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The Twenty-Six Losses of Hulk Hogan's Career, part 1 of 2.

So, we all hate WhatCulture's slideshows - I got stuck in a javascript trap that made me Alt+Ctrl+Del Firefox, costing me the first two matches I wrote up here just so I could stop getting error messages - but sometimes they hit upon a decent idea. One of them is to take a look at the 26 times that Hulk Hogan lost by pinfall or submission..
Well, I decided to take the unpleasant task of looking at the slideshow upon myself and take their list - only the list itself, but not their commentary - and repurpose it here, with links to the matches and perhaps a bit more historic context.
The idea is that Hogan might lose by disqualification or count out, but it's very rare to see him actually lose by pinfall or submission. Considering how often he's been the champion, that presents a problem.
As Hogan has had some measure of creative control at almost every point in his career, these represent the only 26 times he's actually put somebody else over. But as we'll see as we go through the list, even when Hogan puts somebody else over, Hogan goes over.
Here is Part 1 of 2, representing the worst Hogan has done to do the J-O-B to other wrestlers. In a few days we'll take a look at the the second half, where he does a less awful job doing it. But still an awful job.
A note about network links - The Search option often will give milestones for every match on a card EXCEPT for the one you're looking for, so when possible I will link directly to the match, but don't be surprised if it's just to the event and you have to skip forward yourself


The Giant was Kevin Sullivan's latest idea to take down Hulkamania. Presented, so classily, as Andre The Giant's son, his first match, after weeks of attacking Hogan, would take place in Detroit, a short distance from the site of Wrestlemania III's match between Hogan and Andre.
Hogan was seconded by his manager and professional Hulk Hogan lamprey, Jimmy Hart, while The Giant was seconded by Kevin Sullivan.
a quick aside - when you go back and watch the Million Dollar Tough Enough and see Big Show throw the cast out of the Smackdown locker room because they hadn't paid their dues, remember that his very first professional wrestling match was a WCW World Championship match against Hulk Hogan on Pay Per View
At the end of the match, Hogan kicks out Giant's chokeslam and hulks up, hitting the Big Boot and Leg Drop, but as he goes to pin Giant, the ref gets bumped as the camera cuts away. It's Jimmy Hart bumping the ref and turning on Hogan. He would then hit Hogan with the championship belt, which Hogan no-sold, but it served as a distraction for Giant to recover and start bear-hugging Hogan. Savage and Luger would come out to save Hogan, but Luger was actually there to turn on Hogan and keep Savage from interfering. The Yeti(aka THE YETAY) would debut and double up on the bear hug, which was not a good look. Sullivan would start hitting Hogan with horrible looking chops to his back. Luger would put him in the Torture Rack. Finally the ref woke up.
And awarded the match to The Giant. By Disqualification.
Apparently because Hart was there officially as Hogan's second, when he hit the ref, despite that it was to the back and the ref didn't see it happen, that was cause to disqualify Hogan.
And it makes the list despite being a disqualification loss because The Giant still won the championship. By DQ.
Hogan would lose the championship to The Giant, but only if he was about to win and lost through no fault of his own and would only sell a beating from the combined efforts of the new alliance of The Giant, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, and THE YETAY.
The Giant would be stripped of the title a week later due to only winning it thanks to Jimmy Hart fuckery. Hogan wouldn't win it back until part of the nWo storyline the next year.
Hogan jobs to manager betrayal and a four-on-one assault
The story behind this one started the year before, or 14 years before, depending on how you look at it.
Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan joined TNA in January of 2010 and Sting, having grown to like the company, was the loudest voice of on-screen reason, yelling to Dixie Carter that they would take over and ruin everything.
It's almost like he'd seen that movie before.
So when the two outsiders eventually joined with members of the existing roster to form a dominant heel stable that now had the authority to run the company, he noped the fuck out for a bit. Upon returning he worked his way through the stable until finally getting this shot at Hogan, where he would relinquish control if he lost.
Oh, and Sting became a new Joker Sting character that was kinda stupid but also kinda fun.
