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Players Gain % Gain Peak Players; Last 30 Days: 40938.09-360.7-0.87%: 68553: October 2020 41298.79-15032.09-26.69%: 69891: September 2020 56330.88. But usually you will succeed to kill your enemy and will earn good money quickly. You are witnesses, and so is a God, b how devoutly and uprightly and blamelessly we 1 behaved toward you 2 believers; 11 just as you know how we were a exhorting and encouraging and 1 b imploring each one of you as c a father would his own children, 12 so that you would a walk in a manner worthy of the God who b calls you into His own. We had hatched a plan for VG: CE to enable the game to live forever. David L. Golemon Legend.

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4. A Compelling Example for Ministry (1 Thess. 2: 1-12. Philippians 2 Commentary - Spurgeon's Verse Expositions of. NOT ask me which driver will work with it. Instead, please read the answer to the first of the. Let us know how you think we can improve aim assist. Songs of Vain Glory - Wigmore Hall.

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Vain Glory by Jan Reid (1986-10-03) Hardcover – 1875 by Jan Reid (Author). Reach Expats combines the power of Expatica and Revenue Creative to help international companies target the expat market with quality content. Walkthrough - ===== This walkthrough contains very little, if any, spoilers for the game, and it. Glory Be - Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. No jailbreak or no root is required to make our hack tool work.

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This is a pretty long story - I've already written about 50, 000 words and I think it'll end up at about 60-70K. Do Everything for the Glory of God (1 Corinthians Sermon why not check here. UPDATE NOTES Rogue_Jonathan 3 Jan 24 @ 6: 05am UPDATE 4.7. Vainglory v2.4.1 (53454) (53454)APK LATEST VERSION. The more you increase in hearing, the more potential you have for greater.

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1 10 patch notes vain glory. For now, she lay herself close to them, vents opening wide to blow heat over them to help. UPDATE NOTES: THE BIG PAYOUT. Unfortunately at this point in their relationship Jordan and Hill are basically not on speaking. Author's notes: And thus ends the Inception Point arc.

Vainglory 4.13.4 (107756) for Android
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5 A Closer Look at Proverbs 31 Four Lessons (1-4) 4%
6 Update 3.1 Notes: Play Tony, 5v5 Ranked & Draft 100%

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Open this = Doom (2020) – Working Key Generator UPDATED 2020. In past he had experienced to serve different kinds of cargo transportation from one city to other cities. Counterfeit definition is - made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive: forged. Dickens's success began with the 1836 serial publication of The Pickwick Papers. TikTok - trends start here.

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He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his. As seen in the key verses and key words of this book, the primary theme is holiness. It rose about ten feet above the water and then disappeared into the depths. NO HUSBAND HAS THE RIGHT TO CHEAT – 2020 Nigerian. Composer Gerald Finzi.

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I may not be entirely human anymore: I inherited a Fallen Angel: Update 4 (Part 4) 2 of 2

Sleep came surprisingly easy, all things considered, and it enveloped me like the void. I dreamt first of nothingness, starless expanses of cold, inner space. It was how I imagined death would be like, but I was vaguely aware of my existence, and couldn’t feel my body, nor could I focus or gather my thoughts on any sensations at first. Then the scenery gradually became brighter as my dreamscape shifted to my own mansion in the void: The Nexus. Replete with its simulated stone floors, walls of opaque-voidstuff, and many unexplored chambers. That unsettling presence was there too, though still unseen. I hadn’t consciously traveled here in my sleep, had I? I turned around hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever was causing my unease, but not really expecting to see anything, yet to my surprise, I saw that helpful, sentient mannequin from the massive closet from one of the many rooms in Nexus. No longer shy, it motioned for me to follow it towards the Observation wall, which was translucent already, for no discernable reason. I didn’t want to look outside of the walls of the Nexus, but my body moved on its own, as if I were merely a passenger. When I got close enough to see out of the window, I could see the moon and Earth. This was unusual because the void had no familiar planets or constellations. I put my hand on the wall, and as I was moving to do so, tears filled my eyes, and the mannequin moved closer. The moment my hand made contact with the window of the Nexus, it went through it, and at that moment, the mannequin pushed me out. I couldn’t scream, not in anger, nor out of shock, but the moment my body was fully out, I began to float towards the Earth. A chorus, much different than what I’d heard when I was really in the Nexus, began a mournful wail of synchronizing voices, rising and falling, only to rise louder each time; resonating and creating dissonances here and there. In moments, I was rocketing