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Emperor is the last of the series to use the same 2D-sprite game engine as seen in the earlier titles, and the first to introduce a multiplayer option. The Film Film Movie 3gp Download. Administrator 4. The installer creates a shortcut to Age of the Ring 6.0 on your desktop.

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Cathay Speculation and Roster

Welcome to the land of Cathay! This will follow a similar format to Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms, Daemons of Chaos, Kislev and Araby Speculations and Rosters (here is a more minor Dogs of WaSouthern Realms and Nippon roster as well).
The sources here are multiple but one specific one is from the Warmaster Trial Armies. Although this is from the ‘Fan Armies’ section, I noticed it was made by the ‘Oriental Design Team’ who was "captained by UllGitYeWayne Rozier and the ideas of the late Steve Hambrook, contributed much towards the development of the Araby army” (from the Warmaster Armies book so if they designed the official Araby, it can work for their designs in Cathay). Another important notice was that the Tournament and Experimental armies had Bretonnia (Peasants as a separate unit like Peasant Mob and Squires who are mounted) and Norsca (who had UlfwereneSkin Wolves, Berserkers, Huscarls/Marauder Champions, Norscan Shaman, War Mammoth and Were Kin/Skin Wolf Werekin). As CA has taken influence from many sources to expand armies, I see Warmaster Trial Armies as acceptable.
Lore and Background-Cathay (also known as Imperial Cathay, the Empire of the Celestial Dragon, the Kingdom of the Dragon, Grand Cathay, Great Cathay, Grand Empire of Cathay and the Celestial Empire) is a populous nation of humans located in the Far East of the world, beyond the Dark Lands and the Mountains of Mourn. To the north, with the Great Bastion as border, lie the Eastern Steppes and the Hung and Kurgan territories within the Chaos Wastes. To the east are the island realm of Nippon and the Far Sea, and beyond that the Boiling Sea and Naggaroth. To the south are the Kingdoms of Ind and the Hinterlands of Khuresh. Many tales of Cathay are highly fanciful, but certainly the Empire of the Celestial Dragon must be a wondrous and rich place, but until the trade routes to the east are safe it will remain a realm of legend.
In -2750 IC, a titanic warpstone meteorite plummets from the sky above Cathay and slams into the Ogre's homelands, killing hundreds of thousands of Ogres and forcing them to migrate west. Whether Dragon Emperor Xen Huong and his oven of astromancers had anything to do with it is unknown. In -1800 IC, the Dragon Emperor unites the entire civilisation of Grand Cathay in a great task that is to change the destiny of his nation forever. The Great Bastion, also known as the Dragon's Spine, is completed in under a century - an impenetrable fortress wall, a quarter of a mile high, that spans league upon league across the border of Cathay. In this way Cathay protects itself from Chaos invasion. In -1666 IC, earthquakes hit the Great Bastion and cause parts to collapse, allowing rampaging northern tribes to spill into Cathay (thanks Lizardmen).
From -1450 to -1400 IC, Lord Visktrin is mortally injured by a Dragon in the Mountains of Mourn, he instructs Clan Eshin to establish their stronghold in far Cathay. Their arrival is described in Cathay as if they had been vomited out from the gigantic maw of the Great Black Dragon that lives coiled inside the earth. In -1200 IC, the cult of Chi'an Chi (also known as Tsien-Tsin or Tzeentch in the Old World) gains favour amongst the aristocracy of Beichai in far Cathay. From -1163 to -1152 IC, the war of Nagash in Nehekhara occurs with Maatmeses (very fat and very corrupt chief justice of Lahmia) and Harakhte (brillitant and sinister court vizier of Neferata), vanish out of history. Rumours of vampires in far Cathay and the Southlands occur.
In -87 IC, Dark Elf Black Arks start raiding the coasts of the eastern lands. In 500 IC, Clan Eshin returns to Skavenblight and ends the Skaven Civil War with their new skills. In 699 IC, representatives of the Phoenix King Aethis arrive in Cathay. They return laden with silk, jade and spices. Trade between east and west begins to flourish. In 702 IC, some Ogres travel to the far east where they learn that the great horned trophies worn on many of their helmets are highly valued in far off lands. The resultant transaction gives a new name to the road to the east - the Ivory Road. In 860 IC, the Black Ark Talon of Agony is overturned and sunk by a gigantic magical tidal wave off the coast of Cathay (either by Cathay or by Lizardmen). In 1103 IC, Laithikir Fellheart shadows High Elf fleets around Cathay and Nippon and begins a century of merciless raids that see the Fellheart family rise to great power. With her charts, other Dark Elf fleets maraud with much success along the rich coasts of Ind and Cathay. In 1247 IC, Tilean explorer Marco Polare reaches Cathay, and writes of spying the Skaven under the great city of Wei-jin (Clan Eshin?) and of immortal eunuch sorcerers in Cathay that drink the souls of men, who perhaps are the children of Maatmeses or Harakhte.