But Hogan in 2010 couldn't bump even to his own relatively-low standards, so the match ended up fairly one-sided, with the 51-year-old Sting being the younger(though only by 6 years) and healthier of the two and having to eat all the bumps. The deck was stacked against him with Ric Flair being Hogan's second at ringside and Bischoff's son, Garrett, being the referee for the match.
Both wrestlers end up bleeding after being struck by an object Flair passed Hogan and Sting eventually stole(though Hogan was visibly already bleeding beforehand, owing to not bumping when he got hit with it to provide him a chance to blade immediately afterwards) and eventually Hogan taps out to a Scorpion Deathlock and while Sting always stood a little higher in the hold than Bret Hart doing the Sharpshooter, this has to be the most gingerly-applied of either maneuver you'll ever see. But it was, by Hogan standards, clean. He got hit with the mysterious foreign object only a couple times and only after using it on Sting and the actual finish came a few minutes afterwards.
No, why this makes the list is because of the aftermath.
Flair immediately jumps in the ring to attack Sting and other members of Immortal, Bully Ray, Gunnar, Scott Steiner, and Eric Bischoff soon come out with chairs to beat on the now-helpless Sting. Bischoff ends up hitting his son with a chair after Garrett tries to stop the beating. For some reason, Sting drags himself over to Hogan and asks for help from the man he just removed from power.
Hogan, who now is completely recovered from what, by his standards, was a grueling match, hulks up and stands up to his own group and he and Sting clear the ring of the younger, fresher wrestlers who aren't covered in their own blood.
Hogan jobs to the opportunity to be the hero afterwards
So at this point Hulk Hogan was back in the red and yellow, post-nWo, but Sting was still in the black and white. For some reason, the story going into this match was about trust, because Sting was supposed to be able to trust Hogan? He's not going into business opening a pasta restaurant with him - he's just wrestling against the guy; trust really isn't that important.
Bret Hart makes his return at the start of the match following "quitting" after suffering a groin injury and taking additional time off following Owen Hart's tragic death. Ring announcer Michael Buffer makes a point to introduce him as ONLY being out there to offer his support to both wrestlers.
I'm sure Bret Hart has a lot of words of encouragement for Hulk Hogan. Anyway, he immediately leaves, which is even more suspicious than if he had stayed out there.
So Hogan hits the Big Boot on Sting but DDP runs in and bumps the ref before Hogan hits the Leg Drop. DDP hits Hogan with the Diamond Cutter, places Sting on top of him, and drags the ref over, who despite having just bumped makes the count at normal speed and Hogan kicks out at two. DDP Diamond Cuts the ref and Hogan hulks up just in time for Bret Hart(of course Bret Hart comes back) to come out and deal with DDP. Hogan and Sting start brawling again and Sid Vicious runs in, only for Hogan to immediately Big Boot him. Luger comes out with Sting's baseball bat and runs in, but Hogan catches him in time, only for Sting to grab the bat.
Sting turns heel(in theory - in actuality the crowd loved it and cheered for him like crazy), hits Hogan with the bat, and puts Hogan in the Scorpion Deathlock. New referee Charles Robinson comes out and, despite presumably having seen all this transpire AND LEX LUGER STANDING IN THE FUCKING RING HOLDING STING'S BASEBALL BAT, he lifts Hogan's arm twice and having dropped both times, calls for the bell.
Hogan jobs to a Sting heel turn, interference by three men, and getting hit with a baseball bat.
When WCW brought Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo together to run WCW jointly, they hit the reset button on the entire company, stripping all champions of their titles and dividing the roster into "The Millionaire's Club" - The old guard of established wrestlers that had been at the top of the mountain - and "The New Blood" - the younger wrestlers hungry to make their mark.
Ostensibly it was to be able to pair up the two so The New Blood could all benefit from working with guys that had some real heat, but The Millionaire's Club was presented as the faces with the deck stacked against them by Eric and Bischoff siding with The New Blood, despite the very real complaints that it was difficult for the younger wrestlers to make their mark without the old guard stepping aside.
Mike Awesome was inserted into the Hogan/Kidman storyline as his size made him more appealing for Hogan to bump for.
