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Constant clicking sound from my computer through speakers

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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Hack 'n' Slash Tags. God hack diablo 2 1.10 firefox. Mozilla Firefox 83.0 Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser.

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My review of the Razer Blade Stealth GTX1650

My review of the Razer Blade Stealth GTX1650
This is my review of the Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Late (GTX1650) Nordic KBD.
I am a IT-Engineering student and consultant and intent of use of the laptop is studies which include mostly development, system administration and light gaming.
This review is my personal opinion and experience of the Razer Blade Stealth GTX1650 over a 3 week period. I take no responsibility for possible shortcomings of the review or false claims, I am not a professional reviewer I just think devices at a way above average price-tier should uphold a standard of quality and that is why I wrote this.
Plain cardboard box with Intel logo on it, nothing that special about it. Inside the box there is Razer branded box. The laptop is nicely padded and inside a protective plastic with a sheet between the screen and keyboard.
First touch of the laptop gives a good feel, it feels solid and heavy. It is very heavy for its size at 1.42kg(3.13lbs), the metal frame feels cold to the touch. And this is the point that I notice the first problem. It is a fingerprint magnet even though I just washed my hands. And wiping the smudges of this thing is a pain.

Fingerprint magnet
The power brick is specified on Razer.com as "Compact 100W USB-C power adapter” but it is the biggest I have seen in a while for the power it provides. It is significantly larger than the 90W power brick my HP EliteBook from 2012 came with. You would have thought things got smaller in 7 years.

Razer 100 Watt middle, HP 90 Watt Right. 0.33l Beer for scale
There is very little literature included with the laptop. A couple of Razer stickers, a very short Manual and a note that says you shouldn’t contact your Retailer in case of trouble, which I am quite sure is against regulations where I live, the retailer is always your first line on contact and notes like this make your brand look shady and should be ignored.

Last I checked Razer forums members were complaining that the Support Email returned \"Mailbox Full\"
As you open the lid there are stickers stating FULL HD and UPTO 3.9Ghz (More on this later) and ThunderBolt on the right side USB C connector.
|Power on|
First boot up, nothing special until I made the mistake of connecting to my WIFI before creating a Local User account, this isn’t Razers fault as such but a feature of Windows 1903. But due to the RBS2019 not having a hardware key for turning the WiFi on and off the only option was to unplug the WiFi AP to be able to create a Local User account.
With that out of the way and DWT:ing the telemetry it’s time for some testing.
Razer Synapse pops up on first boot. Thanks for the bloatware. Isn’t this software a bit excessively intrusive, it also updates without asking which seems odd?
I have had quite a few laptops through out the years with different layouts, these include MBP, EliteBooks, Lenovo T series and more. But not one laptop with this many bad design choices on the keyboard. And the design choices aren’t really due to size constraints either.
First issue with the keyboard is the actuation force required and or the actuation point. Your fingers get a workout from writing because the keys need to be _PRESSED_ to actuate and have extremely short travel so you bottom out in a very unpleasant way.
Second issue is the right Shift key. Why would you ever place it on the right side of the up arrow? There were like 42 different ways you could have placed the arrow keys to make a 2U-3U right shift. Other manufacturers manage this on devices in the same size or smaller at prices less than half that what Razer charges for this catastrophe.
Third issue is that the end, home, page up and page down are under FN+arrow key, this would be totally acceptable if the keys would have been labelled, they aren’t so it’s not.
Fourth issue is the Å and Ä keys, they are ½ U Sized. Adding special regional keys obviously creates design issue but other manufacturers seem to have managed having all character keys equally sized.
Fifth issue. The Power button is a key on the keyboard and located way too close to the Delete key. This somehow seems to be a norm on a lot of Ultrabooks, device manufacturers need to stop this like right now. Power button shouldn’t be close to where your fingers go at Mach 3. Miss clicks can and will happen. And they just happened as I was writing this. The power button “clicks” every other time I press it and feels like it’s breaking or something under it isn’t mounted properly.