towards the Earth, another moment or two before I would reach orbit. My body looked behind me, toward where I’d was falling from, and by all that’s holy, I’ll never forget what I saw… Countless figures, all with wings of light and cascades of hyper-luminescent sparks of various colors and size, all circling a portal of light so serene and comforting, that the fact I was being forced out made me weep bitterly. The biggest and brightest of these angels tore through space at unfathomable speeds, trying to catch me. Only, though I seemed to be seeing this all happen in first person, I began to realize that this was no longer a dream, but a memory that clearly wasn’t mine. With a flexing and clenching of fists, purplish-violet jets of hot plasma unfurled from my back and propelled me at insane speeds, through asteroids and debris strewn about the outskirts of Earth’s orbit. I felt the sting of mineral-laden boulders shattering and splitting apart against my near-indestructible face and body. All I could think, as radiation tingled and danced over my body, was “Holy crap, what the-NO,no,no-No freaking WAY!” (And yes, I almost laughed when typing that) I looked back again, the chorus getting quieter as I approached the thermosphere, but now I could see the faces of the council of arch-angels hunting me. As sparks stream across my skin, I finally see that the archangels are carrying an unconscious form in their arms… Coalcifer. It was Coalcifer! I felt my mouth begin to open, and 3 balefully harmonic tones erupted from it, emanating from my entire being as I focused on the Archangel Gabriel, the one holding my dearest friend. Surprise flashed across the faces of the archangels, as Gabriel’s entire upper body erupted into a cluster of luminous explosions. The damage would put him out of the fight for a while, but more importantly, this caused him to drop Coalcifer… “That name, that’s not her name! What had they done to her name?!” I cried out in vain. I knew they had me beat. But somehow I knew there was someone left which I had to protect, a mortal woman carrying my child. I loved her in a manner which the Lord forbade. Weaving a spell to halt my momentum, and save it as stored kinetic energy, I held it in my left hand. With another massive drain of angelic power, and a wave of my right hand, I wrapped the fabric of space around Jegudiel and Michael, sending them far away, back to the mouth of the celestial gate. Raphael closed the gap between us quickly, catching the full force of the saved momentum in my left fist, rendering him unconscious and sending him flying into the moon. The archangels in sight were Uriel and Azrael, truly the last angels I’d ever hoped to find myself up against. “Hold him, Uriel.” Azriel said without anger in his voice. I attempted to use my wings, but they were barely wisps of energy now, propelling me weakly as Uriel utilized his own, massive wings to bind and silence me. Azrael smiled sadly at me.
Then I awoke in my bed, soaked in sweat, getting an earful of the universally-dreaded, 6am alarm. “Alright, alright! I’m up!” I shouted at the alarm. Glancing at Sandy’s empty spot on the bed, I wanted nothing more than to sit for an hour and marvel at that intense, fever-dream-B.S.-on crack that I’d just suffered through for the past seven hours. You know what, scratch that, I can think of two things I want more: A nice, hot jumbo-sized mug of heavenly coffee, that and a slice of fresh pie. Maybe if I hurry up and get dressed, I’ll have enough time to drop at my favorite coffee shop before going to school. “Babe, you still home?” I called out then waited. Five seconds. Ten seconds. No reply. She’d left a bit earlier than usual today, so I decided to check our little bulletin board in our dining room. Immediately upon entering the dining room, I saw a yellow demon with blue thorns covering its body. Demon: “HELLO, JOHN. I’VE COME TO-” I interrupted “No, get out!” Demon: “BUT YOU HAVEN’T HEARD WHA-” John: “I said gET OUT of here with your B.S.! Today’s NOT the day, Coalcifer.” Sparkles, I kid you not, rainbow sparkles enveloped the grotesque form in front of me, obscuring it completely. When the sparkles faded from existence, in all her glory, Coalcifer sat chuckling “Hahahaaa! I mean, aww, you must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morn- Ah, I don’t really care. Come on now, Johnny-boy, we’ve got some arcane practice and vigorous, er- um, rigorous studying to do.” I grabbed Sandy’s note from the bulletin board and seriously thought about ignoring the sinfully gorgeous, and extremely dangerous fallen angel sitting at my dining table, but decided it was better to give a polite, but firm reply. “After work, we’ll have time to practice spells and other arcane stuff. We’ll talk more then.” She crossed her arms and pretended to pout. “Whatever. I was going to elaborate on what type of slimy, dreadful, nightmarish creature tried to lay a finger on your waifu, but if that’s the attitude you wanna go with…” She got me with that one. “Thanks, geez, thanks already. I can spare a minute, but I don’t want to be late for work.” She appeared behind me and snatched the note, reading it out loud in a mockingly sweet voice “Good morning Johnbun, you had some wild dreams last night, and you were mumbling names in your sleep. I hope you’re feeling better this morning. Lots of love, your Sandy-bun” I blushed a bit, well, more