In a match treated as no disqualification for much of it with blatant mule kicks and poorly-hidden chair shots, Hogan and Awesome would meet and Kidman would run in. After Eric Bischoff distracts the ref, Kidman hits Hogan with a diving chair shot from the top rope to the outside before the two would roll him back in the ring for the successful pin.
And then Hogan recovers, grabs a chair and beats both Kidman and Awesome with it. He WOULD sell a beating from three more members of The New Blood after being hit with a Bloodbath from the ceiling first, though.
Hogan jobs to a top rope chair shot to the outside and then a 5-on-1 assault
Similarly part of the New Blood vs. Millionaire's Club story with Hogan vs. Kidman, this match saw Hogan hit the Big Boot and Leg Drop but refuse to go for the pin, instead punching the downed Vampiro. Kidman runs in, grabs Vampiro's acetylene torch(which he was carrying for the build-up to his Human Torch match against Sting, shit for another day), and bashes Hogan in the head with it before, now in plain view of the ref, pulling the unconscious Vampiro onto the now-unconscious Hogan for the three-count.
Hogan jobs to an acetylene torch to the head
One month before Wrestlemania XIX, The Rock and Hulk Hogan would meet in a rematch of their Wrestlemania X8 classic. Where the year before Rocky was the face and Hogan was(ostensibly) the heel, now the roles had changed as Hogan was on his Hulkamania Nostalgia tour, while Rock had turned heel in response to the crowd booing him for going Hollywood.
Oh, and it was the first Pay Per View WWE held in Montreal since 1997. Yeah.
The match is nothing special. Definitely unlike the first one. Eventually Hogan hits the Big Boot and Leg Drop. He goes for the pin and the lights go out. The lights come back on and referee Sylvain Grenier(before he became an active competitor) is laid out, there's a steel chair laying in the ring, and Vince McMahon is making his way down to ringside.
Hogan is distracted by McMahon and the referee "wakes up" just long enough to slide the chair to Rocky, allowing him to bash Hogan in the head with it. Rock hits the Rock Bottom and as soon as he covers it, Grenier recovers completely to make the three count while Michael Cole screams on commentary about how this is a screwjob and then explains the obvious - that Grenier was in the pocket of Mr. McMahon.
Hogan jobs to another Montreal Screwjob, fuckery with the lights, and a steel chair headshot before a Rock Bottom
Poor Sting. So many appearances on this list and so many of them at the fuckiest end of it.
So we'll get to Starrcade 1997 later, but after that match and a screwy rematch on Nitro, the title was held up as vacant and Sting and Hogan would meet in a match to decide the new champion.
To start, Hogan goes into the match expecting to have referee Nick Patrick, newly reinstated after having been "fired" for being the nWo's private referee, on his side, but Patrick is having none of it, calling the match down the middle.
It saves most of its screwiness for the end, though, as Hogan manages to kick Patrick on the way down taking a Scorpion Death Drop. Patrick is out and in runs nWo member Scott Norton to attack Sting. Sting fights him off with a low blow and keeps Buff Bagwell, Vincent(Virgil), and from entering the ring and fights off Brian Adams while Randy Savage sneaks into the ring and knocks Hogan, who was starting to get up from the Death Drop, out with a spray paint can, turning on him and the nWo, out of the sight of both Sting and Patrick. Sting turns around as Patrick recovers and pins him to claim the championship.
Hogan jobs to a ref not in his pocket and a stable-mate betraying him with a foreign object to the head.
One of the most damaging Hogan losses, in terms of killing story momentum.
This was supposed to be the end of the first volume of the nWo story, with WCW's greatest hero, Sting, having returned, a changed man, to finally topple the championship reign of the most hated man in professional wrestling, the nWo's Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
Possibly the greatest slow burn in professional wrestling, Sting spent a long time after returning just making brief appearances in the rafters, not actually getting physically involved before finally starting his assaults on the nWo. WCW would start offering him matches against members of the nWo, but he would always silently refuse, with the offer being for a match against a higher-profile member each time, until finally he was offered a match against the head of the snake, Hollywood Hogan, at WCW's biggest show of the year, Starrcade.