why oh why?
First impression: Damn this sounds good.
Second impression: What’s that popping?
The speakers and/or audio chip get disturbance/interference from something and this causes crackle and pops while listening to any audio while plugged in. This doesn’t happen while on battery.
I tried this with multiple audio sources and the crackle and pop repeats between 30-60 second intervals at all time a sound is playing.
Other than that I would say the speakers are surprisingly good considering the size of the laptop.
|Graphics and gaming|
GTX1650 in a 13.3” laptop surely does bring some performance to the ultrabook. FireStrike yielded a score of 6788 and TimeSpy 2962. Decided to re run FireStrike and TimeSpy a couple days later. FireStrike now crashes every time and causes artifacting and blinking boxes to appear on desktop after the crash. Multiple reboots later to no avail, same issue every run, at the end of the first Graphics test it crashes. Re-installation made no difference. Not sure if Razer Synapse silently upgraded some drivers or what caused this behavior.
Tried playing some Diablo 3 which crashed multiple times before a couple of reboots later I got into the game and it plays just fine on 1080p medium settings. Alt tabbing out of the game however crashes it, every time. This has never occurred on any other computer I have played Diablo 3 on and there are a lot of computers I have played Diablo 3 on.
This could possibly be a driver issue but I can’t be sure.
FurMark surprised me with a very low score of 300. For some reason first couple times running FurMark it utilized the Iris GPU instead of the GTX1650, with the GTX1650 FurMark scored 1495 on FHD when utilizing the GTX1650.

Firestrike crash and then my desktop returned to this
Intel Core i7 1065G7. Up-to 3.9Ghz they said. Turns out that was a lie. Intel Burn Test v2 got the CPU up to 3.4Ghz for ~2seconds before clocking down to 2.4Ghz for 10 seconds where after we were at a stable 1.4Ghz for the remainder of the 10 loops. Temps were between 55 and 62 Celsius throughout the run. The CPU kept a stable power draw of around 12Watts (This is the 1065G7’s TDP Down state so this is done ”by design”). So you could say “throttling” is quite heavy by design.
First loop of IBTv2 gave a score of 68Gflops while the rest a score of 34-37Gflops. While IntelBurnTest isn’t a benchmark in no way or form it does tell you something about multi threaded work load capabilities.
CineBench15 scored 397 while plugged in and 382 while on Battery. Compared to other computers in the same class but cheaper for example the MSI Prestige 14” this less than half of what the Prestige or XPS13 scores in CB15. Later after Razer Synapse apparently updated something without asking me I got a CB15 up-to around 450.
MSI Prestige 14 10710U 1043 CB15 (notebookcheck.net)
Dell XPS 13 7390 1065G7 800 CB15. (pcworld.com)
Based on HWMonitor readings thou we can achieve almost 15000Watts package power draw which is nice I guess.

LiteOn CA3 Performance is a mixed bag. I ran multiple test runs with ATTO 4.0.0f1 and results were consistently irregular mid tests. SSD temperature were below 48C while testing so I don’t think overheating is the reason for the irregular performance of the SSD. I had no other apps running while testing, screenshots from two different runs.

Atto varying result

Atto second run
With no Wired LAN or even a adapter included which is a oversight on a machine that costs over 2000 euros. WiFi is the only option. The WiFi is fast and got speeds over 400mbps while at University, but there is something strange going on. When I change network from Public to Private it essentially poisons my home network, my desktop reports no Internet connection available instantly even though it has internet available. I didn’t investigate this further but it is a bit worrying.
The RBS packs a 53.1Wh battery inside. With medium brightness and running VSC, Firefox and some other dev tools I got 3hours before I was at 10%. Not that good, not that bad but quite far from what’s promised, which isn’t unusual since battery life promises are usually over promising.
Several light browsing sessions and I was at 50% after 1.5hours-2hours max. Display brightness 50%.
Based on everything I have learnt about this device I would say the build quality is not on par with the price. If it would be around 1500USD most of the flaws would be okay but not for this price. For the same price you can get for example a fully tricked out ThinkPad T490 or even a X1 Extreme Gen2 or a DELL XPS 15 7590 (Yes, these are bigger laptops) or if you want a UltraBook a MSI Prestige 14 which is in the same segment and put 700€(770USD) in your savings account.
Or for the same price you could also get a Dell XPS 13 7390 with 2TB NVME, the better 10710 CPU and a 4K Touch Display granted it doesn’t have a GTX1650.
Another disappointing thing is the lack of a decent warranty, 12 Months warranty on a 2150€ (2367USD) device just isn’t good enough. And after hearing of exploding batteries on 2 year old RBS devices and overall issues with RMA's you want that extended warranty, which isn't offered in my locale. Extended warranty is offered by nearly every computer manufacturer.
The lack of hardware keys for WIFI and Bluetooth is big minus, there is no reason not to have a mapping for them when you already have a Function key.
If you are okay with paying a too much to get less than you could and enjoy really short key travel in heavy small things, then this is the laptop for you. For me and probably for other developers out there I think it is not the best choice.
Razer still has a long way to go before they can win me over. Maybe next generation we will try again.
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