than a bit. “Could you please just tell me what tried to attack her?” “Sure I can” she said, crumpling-up the note and disintegrating it. “A Dread-scout. Not even on par with a Dread-soldier of the dark, nameless ones. Oh, sure, we have names for them, but to give something a name is to add to its power. The Dread-ones, Agents of the Gloom, The Devourers… Even just a scout boasts agelessness, serious durability, and literally eats demons for breakfast. Its raw strength is comparable to my own, even in arcane magics, though lacking my style, finesse, and not possessing the capacity for critical thought. If this Dread-Scout HAD tried to attack Sandy, it would have left more than a mark. These things, they feed off of nightmares, even when they aren’t in your dimension. They cause and complicate symptoms of depression, and feed off of the little bits of human souls that come loose during intense moments of suffering. They’re likely behind more than a few major wars, though they try to keep a low profile, as that kind of attention draws the ire of the Lord and his army of angels, who fight and kill like loyal, unquestioning, and self-sacrificial dogs, all in the service of their selfish god. For his glory and for his sick satisfaction. Of course, SOMEBODY has to protect the humans. Anyway, the thing was seemingly collecting information. Which means that you’ll need to be on guard, Johnnyboy, full alert. She’s safe, but you? They don’t need to wait 9 months to deal with you. Hmm…They might have an idea about what we’re getting up to.” Though it was a lot to process, I understood the gravity of what she told me. Just then, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and my pulse quickened. I felt danger all around, but only saw Coalcifer standing there, grinning sadistically. “Hey Coalcifer, what gives-” I saw her image flicker for an instant, and instinctively I switched on my second sight, now seeing that what was in front of me was only an illusion. Before I could react, I felt a series of taps all over my body, coming at me from every angle, each tap becoming sharper than the next. “What the hell is this!” I yelled out, spinning around, but never seeing more than a blur here and there. Dodging seemed impossible, and the taps had turned into solid thumps, building in intensity. I focused on trying to speed up my perception, not even sure if that was possible. As I struggled to focus, the thumps seemed to come more slowly, no, not thumping anymore, punches. Playful punches from all over began pushing me from where I was standing. “What…Are…You…Gonna do about it, John?” Growled a distorted voice, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere. By now, it was like being punched by crowd of 10 year olds, but now I could just about predict where the next blows would land. “I. Don’t. have time for this!” I channeled some arcane energy into a punch where the next blow should have landed, and swung right where the blur should have been. “Urgh!” I hit only air, and instead, with one final strike, Coalcifer had knocked the wind right out of me, and I sank to my knees. “Oh, oh, you bit- I am SO gonna get you back for this…” Coalcifer stopped her assault, and picked me up off the ground. “You performed slightly better than expected, and yet you still failed to dodge that last attack. You failed to impress me, and if you can’t impress me, what chance do you have against soul-thirsty, eldritch void-rulers? They won’t start with love-taps, they won’t give you tactical openings like I did.” I took her hands off of me and grabbed my car keys. “Yeah, thanks for that, you’re too kind. I’m heading to school now.” I was nearly to the door, when she grabbed me, spun me around and pinned me to the wall. “Pucker-up, John…” She purred, just before kissing me deeply. “Mmnnf!” As I was about to push her off of me, a pulse of sickening energy flowed from her mouth into my very being, and when she pulled away, I screamed. I was shaking, and thoughts of dark specters, demons, and the enormity of my sanity rending task, stretched out before me. Suddenly, 9 months seemed like nine days, for all the struggle I had yet to overcome. She gave my fear back. Her appearance diminished visibly, appearing smaller somehow, less vibrant. Coalcifer had slammed my fear back into me. Not even for 2 whole minutes, and I could already feel the weight of hopelessness causing my heart to flutter. She quickly placed her hands to either side of my head, and with a body-wide tugging sensation, the sickening energy shot out of me, back into Coalcifer. Her countenance was restored in an instant, and she seemed to glow momentarily. “I’m sure you’ve realized what happened just now, but I’ll confirm your theories now. Yes, I have your fear. And the next time we train, you’ll do so with all of that fear. It’s a part of you, and you’re mystically weaker without it. Mmm…I’m looking forward to our next lesson together.” She disappeared in a clap of muted thunder, and I got in my car, hoping I would make it to school in time. She wants me to impress her? I think I have just the right thing. She’ll get a taste of her own medicine. Anyway, that’s all for now. I gotta get to work, but I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks for following my journey so far. As always, it never hurts to make certain that those shadows in the corner of your bedroom, are in fact, just shadows.