The show would start with every unbooked member of the roster(that wasn't part of the nWo) shown to be seated in the crowd, with the story being that this show and specifically the main event was so important that every member of the roster wanted to be there, watch, and show solidarity with Sting.
It was a fucking big deal.
In the match prior to the main event, newly-signed Bret Hart operated as Special Referee for the match between Larry Zbysko(fighting for WCW) and Eric Bischoff(fighting for the nWo) for control over Monday Nitro. While not a competitor, it was his first match since the Montreal Screwjob two months prior in WWE.
And yes, that's important. Hang on.
So remember how at Superbrawl Hogan expected to have Nick Patrick in his pocket? Well, at this point Patrick was still in the nWo's pocket, but was assigned to the match anyway, by random draw ref assignment.
So Hogan hits the Big Boot and Leg Drop and Nick Patrick counts a fast count for the pin.
Except it wasn't that fast a count.
But the story is the story, so instead of Hogan looking like a cheat for getting a bribed ref to hand him the win, Bret Hart looks like he's just going to straight up cheat for WCW, as he stops the timekeeper from ringing the bell, knocks out Nick Patrick, and continues the match, still operating as a referee from the previous match.
Members of the nWo come out to interfere and Sting, recovered from the leg drop, fights them off as Hart allows the match to continue despite interference. Sting puts Hogan in the Scorpion Deathlock and Hart calls for the bell despite Hogan never tapping.
Yeah. It's a Hulk Hogan list and we have two fucking Montreal Screwjobs on it.
Hogan jobs to making a fast count into a "fast" count and never actually submitting.
This was Vince Russo's first Pay Per View in charge of WCW's booking. I just want to throw that out there.
This was also the first PPV following Sting's heel turn at the aforementioned Fall Brawl.
Anyway, Hogan was due his rematch and also was due some time off, so what's the best way to put over the new champ before leaving?
Hogan literally lays down, allowing Sting to cover him for the three count without a fight.
Hogan jobs to Hogan CHOOSING to job, BROTHER!
So after Wrestlemania X8's match between The Rock and Hollywood Hogan showed Hogan was more popular than anybody could have expected, Hogan was given a brief title reign - his final one in WWE - to capitalize on that. But it's one thing to put the belt on Hulk Hogan. It is, as we have seen a few times already on this list, another one entirely to take the belt off of him.
If you've been active enough on the IWC, you've seen a gif from this match. Hogan, seemingly unable to take the chokeslam bump, has to be picked up and set down, rather gently, with The Goozle.
Hogan kicks out of the Chokeslam, but, to be fair, Undertaker kicks out of the Leg Drop.
So Vince McMahon comes out and distracts the ref while Undertaker brings in a chair. Hogan brings Vince into the ring and hits the leg drop on him before Taker hits Hogan with the chair and hits another, mildly better, Chokeslam.
Hogan jobs to his own mistake, distracting himself with Vince. Oh, and two finishers and a steel chair.
Following the colossal success of Wrestlemania III, WWE scheduled a rematch for their first edition of The Main Event, a series of live Friday Night NBC specials spun off from Saturday Night's Main Event.
Behind the scenes, WWE wanted to hold a tournament at Wrestlemania IV and had to get the belt off of Hogan in order to do so. So with the benefit of hindsight and knowing that the purpose of this match was to vacate the belt, you know this is going to be some peak Hogan fuckiness.
So by this point Andre had allied himself with Ted DiBiase and had he and Virgil at ringside for the match. Referee Dan Hebner(yes, Dan), was the assigned referee for the match(Notice that a recurring theme of these entries is having to mention just who the referee is in the setup?).
So the entire match Hogan has to deal with distractions and interference from The Million Dollar Man as well as blatant illegal chokes from Andre, but he's Hogan, so he endures. Hogan has Andre dead to rights but Virgil distracts the referee so he can't count the pin. Finally, Andre suplexes Hogan and pins him, for the 1-2-3, despite that Hogan CLEARLY got his shoulder up even before the 2.