In 1310 IC, A series of earthquakes cause part of the Great Bastion of Cathay to collapse. A truly colossal invasion ensues as scores of the battle-hungry Kurgan tribes that roam the steppes flood into that rich and ancient empire. Hordes of Chaos Warriors battle legions of terracotta automatons attempting to shore up the Great Wall with their own clay bodies, mutated War Mammoths gore and trample whole regiments of one-horned Ogres, and in the skies above Daemon Princes duel with bejewelled Gold Dragons. The Cathayans ultimately blunt the invasion, but not before the Chaos horde has carved a bloody path into the heartland of the orient. In 1690 IC, several Cathayan traders, such as the Tei-Pings, plied the maritime route between Cathay and Araby (establishing a rivalry). Emperor Wu launches a great invasion fleet to conquer the Southlands, but it is destroyed by two typhoons (Lizardmen, again!). Cathayan Yin-Tuan, having lost his course, makes an epic journey across Lustria and the Southlands. He narrowly escapes sacrifice in Zlatlan, and is the only survivor of the whole expedition. In 1699 IC, Ricco and Robbio trek east along the Silk Road and are received at the court of Emperor Wu of Cathay and Dogs of Wamercenaries are used to help protect the Great Bastion and other parts of Cathay.
In 2377 IC, the Monkey King seizes power in Cathay. He installs Warlord Kishkik of Clan Eshin as an advisor, and begins trade with the Skaven Under-Empire. In 2509 IC, Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord marches on the eastern side of the Mountains of Mourn. His lieutnant Sayl the Faithless attacks the Tower of Ashshair and is defeated. By this time there is again a Dragon Emperor in power. Cathay has existed a long time but the fight against outside and inside enemies is constant with the Dragon Emperor needing constant vigilance. Nothing lasts forever, especially in the End Times.
Climate, Terrain and Building aesthetics-Here is a map of Cathay.
Climate-Cathay would be a mix of temperate and mountain climate with it quite decent for growth. Beware nearby enemies (outside and inside) that would wish to turn it into Chaotic Wasteland.
Terrain and Building aesthetics- Cathay is a massive sprawling land encompassing tall mountains, verdant plains, paddy fields and thick forests. The buildings in Cathay are described as jade cities, high temples and tall pagodas, that rise tier upon tier on massive stone foundations. They would also have more tribal areas where Hill tribes live. Ancient China of all dynasties should be the main inspiration. I will now discuss important areas of Cathay.
  • Weijin-A wonder of Grand Cathay is Weijin (also known as Wei-jin), the Seat of the Dragon Throne and capital of the empire. Reputed to be the greatest city in the world, it is home to such wonders as the Paradise Gardens, the Temple of the Two Moons and the mystical River of Souls, said to allow passage to the underworld.
  • Great Bastion-Built in -1800 IC, the Great Bastion (also known as the Dragon's Spine and the Great Wall) - is a massive wall that stretches for hundreds of miles (an impenetrable fortress wall, a quarter of a mile high that spans league upon league across the border of Cathay (from Nan Gau in the west to Wei-jin in the east)) and large enough to require a garrison tens of thousands strong. It is this important structure that keeps out the Hobgoblin Khanate, Hung and Kurgan Tribes and the other forces of Chaos (warriors, beastmen and daemons) from invading Cathay and destroying it.
  • Shang-Yang-This is the westernmost Cathayan fortress. Since Ricco and Robbio's expedition's arrival in 1699 IC a mercantile quarter exists here to house Old Worlder caravans and merchants. An area for Tilean and other mercenaries.
Playstyle-Cathay in battle should play like a ancient Chinese army. During the Sung era, the Chinese started to rely heavily on technological superiority to offset their enemies superior (in numbers at least) cavalry. Hence a large amount of artillery, including the fancy rockets, and the firelances. But china always had elite troops of foot who were equal to any. Therefore, Cathay should have a great set of core and elite infantry units alongside gunpowder and artillery. Monsters are decent enough as well, but cavalry is Cathay’s main weakness. They’re too basic or too specialised meaning they can only ever provide support to your army. This means that your army will lack speed and must act in a defensive matter to avoid being separated and easily taken out (your gunpowder and artillery can make up for this by ‘connecting’ with the enemy). Magic can be used for support, especially in buffing and protecting troops. The battle mechanic could be the ‘Art of War’ in which after a certain amount of time has passed (8-10 minutes), you can pick one out of three choices in which one increases speed of all units, one increases attack of all units and another increases the defence of all units. This can allow Cathay to play defensively (makes sense for their army roster and in lore) until you pick an ability to aid you.
