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Last Update Mod Apk More. Another cultist, a raven-haired woman wearing finer robes and jewelry. Black Sabbath Black Sabbath: 0 - Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath and other heavy/trash metal (non-romantic) ballads.

Update 1.3 to Revised Martial Equipment [5e]

Revised Martial Equipment
Edit: For my mobile and Firefox friends, and anyone else experiencing weird formatting errors, try this PDF

v 1.3 changes

  1. Formatting and spelling errors fixed.
I'm sure you all will find more, so thank you ahead of time!
  1. Changed lajatang master damage from 2d8 Double (d10) to d8 Double (d10).
This was a typo and was not meant to be such high damage.
  1. Changed Gauntlet to not have Light until Master training, much like Unarmed strike.
*This previously had the unfortunate side effect of giving simple trained users one attack with fists, but two if they dual wielded brass knuckles. *
  1. Longsword given Disarm at Master, to set it apart from battleaxe, which has Trip.
Longsword was unfortunately overshadowed by Battle axe, as BA had the same damage, versatility, and perks of Longsword, but had an additional perk. Longsword gained disarm both for balance, and because there are plenty of historical techniques for disarming an opponent using a longsword in the maester manuscripts.
  1. Shortsword removed Awkward, making it usable with simple training.
Even though Shortswords are Martial weapons in vanilla, and I kept them that way in my brew for a while, it can be reasoned that the specific type of shortsword I've described and styled in my brew is more akin to a machete, gladius or cutlass, and less of an elegant sparring weapon. As such, it wouldn't take much training to use it effectively, so it now allows proficiency at simple training.
  1. Morningstar given brace/reach as it was erroneously removed. Also lifted AC damage limit of once per enemy, now limitless AC damage. Happens on Crit.
Morningstar is the polearm of the Bludgeon group. Historical morningstars were two handed bludgeoning weapons of front line infantry, often tipped with spikes or a spiked ball or cylinder. Additionally, giving it no limit to the amount of AC damage it can deal gave greater satisfaction in playtesting and didn't seem to make the weapon overpowered. Since the effect only procs on crit, it still won't reduce your epic boss's AC very much, but when it happens more than once, your player feels very rewarded and heroic.
  1. Moved ammo costs to its own table in special notes and lists
Quality of life improvement. Let me know if it is easier to read here, or if I should add an ammo cost column to each ranged weapon group table
  1. Removed Awkward from unarmed strikes, making it usable with simple training.
Turns out, even in vanilla you can make Unarmed strikes with proficiency, you just don't deal much damage, and it isn't finesse. This change allows simple trained users in this system to make unarmed strikes accurately, but with the same damage limit as Vanilla.
  1. Hidden crossbow can now make reaction attack against any missed attack, instead of any missed weapon attack.
Changed from a missed weapon attack. The style of hidden crossbow is a snap-shot reaction to a presented target, even if for little damage. So, if any spell or weapon misses our hero, they can quickly pop off the hidden crossbow, as long as it is loaded at the end of their turn.
  1. Heavy crossbow weight now down to 8 from 10
Quality of life improvement, to reflect the average weights of similar crossbows in history
  1. Heavy flail versatile damage now d12, instead of 2d6, to keep in line with bludgeoning damage types.
bludgeoning damage types tend to stick to single die, but also, as mentioned earlier, it is part of the military weapon line and should have similar dice rolls
  1. Whip now given the ability to place a disarmed item anywhere within reach, instead of only being able to catch it. Catching it is a reaction, placing it anywhere else is part of the disarm maneuver.
Another quality of life change. Possessing am enemy's weapon is arguably better than tossing on the ground (for them to retrieve later) so adding this doesn't buff whips, simply gives them more options in combat, such as tossing a weapon over a ravine, or tossing it to an ally to catch
  1. Lucerne AC damage limit lifted
In line with Morningstar, and for the same reasons
  1. Drastically changed harpoon: -Any hit with the harpoon forces the enemy to strength save or be impaled. -Critical hits always impale, without save -Master perk allows you to reel in prey at twice your climbing speed (martial may only drag prey in at climbing speed) -When your prey moves away from you, it forces you to spend a reaction on a grappling contest. If you win, the enemy can't move. If you lose, you choose to drop the weapon or be pulled along with your prey. Before your prey's turn, you can use your reaction to pull the harpoon free.
