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Counter Strike 1.6 WallHack (F1) Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2020; Download Call of Duty Modern warfare 3; Download Adobe Photoshop CC; Download PowerISO v5.8 +serials; Download Adobe Photoshop CS6; Download Adobe Photoshop CS5; Donwload Adobe Photoshop CS4; Download Photoshop CS3 + Crack full; Download Microsoft Office 2020 + MS Toolkit Activ. Welcome to my site where you can get a large variety of games and software at no cost. COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 CHEATS AND CODES. In this game, a group of terrorists and counter-terrorists fight against each other to complete missions such as planting bombs in a safe. Set to '1' to enable crosshairs in Observer mode, '0' to disable.

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In the CS 1.6 game, there are a few many known types of cheating software known, which I'll try to describe each one of them in this article. Purchase Cheat: Please request trade once you made success purchase or before purchase! The game itself is relatively new, but that doesn't mean that premium hack providers like ourselves aren't already hard at work! Counter-Strike Cheats - PC Cheats Wiki Guide. Counter Strike Cheat WallHack and Speed NEW FRESH LINK JULY WORKING AND TESTED Here is the link: *****fileups****/n- If you dont know how to download read here: *****leechgames****/faq/ Tags: Msn password hack, msn hack, microsoft hack, msn password hack download, msn hack, msn password finder, msn password, msn password, msn messenger password hack, msn pass.

To all the people that want to get rid of cheaters in MM!

Dear people,
I've been playing cs for a long time, and we all know the problem with the cheaters. Now Valve has created this matchmaking system to make it easy for us to have competitive matches, and to help new players to get into the competitive play a little easier. Obviously it wouldn't take long for cheaters to flood the scene, which they did. We are scared of cheaters, we don't trust anyone anymore! The only way to play good is to be famous or have a dreamhack badge. Valve tried to fix this problem with the 5 year badge (atleast that is what I think) but it just wasn't enough.
I've found a simple way to stop (almost) all cheaters. It won't work immediately, but it will fix our problem in time.
As many cheaters have statet, they bought 10-50 accounts in the sale so they could cheat as long as they would want, this is a clever plan, but it has some flaws little problem.. Two of them being the playtime and the SteamID.
My idea is to NOT allow any player with a steam account that is not atleast 6 months old and active into a matchmaking skillgroup higher than Legendary Eagle or Distinguished Master Guardian.
Why? Because it is (almost) impossible to reach a level like Legendary Eagle Master - Global Elite in less than this time span.
So what about the people that actualy DO get that good in the time before 6 months? We see how many hours they have played, if they have more than 650 hours CSGO and have been playing MM on a regular basis (100 wins atleast), they get access to the higher skill groups.
This will get rid of all the new accounts and boosters, because only a few people will think it is worth getting boosted to DMG rank.
So now that we've got rid of all the new accounts, we should think about cheaters that BUY older accounts or low digit accounts. What can we do against those?
With the minimum hour / game system I've talked about before.
It is only a matter of time untill the accounts will run out, it is as simple as that, even if they have old steam id's, overwatch/valve will get them in the end.
So the only thing that will filter a few of them out is by putting a minimum hour and game limit.
This was my idea on the cheater problem and it was also my first reddit post, so I am sorry if I did anything wrong or forgot something.
EDIT: I've just thought of another way to stop the ragehackers, by adding hitboxes into the sky, walls and boxes throughout the maps which changes id every few seconds so the aimbot will snap to the invisible hitboxes and cannot be programmed to ignore them. This idea was already used in 1.6 and had great results!
EDIT2: People are forgetting that not being able to cheat on higher level will remove most of the fun for cheaters and the boosters won't get much out of it.
A few idea's from the comment section which I thought were great:
What if there was an option that you could toggle on or off, which when on would not queue you against anyone with fewer hours played than you. In a competitive lobby, if the host had this option toggled on it would only match you vs enemies with at least as many hours played as the person in your lobby with the fewest hours played.
If someone meets the requirements for being capped out, send them to overwatch constantly. Then the overwatch could judge to uncap them if they are the very rare case, or ban them.
Yes it would group the hackers in one spot, but Valve could group all those players in servers together. The non-hacking decent players would be watched and set free, and you would have a lot of hacker vs. hacker games where they could both be banned at once.
Personally, I think players should have a "trust" metric attached to their Steam ID. People with high overwatch convictions, extremely low play time or matches won, will have a lower number. People with no overwatch convictions, long play history, etc. will have a higher number.
Then just match games based on that trust metric. Let sketchy players play against each other.
Just do unranked MM for newer Players
This is the best solution !
Force new accounts to win at least ~20 unranked 5v5 MM games ( Valve should add it, of course) . It's simple, and hackers couldn't access ranked MM instantly after being banned, which would result in a WAY smaller amount of hackers in ranked MM.
submitted by truveh to GlobalOffensive

