subscribe channels. Happy Acres Cheat Hack Tool Unlimited Coins and Sunstones https://kameshkovo-atp.ru/crack/?key=48. Hack iCloud Activation Lock.

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ChoiDujourNX - a system firmware installer homebrew for. Software Object Desktop Your complete Windows customization suite. Create an account to start sharing photos and updates with people you know. NCK Dongle SPD v Setup Download. Sign Up; Search In Everywhere; Status Updates; More options.

Announcing the 1.1.0 release of my completely free and open source project, Social Amnesia! This tool lets you wipe out old reddit and twitter items, automatically and on a schedule, with configuration tools to save the items you care about. Now with support for 2FA!

Direct link to release with downloadables: https://github.com/Nick-Gottschlich/Social-Amnesia/releases/tag/v1.1.0

What's new?

- Social Amnesia now works fully with reddit and twitter 2FA/MFA (2 Factor Authorization/Multi Factor Authorization). If you have MFA set up you will be taken to a sign on page for reddit to allow Social Amnesia to work properly without having to send a new token every hour. Twitter will have the same login process whether you have MFA set up or not.
- I've added information text to the login page of the app so that people will know what the limitations of the API are for reddit and twitter.

What is this?

I’m excited to release 1.1.0 of my side project, Social Amnesia! This completely free and open source software allows you to wipe out old reddit and twitter posts, comments, tweets, and favorites, automatically and on a schedule. It also allows you to configure certain items to be saved based on configuration options like number of upvotes, favorites, or retweets, whether an item has been gilded, how old an item is, or by specifically whitelisting items you would like to have saved.

Who is this for?

Since we're on /privacy, I would assume most of you are wary of what you post on reddit, twitter, facebook (if you even have one), etc. However, I can also imagine many of your friends and family are not. At the end of the day, the safest you can possibly be is to not use any social media. But I think the war on drugs and abstinence-based sex-ed proves everything we need to know about telling people to "just say no". What I believe we should be doing is working towards solutions that help reduce the damage that destructive activities can cause. This is why I've built Social Amnesia, which lets you keep your social media history clean with just a few button clicks, and set it up to automatically clean proactively (instead of reactively, after something bad happens to you).

Most of the tools out that allow you to manage reddit and twitter history are either very user unfriendly (require you to operate command lines and work with scary configuration text files) or cost money. I wanted to develop one that had a convenient user interface and was built to be completely open source so it could be checked to be sure it had no nefarious purposes. I believe the free aspect also helps get people to actually try and use it.

Why would you need this?

If you've been following the news recently you've probably seen cases of celebrities losing out on big career opportunities because of tweets or other internet posts from their past coming back to haunt them. Kevin Hart and The Oscars and James Gunn and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are two of the more high profile examples of this recently. Make no mistake, this could happen to anyone, not just high profile individuals. If you are going to tweet, cleaning up your old tweets is one of the best ways to keep a nightmare like this from ruining a potential job opportunity or relationship. Since twitter is mainly focused on current events, and as far as I can tell it's rare for people to look far back in someone's twitter history, this shouldn't effect your day to day interaction with twitter.
On the reddit side of things, many people maintain pseudonymous accounts to post in places like /sex, /politics or /trees. The more reddit history you have, the higher chance you have of being doxxed by someone who might comb through your posts to try and scrape together details to de-cloak you and reveal your real identity. Keeping your reddit history clean is a good deterrent from being doxxed.


I've received concerns about this software when I've posted it before. I'll try my best to detail some of my arguments here, but please leave a comment if you have anything to share and I'll do my best to respond to you.
One of the main concerns I've heard is from people who've gone back to an old reddit post and there have been deleted comments that might have been useful for them (semi-relevant xkcd). I hear you, and to try and combat this I've added some features to this software. The first is a whitelist window, which as far as I know is the only of it's kind in free management software for reddit. Opening this window shows you all of your comments or posts and let's you pick ones to save from deletion. Additionally, when you do go to delete anything, the software will show you every item that will be deleted and ask you to confirm your decision. This software doesn't do anything that isn't possible for a user to do by simply going back through their comments and deleting them.
I realize this isn't a complete solution, so I'd recommend using this software only if you use your reddit or twitter accounts for more current events or sensitive topics. If you provide helpful advice online and want to make sure it's preserved, be careful using this.
The second concern I've heard is related to backups, archives and having a false sense of privacy around using this software. Obviously I can't delete anything from reddit or twitter's internal servers, and I can't remove something if it's archived somewhere else. And I'm also limited by their APIs (which I've detailed here). However I've done some research, and backups of reddit and twitter are sparse, incomplete, and often hard to find and access. For a while the library of congress was archiving every tweet out there, but they gave up when that became too difficult a task due to the sheer size of twitter. Unless someone is actively archiving your posts, there is a good chance that deleting a tweet or reddit item will actually remove them from the internet.


Main Window

Deletion Window
submitted by JavaOffScript to privacy [link] [comments]

Adobe Premiere Rush CC v1.2.8 Cracked Mac For Free

Adobe Premiere Rush CC v1.2.8 Cracked Mac For Free
Feed your channels a steady stream of awesome with Premiere Rush, the all-new app for creating and sharing online videos. It’s easy to use, works across all your devices, and it’ll transform the way you create content.
Instructions :
Clean first your mac before you patch adobe Mac Keeper For Free 🧹 🍏 For everyone who can’t patch Adobe Apps on Mac you should first Clean your Mac Before you Install it
Download Link : https://bit.ly/2zm3IQd
Attention 😱 ! Before you start install process you should first install Adobe Flash Player 2020 ✅ Latest version to do not face any future issues while using Adobe Apps
▶️ Open the link by using “Safari” : https://bit.ly/3cMXlUC
or http://q.gs/FCdtB
or http://q.gs/FCdtC
For softwares keys crack patch : https://t.me/windowsmacapps
& https://t.me/adobe2020crack
For Free Premium accounts : https://t.me/deepwebworlds
For More : https://adobecc2020.blogspot.com/
All you need, All in one app
Go from shoot to showtime in record time. Built-in camera functionality helps you take pro-quality video on your mobile devices. Editing is easy, with simple tools for color, audio, motion graphics, and more. Share right from the app to favorite social channels like YouTube, Facebook, and lnstagram.
Make a bigger splash on social
Wow your followers with professionally designed Motion Graphics templates right in the app, or find hundreds more on Adobe Stock. Change the color, size, font, and more to match your personal brand. And take your videos from amateur to amazing.
Create your show on the road
Premiere Rush works across all your devices. Capture footage on your phone, then edit and share to social channels on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Everything is synced to the cloud, so your latest edit is always at your fingertips, anywhere you are.
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