Hogan protests, but Hebner insists it was a three-count and presents Andre with the championship belt while Hogan throws the King of all temper tantrums. Andre surrenders the title to DiBiase(ProTip: You can't actually do this and DiBiase's reign would never be recognized) and the heels duck out of the ring while A SECOND DAVE HEBNER arrives in the ring. On commentary Ventura offers the rational explanation that perhaps they're identical twins, but Hogan would later suggest that the Hebner who worked the match was actually an unrelated stooge hired by DiBiase to get plastic surgery to stand in for Dave. In reality we had just seen the refereeing debut of future Senior Official Earl Hebner.
Hogan jobs to a plastic surgery conspiracy.
Tony Schiavone introduced the show describing it as "the most mind-boggling pay per view of the year", which might seem a weird way to hype up the crowd, but you can't say it was inaccurate.
This would be a First Blood Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match, putting Hollywood Hogan's WCW Championship up against Interim WCW President Ric Flair's career.
Who puts Ric Flair in First Blood match? I've heard stories of him literally bleeding from his forehead for no apparent reason while out on his boat(and from sources I trust - this actually happened)
Anyway, this is nWo Reunion Hogan in the title reign that began with the Finger Poke of Doom, with the idea of doing a double turn, which Flair sets up by being a dick to the crowd before the match while also telling referee Charles Robinson not to stop the match for a small cut, but rather to use his discretion as to just what constitutes "First Blood"
Flair starts bleeding, which Hogan worsens with an attack with the barbed wire from the top of the cage, but the match isn't stopped. It keeps going even when Flair has a full-on Crimson Mask. Hogan hits the Big Boot and Leg drop, but Robinson won't count the pin.
Because it's a First Blood match.
Flair hits Hogan with a loaded fist and ends up opening his forehead up, but the match doesn't stop.
David Flair and his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson head to ringside to cheer on Hogan for no real reason other than for Ric to be a dick to his son, taunting him that he'll never be anything.
Hogan hits another Boot and Leg Drop on Flair and Robinson eventually decides to count, apparently rationalizing that he's past the point of "first" blood for either competitor, but his hesitation allows Flair time to recover and kick out.
Arn Anderson runs out, takes out David Flair, and hands Flair a tire iron he uses to knock out Hogan before putting him in a Figure Four Leg Lock.
To pin him for a three-count.
With a submission.
In a First Blood Match.
Hogan jobs to A crooked ref? Changing stipulations? A Flair heel turn? A tire iron? Take your pick
The night after Superbrawl VI, where Ric Flair defeated Randy Savage for the WCW Championship in a steel cage, Hogan would face The Enforcer to start the build-up to Uncensored, where Hogan and Savage would re-form the Mega-Powers to take on the 8-man Alliance to End Hulkamania in a Doomsday Cage Match.
This match would have Ric Flair and new Flair associate Miss Elizabeth join the late Woman at ringside right before Hogan is able to FORCEFULLY kick out of an Anderson spinebuster. Hogan would Hulk Up and hit the Big Boot on Arn but rather than hit the Big Boot he decided to taunt Flair by putting Anderson in the ugliest Figure Four leglock ever.
At which point Arn distracts the ref while Flair runs in to break up the hold, but instead, WHILE HOGAN IS STILL HOLDING THE FIGURE FOUR ON ARN, Hogan cradles up Flair to hold him in a pin for three seconds until the ref is able to break that up and throw Flair out of the ring. While the ref is dealing with Flair, Woman throws powder in Hogan's face. While the ref is dealing with Woman, Flair slips Arn Elizabeth's shoe, which the night before Flair had used as a weapon in his championship victory. Arn hits Hogan with it and gets the pin.
Afterwards, Hogan immediately recovers and takes out both Arn and Flair, while Savage comes out to help him. Flair and Anderson run off and the Mega-Powers stand tall despite Hogan having just been beaten
Hogan jobs to powder in the eyes and Elizabeth's shoe.
One week after Ric Flair had lost the WCW Championship to Randy Savage he would face Hulk Hogan in the opening match of Nitro. At this point, Hogan had won every match between the two, at one point "retiring" Flair.