submitted by Stoic-Dreamventurer to mrcreeps

The Thirteen Lords of Order fan-made backstories

Since we've finally seen the complete group of the Lords of Order show up, I just wanted to think about how their lives turned out in the mirror dimension and how their personal stories would have turned out.
  1. Drakath - after his benevolent father was dethroned by King Alteon the Imbalanced, bringing disorder and chaos into Swordhaven. He would help the Doomlight Sepulchure, who wielded the Destiny Armor and Destiny Blade, to bring Alteon down. But soon, their war against him was a failure, with Valen sacrificing himself to save Drakath, leading to Drakath going on a self-imposed exile, an exile where he would return with powers that he needed to bring Order to the World of Lore.
  2. Escherion - Mirror Escherion lived in the Chiral valley, a poor land where the bandits of Cornelis roamed tirelessly. he spent his days reading about anything he could, hoping that he could learn to use his knowledge to help his land, and eventually he became a powerful mage using the runix cube. He would soon meet the famous Drakath, the Champion of Order that would grant him the Supreme Arcane Staff and with it, he was now making progress to save the Chiral Valley. But it woul not last, as one day, chaotic energies spawned everywhere in the chiral valley. and he would spend all his time atop his Tower of Order trying to remove the chaotic magic, even capturing and imprisoning the Hydra of Chiral Valley to use it's Order-infused magical aura to contain the chaos until his untimely death. Drakath never regretted giving the staff to Escherion.
  3. Xing & Xang - the twins were once captured by King Alteon the imbalanced, using them to control the world from his dark throne by sending them to certain people to make them do decisions that would end in their downfall, but one day, he would make the mistake of sending them to Drakath, the Champion of Order, who freed them when the Mirror Realm's Xing was replaced by the Evil Xing, which broke Alteon's dark hold on the twins, they have served Drakath ever since, even capturing the Harpy of Order, a beast that Alteon the Imbalanced had used to torture them.
  4. Vath - once a simple drow peasant who lived in the drow colony that was under the subjugation of the Dwarf king, he vowed to bring the tyrant down and free his people from the dwarves who saw the Drow people as inferior. and one day he got his chance when Drakath, the Champion of Order freed him and a large group of Drows, and seeing his heart and strength, Drakath gave young Vath his personal Dragon Amulet, allowing Vath to become partners with the Dragon Stalagbite, who was also imprisoned by the dwarves. Vath would then begin a civil war to free all Drows from the Dwarves, and trying to take down the Dwarf king's armies. but unfortunately, the Dwarves' warmachines, that were imbued by chaos, were too great, and Vath died in the great battle of Elfhold, his body protected by Stalagbite, after he was brought down in his fight against the Rock Roc, until the dragon died as well, Vath was immortalized by all the Drow people who fled the now Dwarf-controlled Elfhold, inspiring them to continue the fight against the Dwarves. Drakath would visit the Drows every year after Vath's death to continue his memory
  5. Kitsune - the Island of Yokai, in it's earliest eras, was completely inhabited by the Yokai, spirits and demons of another world. And the Protector of the Island was the Fox Yokai, Kitsune. Kitsune saw the terrible consequences of clashing against outsiders when Yokai fought against the earliest Human Yokai inhabitants that arrived from the mainland, and so, Kitsune opened the island to all humans bringing in an era of peace and prosperity. and one day, Emperor Daisho, who ruled the people of Yokai, banned all foreigners from the country, closing it off from any ship, going so far as to bombing ships that come close. Kitsune would then galvanize the yokai and wage war against the Daisho, declaring his intentions in the Yokai Tournament where Daisho almost manipulated Kitsune to join his side. Kitsune would then enlist foreigners to help him in his war, but after being wounded when he sent the fiendish O-dokuro that Daisho controlled with chaos magic back to the Yokai world, Kitsune died shortly, leaving his allies to continue the fight to free Yokai. Drakath would send any ship he could their way to help the Yokai.