This was done because in large part, using a harpoon felt like a normal spear with Chain of Returning on it. The ability to catch and reel prey is the main design of the harpoon, and even simple fishermen learn to do this (though arguably, it's because they train to become martial with the harpoon, not that they are simple trained for war.) This does cause an unfortunate side effect of a strength save from every hit the player's harpoon makes, but I feel it is a good trade-off.
  1. Lowered cost of javelin to 1 silver to compensate for their disposable nature.
This won't matter for most campaigns, with most heroes enjoying rockstar wealth after their first dungeon. But many tables, mine included, play on a more money starved system, and so tossing 5 silver for every attack was a bit much.
  1. Pike always two handed, even at master. Weapon is now d10, d12, 2d6.
*Pikes were one handed at master, but after carefully studying history, I mischaracterized pike use as one handed with shield, when instead it was two handed with a shield hanging from the shoulder. *
  1. Boomerangs and Chakram no longer return at martial if they hit. Instead, the Boomerang will return if it misses, while Chakram will not. Boomerang will return at master if it hits, and Chakram will strike an adjacent target if it hits.
To keep up with the realistic take on these weapons, a boomerang is simply a throwing bludgeon that can hug corners, while a chakram is a throwing dagger with a blade on all sides. Neither gain the mystical returning property seen in video games until a Master user (with arguably mystical training) uses the boomerang in a way that causes it to return after a hit, or uses the Chakram to hit two targets with one attack.
  1. Following Category changes
  • Heavy Blades changed to Combat Blades
  • Light Blades changed to Dueling Blades
  • Pages rearranged to alphabetize the new names
This has been something I've thought about for a while. I never liked that "heavy" in "heavy blades" was mistaken for being a heavyweight weapon, while "light" in "light blades" was mistaken for being a lightweight weapon. It was originally intended to be "heavy" damage and "light" damage, but the confusion was annoying. Combat blades now evokes a feeling of blades designed for war or militaries, while dueling blades evokes a feeling of blades designed for personal defense and civilians. Of course, both are used differently by adventurers but that's beside the point!
  1. Significant changes to The following weapons:
  • Longsword - d8 d8(d10) d10(d12) Critical range is now 18-20
  • Bastard Sword - d10 d12 d12(2d6) Critical range is now 19-20, and deals 2d8(2d10) to Large+ enemies
  • Greatsword - 2d6 2d6 3d6 and deals 3d8 to Large+ enemies, and has Reach at martial and master levels
There are 5 major types of melee infantry weapons: Hammers or bludgeons, Axes, Swords, Flails, Spears. Nearly all weapons in a standard army throughout the medieval periods were in these 5 categories.
Each category has a standard, Greater, and Reach version of these.
  • Swords - Longsword, Bastard Sword, Greatsword
  • Axes - Battle axe, Great Axe, Halberd
  • Hammers - Warhammer, Maul, Lucerne
  • Flails - Heavy Flail, Chain sword, Poleflail
  • Bludgeons - Heavy Club, Great Club, Morningstar
  • Spears - War spear, Lance, Pike
Anyway, the reason to make all this comparison, is I've decided to up Greatsword into the reach slow of Combat Blades, as it didn't have one, and Bastard sword was basically a better greatsword. Now, greatsword does the best damage and has Reach, while Bastard sword does middling damage and has a slight crit edge, and finally, longsword has the least damage, but best crit edge.
Each other weapon group has similar styling, of the longest weapon having Reach and some utility, the middling weapon having good damage and some utility, and the smallest weapon being versatile and having the smallest damage.

In Closing: Thank you!

I will eventually get pictures of each weapon type put on each page (that's what the giant spaces are for on each page) but that's a ton of work I'm having a hard time with. Thank you for your patience!
Finally, if you wish to critique, I thank you very very much for taking the time to review my brew! Just know that I'm looking for constructive criticism, not simply how you feel it should be changed. Everyone has their own idea of balance, and this brew isn't intended for perfect, Adventure League balance. It's meant for fun and engaging martial combat, and I hope I've met that goal.
Roll on, my fellow dice dorks. Roll on.
Revised Martial Equipment
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