[GO] My CSGO Wishlist (also posted to /r/GlobalOffensive)

Hey guys, just a fan of the game who wanted to start a more in-depth conversation and possibly a thread the devs can follow to see more of the community feedback in a single place instead of wading through all of the memes and bullshit that seem to overrun the subreddit lately. Obviously these are all personal opinion and you may disagree or want to suggest changes and additions. I'm open to all of that, let's start a discussion in the comments. Without further adieu:
iBurley's Counter Strike Global Offensive Wishlist:
  • Pistol Balance
    The pistols right now are way too strong. It seems that eco rounds are won just as often as buy rounds. It almost doesn't seem logical to buy a Famas/Galil or even a shotgun or SMG right now when you can just as easily pick up a $300-500 pistol and do just as well. In my opinion only the Deagle and R8 should be able to 1-tap a helmet, maybe Tec-9 and Five-SeveN at the range the P250 can right now. Running accurace should probably be lower.
  • Landing Animation fix
    Currently the animation that happens when a player lands in third person puts them (and their hitbox) lower than they actually are. You can be landing and headshot an enemy overtop of a prop on a map where they can't see or shoot you back because of this problem. Example. (not mine)
  • "Headshot Boxes" removed
    There are plenty of boxes on plenty of maps that are just short enough that you can see over with only the top half of your head being exposed. Think the box in the back of B Platform on Dust 2, or the box on A Platform that faces catwalk. Peeking should require you to show yourself, to take the fight, and expose yourself to tagging.
  • 128 Tick Matchmaking
    This just really should be a thing by now. The tickrate of a server is the number of times per second that a server and your computer send information back and forth, so the higher the number, the better the hit registry and more accurate the player location is on a server. By default, Valve official servers are set to a tickrate of 64, which is half of what the game and engine are capable of. Third party competitive services like ESEA, Cevo, and FaceIt all use 128 tick to make the servers feel better, but even Valve's new "Prime Matchmaking" uses 64 tick. Personally, I'd even pay a premium subscription to play on Valve official servers that were 128 tick.
  • mat_postproccesing_enable 0
    Post processing is on by default in CSGO and there isn't a video option to disable it. The only way to turn it off is with this command, but it's sv_cheats protected. Disabling post processing not only stops walls from reflecting light, which can be distracting or sort of "blinding", but it also increases FPS on lower end systems. It really should just be an option in the graphics settings menu. Example. (not mine)
  • cl_wpn_sway_scale 0
    Another cheat protected command that should be completely optional. This controls how much the weapon model moves when you swipe quickly. Making the weapon static isn't necessarily advantageous, it's just less distracting and cleaner to look at. Shouldn't be any different than adjusting the position of your viewmodel.
  • Falling Accuracy tweaked
    Currently as long as you counter-strafe when falling, you can have almost perfect accuracy when falling, about as accurate as shooting while crouch-walking, technically. It allows you to very easily land AWP shots while flying out of a window or jumping off a ledge when you should clearly be inaccurate. Example. (obviously not mine)
  • Remove "Jump-Scouting"
    You can accurately shoot the Scout while falling, so people will position themselves behind a player-height prop and jump up to take potshots at people while they sort of don't have anything to aim at. The jumping hitboxes being fixed a while back made this easier to deal with, but it's still annoying to see and doesn't make sense in a game like Counter Strike.
  • Address the doors on Dust 2
    So a while back Valve reworked the bullet pentration system and it made wood too penetrable to keep the wooden doors on Dust 2, so they replaced them with thick metal ones. Now, when it comes to AWP's looking down mid trying to pick Counter Terrorists crossing to B-Site, this works very well, but in late-round fights with rifles when the Terrorists are trying to push Catwalk, or get out Mid in general, it causes all sorts of problems with people strafe shooting or spamming with heavy machine guns. There's almost nothing you can do if you're the one further away from the doors. Something needs to be done.
  • AWP Balancing
    This one is a little open ended, but right now the AWP either needs to be buffed or it needs an economy change. It's in the worst place it's ever been and it still costs $4750 and only gives you $100 per kill. Something needs to be done. Bring back the "no-scope" or "quick-scope" accuracy, bring back the zoom peeks, up the kill reward, something.
  • Remove Aimpunch
    Does anybody like it? What happened to not having armor just making you take more damage? Not to mention the most obvious problem with it, you can even get aimpunched when you do have armor. It was a terrible idea originally and it's still terrible now. Cut it out!