  6. Wolfwing - The Realm of lightovia was a realm where the lycans and Vampires lived in relative harmony as the Lycans and the Vampires stayed within their domains, subjugated by the Brightbinders, those who ensure that the neverending day of Lightovia never meets the dusk. and one day, a Brightbinder, who was bitten by a vampire, was also bitten by the Lycan Queen Safiria. This Winged wolf man would become a legend amongst the inhabitants of Lightovia, and a symbol of the monstrous underbelly of the eternally light-enveloped realm. Seeing an opportunity to bring peace within the three factions of Lightovia, Drakath sought out this "Wolfwing" and using his powers of Order, he tasked Wolfwing to unite Lightovia and usher in a true peace within Lightovia. Wolfwing, realizing that uniting the brightbinders, vampires, and lycans would give him a true place and role in Lightovia, something he did not have in his years as a Werepyre, he accepted Drakath's blessing and task. he would attempt many times to speak with Z, Safiria, and Constantin, but the animosity of the three factions was too great, and when the great Dracowerepyre was awakened by a battle of Vampires, brightbinders, and Lycans, Wolfwing and his werepyres did their best to stop the beast. Wolfwing was wounded in the encounter, but seeing his sacrifice and death for the people of lightovia, Safiria and Constantin would start a truce in honor of the man who was both lycan and vampire, while the Brightbinders used this opportunity completely took over all of lightovia, leading to Safiria being held by Alteon in the near future. Wolfwing, despite his failure to unite the factions, inspired many from the Lycans and the Vampires to start friendly relations with each other. and even moved the famous brightbinder Z to eventually aid Safiria in the future when Drakath asked for her help against Alteon the imbalanced attack on Lightovia led by Brentan the Archmage.
  7. Kimberly - in the music barren land in Mirror Mythsong, a little girl grew up with a song in her heart but without a voice to share it with the world. The Autocratic overseers of Mirror Mythsong had banned instruments and music long ago, preventing people from expressing themselves. when this little girl's parents were found to have been creating instruments and sharing it secretly with others, they were executed, but the girl escaped, eventually finding herself in the presence of the Lord of Order, Drakath. gifting her with a guitar powered by his Order Magic. He told her that her music will spread the truth, and cancel out the lies sung from the deceitful voices of the overseers of Mirror Mythsong. This girl was named Kimberly, and with her music, she inspired the people to express themselves, and together they performed a coup against the autocrats, and they won. unfortunately, Kimberly did not anticipate the music of lies and chaos that came after. after she had secured the freedom of the people of Mirror Mythsong, liars and usurpers would use music to turn the people against her, wreaking havoc and sowing chaos amongst the populace, eventually Kimberly would be driven out of Mirror Mythsong, dying amongst her friends eventually, never getting her chance to return to Mirror Mythsong to save music. Drakath would remember this as the day the music died.
  8. Ledgermayne - Drakath knew of how the scientists of Mirror Arcangrove used the naturally magical land to conduct unethial experiments, harming the native gorillaphants and other beasts in experiment after experiment and starting wars between with the Tree burners of the Cloister, the Mud-Bathers of Mudluk, the Sea Boilers of the Natatorium, the Fire-killers of Mount mafic, and the even the Elementals Lords of Gilead. Hoping to stop these chaotic forces from destroying the realm of Mirror Arcangrove, Drakath bore a new kind of creature, made from pure magic and his Order Magic, a being named Ledgermayne was created. He tasked this being to protect flora, the fauna, and the magic of Mirror Arcangrove, and particularly, to stop the scientists of Arcangrove from opening a way into the Para-Elemental plane of Magic. Ledgermayne would try his best but, eventually. they were able to open a gate way, releasing the Mana Golem, tainting it with chaos with their science. Ledgermayne would try to stop this thing from destroying the entire realm, but unfortunately the Tower at the center of Arcangrove where the scientists lived was utterly decimated, and the remaining peoples of Arcangrove were terrified and chaos was rampant throughout the realm. Ledgermayne would spend days trying to imprison the golem back into the Para-elemental plane of Magic, sacrificing himself in the process. Ledgermayne may have failed in his task, but Drakath knew he was a true hero.