At one point in this match Flair has Hogan in the Figure Four, until Hogan is able to reverse it, but that's not too fucky, given as many times as it's happened to Flair with other main eventers.
Hogan hits the Boot and Leg Drop but Flair's manager Jimmy Hard distracts the ref from counting. Hart then grabs Hogan's manager Miss Elizabeth while Arn Anderson runs down to ringside and steals her shoe off her foot, before slipping it into the ring for Flair to hit Hogan with for the pin.
Hogan jobs to Elizabeth's shoe.
submitted by TheTrampCB to WredditCountryClub

[ALL] LIS2 Main Character Theory

("[ALL]" means all. Including CS.)


I missed that time when we discussed theories waiting for the next episode. And here we are again.
I wonder who's backpack is it? Since there are backpack customizations, it's plausible to give it some screen time instead of just a few appearances. Hence I guess it would be safe to assume that it's main character's bag.
Now what are those customizations? Some are about LIS1 and BTS, but the four others are: lightning bolt, Hawt Dawg Man, power bear and Hawt Dawg Man again. I can only associate these things with one person. The lightning bolt is the most definitive one here, of course. This is what we see when the "power" action is available. Besides that, he is quite a handyman, so he is able to sew those patches. Besides, we do see sewing in LIS2 official trailer. Alright, that last one is stretching too far :)
Thus I conclude that we play as an older Chris. Older because of the backpack's design and it's condition.
Secondly, as we can see in the shot with this timecode there's a sketch of a rather big street, which may imply travelling through some city. Chris' situation does have an option to unravel in this direction: if his father drinking condition/parenting abilities worsen, their neighbours might take Chris away from him.
And still all of this could be totally wrong. In that case I would be surprised because it's strange to spend your resources, however vast, on a mini story that doesn't build solid background for the main performance.
A weak point of this theory is that last scene with levitation. From the description of the video (linked to above):
In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you play as Chris, an ordinary 10-year old boy who dreams of being a superhero. Chris has a big imagination that will take him on all sorts of adventures, but on this particular Saturday something truly extraordinary will happen to him...
Levitation does count as "truly extraordinary". Yet if it was Chris or Charles, why do his neighbours look like telekinesis is an every day reality of Beaver Creek? I mean it's LIS universe, but still. If it was one of the neighbour kids, why don't we see any hint about it? The only hint is that it "happens to him". So Chris may not be the one who does it. (Raccoon, then?)
The weakest point of the theory (imo) is this sentence:
stand-alone adventure that will also give you glimpse into Life is Strange 2’s brand-new story… but only if you’re clever enough to piece the clues together!
So the answer should not be obvious. On the other hand there is nothing to piece together if the game is a completely separate story.

Other Ideas

Besides that there are some other ideas I don't yet know what to make of.
  1. Why "aweso", not "awesome"? Aweso Munster Fighter? Aweso Mustard Fighter? Is that a cypher?
  2. Chris plays with his spaceship. It has two seats for pilots. The truck is also not just a vehicle in Chris' imagination. Will Chris and his neighbour ride it? This point does connect to the theory above (and to LIS1).
  3. Chris "burns" his father in the stove (watch the reflection), shoots him with a headshot. Does he blame him?
  4. Charles does blame Chris as we've seen. Is it for a reason? Does Chris thinks so? Is that the reason why he is after Mantroid?
  5. Are Chris and his new friend using the ~truck~ spiritmobile to go and find Mantroid? As we see from the letters Charles tried and failed to do that. As well as the police though. Cough...Rach...Cough.
This is bolstered by the choice of song in Death with Dignity, which Barbet says ties in strongly with the theme of the game, and that "Sufjan Stevens' personal story parallels Chris' story".
From here
For us, Life is Strange is so much more than a single set of characters, places, themes or scenarios - Life is Strange is an entire universe of storytelling founded upon relatable characters facing real world issues, but always with “a twist of the strange” and we have many more stories we want to tell.
So I think there will be at least something supernatural, if not a superpower.
What's your thoughts?
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