  • Address Decoy Grenades
    Another open ended one, I don't know exactly what should happen with Decoy Grenades, but they're basically useless at the moment. When GO was in beta it was a neat thing, even on release it was still sort of useful, but by this point people can recognize the pattern immediately and are smart enough to realize that if nobody on your team is looking at an area and there's a red dot on it, it's a decoy. Honestly, my vote would be on removing it. It's utterly useless outisde of super specific situations and just ends up clogging your inventory stopping you from picking up a Smoke or something on the ground after the round ends. The obvious short term answer would be only making it show up on the radar when somebody is looking at it, preferably with a different icon.
  • Sound Rework
    CSGO has had very confusing audio problems forever, and it's still not in a good place. Valve have literally changed floor materials on multiple maps just to make footsteps sound differently on different levels of Nuke for example, because it's so hard to tell when somebody is above or below you. Something needs to happen here.
  • Tweak Bhop/Stamina System
    This one is easily up for debate, but as it is now bhopping is so inconsistent it's unbelievable. Most of the time it just ends up slowing you down overall, but then every now and then you seemingly get lucky and break timings by too much. For anybody who doesn't know, the current stamina system will slow you down to below run speed once you pass 300 velocity. My proposal would be that instead of slowing you, it just capped you, and putting the cap a bit low (so as not to break timings too much) to something like 275. Again, this one will take a good amount of debate and testing to come up with a good system that makes bhopping a little more consistent but not as strong as it was in the older games.
  • Lower the screen shake when firing
    I know, I know. Valve? I know. We all complained back in beta because coming from 1.6 the screen didn't shake enough to let the player "feel" the recoil, and it made it difficult to learn. Well, we've come a long way since then and it seems like less than a quarter of the current CSGO community has even ever played CS 1.6, so I think it's safe to lower it slightly. The command for this is 'weapon_recoil_view_punch_extra' and it defaults to 0.055, I'm suggesting it lowers to 0.040. You can test this out offline with sv_cheats enabled, let me know what you think in the comments below.
  • Simplified Net Graph
    So there was a Source mod around for a few years called CSPromod, which was sort of a knee-jerk reaction to the release of Counter Strike: Source that was aimed at bringing a 1:1 clone of the CS 1.6 gameplay to the Source engine (which is what CSS was supposed to be, but they cocked it up). Why bring this up? Well, they had an extra option for the net graph that was absolutley incredible. The command for it was 'net_graph 5', and it game a single line, with icons, that only showed loss, choke, ping, and fps. I think CSGO would benefit hugely from this. Now, Dota 2 Reborn got a similar feature with the Source 2 port, so maybe this is already planned. Who knows. Example. (look above radar)
  • Better death animations
    It's a small thing, but when you're spraying down multiple players that are rushing through a small doorway, sometimes it's hard to see which ones are dying and which ones are still alive. Something 1.6 still has over CSGO is that the death animations would be different depending on where you shot when you killed them, a clean headshot would knock their head back and sort of throw them into the air, made it very obvious.
  • Built In Tournament System
    This one would probably be the most work out of anything else on this list, but it's something I'd love to see, and something I think this game really deserves. Build in a bracket system with map vetos, all of it. The ability to use it for both 5v5 competitive matches as well as just 1v1 for fun would be awesome. You'd preferably have the ability to enable/disable overtimes or sudden death, be able to put skins on it with an automated system for rewarding the winner, stuff like that. Not only do I think this would add a lot of options for just groups of friends to have fun trying to get into the higher level competitive play with scrims and such, but I think it would also lower the barrier to entry for people wanting to get into hosting tournaments on stream.
So that's what I've got, that's my list of things I'd like to see changed or added to CSGO at the moment. I care about some more than others, but I didn't want to rank them or anything just for the sake of readibility. Obviously a lot of it will be controversial and will need discussion to hammer out the details, and that's what I'm hoping will happen in the comments. Give me feedback, suggest additions, call me a "dip ass" (Rick and Morty reference), whatever happens on the internet these days. Thanks for reading!
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