  9. Tibicenas - Tibicenas was one of the few djinn that questioned the Efreet's decision to dabble in chaos magic, and because of that, he was banished from the world of the Djinn and trapped within a ring. but then one day, a wealthy dune traveller on a pilgrimage named Zahart found him, he found a chance to make things right. a man of pure heart, Zahart listened to Tibicenas' story and vowed to help him make things right by bringing him to the Famous Lord of Order Drakath. And when Drakath heard of the news of Chaos magic in the realm of the Djinn, He knew he could not allow it to spread to the world of Lore, Granting Tibicenas freedom as well as Order powers to both him and Zahart, Tibicenas' faithful companion. As Drakath was still busy against the forces of Alteon and a few others, He could not aid the two, but tasked them to stop the Djinn from coming to Lore if it hasn't spread to the Sandsea. The two would find many minor Djinn already wreaking havok amongst the inhabitants of the Sandsea, but found that the Efreet still hadn't arrived. focusing on stopping the leak chaos magic, Tibicenas and Zahart, with the aid of Sek-duat, the mortal king of Thieves of the Sandsea, attempted to close the Portal to the Djinn world. and they were successful, but unfortunately at the sacrifice of Tibicenas, using his eternal Djinn essence to bind the portal to the World of Djinn close. With the Threat of Efreet and the Chaos magic stopped for now, Zahart and Sek-duat would spend their days as Djinn Hunters until Zahart died from fighting the Sphinx of Order, transferring his Order powers to Sek-duat. Drakath would one day return to the Sandsea to teach Sek-duat how to use his powers.
  10. Khasaanda/Krellenos - Krellenos was a prophet who foresaw a future peace between the warring Horcs and Trolls of The Bloodtusk Ravine brought upon by a Troll. and hoping to be the one to bring forth this peace, he sought out Drakath, the only person who knew best how to bring peace and order. Drakath listened to his vision of the future, and agreeing with the Troll Prophet, granted him Powers of Order asking him to bring a new era of peace and prosperity in the ravine. Krellenos would then call for a grand meeting of both sides, hoping to start a conversation between the sides for peace. and it would have gone well, until the Naga Baas awoke in the Ancient temple, attacking the meeting. after capturing the beast, both sides would accuse Krellenos of orchestrating the meeting to kill them all in one meeting. They attempted to execute Krellenos on the spot. Krellenos would escape with the help of his sister, Khasaanda, who also could see the future, but unfortunately, Krellenos was mortally wounded in the escape, and in his final moments, he used his connection to his sister to transfer his Order powers to Khasaanda. A cold and calculating person, very much not like our version of Khasaandda, She vowed justice for her brother's death, she enlisted help from Gravelyn the good's army as well as capturing entire groups of Alteon's imbalanced knights, and formed an army that immediately besieged both Horcs and Trolls and forced Order in the Ravine, and when Khasaanda brought the leadership of both sides together to force them to negotiate an alliance. and they truly agreed to an alliance, and both sides agreed to unite against their true enemy, Khasaanda. She was struck down by both sides, and at that moment, Krellenos' vision came true. a Troll brought unity between the two sides. Drakath, was deeply saddened by the loss of the siblings, but was proud of the peace they had brought upon the ravine.
  11. Iadoa - Long before he met Mirror drakath, Iadoa had seen the power chaos magic and dipped his hand in using it to sow chaos upon the timelines, even going as far as creating the Chrono Span, a land formed out of the disordered mixture of realities and timelines to his desire. pure chaos. But that was until Drakath caught wind of this threat to the Order of the Mirror Realm that he had to take action. Luckily, he had a solution. When Iadoa wasn't aware, Drakath used his vast power as the Champion of Order to clear Iadoa's mind. once drakath cast his spell, he left the Chrono Span knowing Iadoa would sort himself out. and he did, even if it was slow. He tried to stop it using his Chronomancy, but eventually with the mental whispering of the Kathool Atchoo, who urged Iadoa to give in to the Purification of his Chaos, Iadoa was being freed from the grasp of the chaos magic. But he would not go down without a fight. as the Chrono Span Stabilized and the chaos magic was purged from the land, Iadoa used all the strength he wasn't using to fight against the Purification magic, to seal himself and the Kathool in the Time Void. freeing the entire Chrono Span from Iadoa.
  12. Maximilian Lionfang - Once an imbalanced Knight in the service of Alteon the Imbalanced who kidnapped the first 7 Lords of Order on his orders, but was personally defeated by Drakath while the Hero of the Other Realm defeated Undead Artix. A failure, Alteon punished him dearly for not being able to stop Drakath and the Hero in freeing the Lords of Order. Humiliated, Lionfang, who once believe that loyalty would bring him glory, now realized that his loyalty was nothing to Alteon, he would spend many years leading his "Leaden Onslaught" on his own war against good, and after numerous failures to defeat Gravelyn the Good, He would personally approach Drakath to instead achieve revenge against Alteon. Drakath was more than happy to accept him into his Lords of Order, training him to use his Order Magic for months. Then, after hearing of rumors of the so called "Tears of the Mother" that had pure Chaos flowing through them, Lionfang had an Idea that may help them against Alteon. Leading his Army, now renamed the Leaden Order, into the heart of Thunderforge region, He sought for the Tears, taking out the Lightblood defenders that guarded it. Eventually he would find it, handing it over to the men as he wrestle with the Manticore of Order that the Darkblood released to capture them. He wouldn't make it back from the Storm Temple. Drakath would always say that they lost a good man that day.
  13. King Alden Alteon - the tyrannical ruler of Skullcrusher Mountain, Alteon has tried in vain to stop Drakath numerous times, once having the Lords of Order and Gravelyn the Good Imprisoned, but failing to stop the Hero an Drakath from freeing them. After his Mirror counterpart had died from chaorruption, Alteon the imbalanced used The Lycan Queen Safiria to prevent himself from dying. Even allying himself with Dage the Evil to Attack the Overworld. Nothing could seem to stop him, but unfortunately for him, it would soon change. Drakath, using the tears of pure chaos and his Order Magic to concoct a poison that would purify Alteon the imbalanced, just as he did Iadoa, but with the chaos tears, it penetrated Alteon's defenses of dark magic as well as purifying him much faster, creating the most recent Lord of Order Alteon the Balanced. Alteon, once purified, did his best to undo all the Evil he did to the Kingdom Drakath's father had tried so hard to build, Civil war would ensue. The new King and Queen Archmage Brentan and Mirror Brittany would lead their forces against the reformed Alteon, ending with Brenton being forced to kill Brittany after she tried to kill Alteon, despite him saying that he could reverse the purification Drakath performed. Deeply Saddened by the death of Brittany, Alteon was stabbed in the back by his second Daughter Victoria, who would become the rightful ruler of Skullcrusher mountain, after Brentan would escape and bring Alteon back to Drakath, who would be unable to heal him. Drakath would always regret not purifying him sooner.
  14. The Celestial Dragon Egg - As nothing is confirmed about the egg, I can't write up anything good as it's backstory. it's worth noting that since we're the main character of AQWorlds, we are at every major event in Lore and one with the most adventures while the egg, as a non-sentient being currently, doesn't do anything and hasn't done anything. the exact opposite of us. but an Idea I have is that constant the Chaos magic affecting the Mirror realm's different lands stem directly from the Celestial Dragon Egg, it's power indirectly causing the conflits faced by the lords of Order. the opposite of us as well, it's causing chaos, while we were trying to bring peace in our realm.
When I wrote this, my main goal was to try to create the mirror versions of their arcs. and I made sure that instead of having to summon "Order Beasts" as their main goal, I find it interesting to instead have them contend with their "Order Beasts", and since they all lost in our normal realm, I made sure to make them all lose or die by the end of their stories, seeing that the latest events say that they died, except for Xing and Xang.
Thanks for Reading, give me your thoughts on this, and tell me which one you like the best, and which one you like the least. thanks :)
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