Campaign-wise, Cathay is described as "greatest power in the East" and the "largest nation in the world" so you do have immense power and size. Problem is that you need it to survive. Cathay faces attacks from Hobgoblins of the Hobgoblin Khanate, Chaos Marauders (Hung, Kurgan and many more tribes), Ogres from the Ogre Kingdoms, Daemons of Chaos, Dark Elf raiders, jungle primitives (Lizardmen from Khuresh), but also the "might of the island race of Nippon". This is just the outside threats. There is plenty of inside threats as well, Cathayan warlords and generals with separate factions, Vampires, rebellions from the population, Clan Eshin and Chaos Cults that include Tzeentch and others. Cathay should play like the Western Roman Empire in Attila in which you have plenty of armies and territory but the number of threats that you face should reduce this very quickly. You are also alone as Cathay is effectively the only order race in the eastern side of the world (apart from Nippon, Ind, High Elf outposts and some wild Lizardmen) so uniting Cathay against the threats it faces is essential (the Great Bastion must be protected as well to stop outside threats from the north). Establishing and protecting the Silk Road will be needed too if you wish trade to occur.
Special Rules-No special rules other than the ‘Art of War’ battle mechanic that I mentioned earlier.
Magic Lore-Magic has a long history among the humans of Cathay. In their tradition, Dark Magic and High Magic (known as ying and yan, respectively) are both held as sacred energies. Sometimes Cathayans use jet to craft fine pendants, bowls, rings or other trinkets that serve as protective amulets against all forms of hostile magic, excepting for those two and, for some reason, Ogre Gut Magic. The strongest school of magic appears to be Astromancy - Dragon Emperor Xen Huong had a coven of astromancers already circa -2750 IC, and they were so powerful that some credit them with the summoning of the warpstone meteor that crashed in the Ogre homelands and created the Great Maw. Celestial Magic is still important in the Empire of the Celestial Dragon, as the Tower of Ashshair kept watch for signs and portents of woe and threats from distant lands, and when it was attacked by Sayl the Faithless around 2509, his vanguard forces were crushed under a comet brought down by magical means.
Another magical feat of this great empire was the overturning and sinking of the Dark Elf Black Ark Talon of Agony in 860 with a gigantic magical tidal wave off the coast of Cathay. Some, if not all, Cathayan wizards are known as Shugengan, and are said to have Dragon blood in their veins. They are able to hurl blasts of white fire and blizzards of murderous ice-shards against their foes.
Clan Eshin also learnt from Cathayan sorcerers, blending what they already knew of the warp with the techniques used in Cathay to develop their own lore, one that serves to enhance their Clan’s power and mystique - the Lore of Stealth. These spells are designed to augment the stealth, speed, and strength of the Clan’s attack forces, and none are quite sure whether Clan Eshin Skaven’s legendary skills have ever been completely mundane. Clan Eshin guards the secrets of this art to ensure that none of the rival Clans learn the answer. For this reason, Eshin Sorcerers are mysterious, rare, and keep to themselves; they are well aware that the Grey Seers brook no competition from other Skaven spellcasters.
The Warmaster Trial Armies actually gave Cathay four spells, similar to what they did with Araby. These are:
  • Glory of Cathay-This spell can be cast upon a friendly unit of unengaged missile-armed infantry, cavalry or chariots within range. The Wizard does not need to be able to see the friendly unit nor their intended target. When the spell is cast on a unit, it can shoot twice that turn instead of once (faster reload speed but the next shots are less accurate by a small bit).
  • Lion Dogs Attack-This spell can be cast on any enemy unit within range regardless of whether the Wizard can see it or not. The affected enemy unit cannot charge and if in combat, cannot pursue or advance. Even units that have rules that force them to move cannot move under this spell.
  • Ferocity of Tigers-This spell can be cast on a friendly unit engaged in combat. The spell can be cast regardless of whether the Wizard can see the target or not. The unit has an increase in melee attack and becomes immune to terror.
  • Tranquility of Heaven-All friendly units nearby the wizard count as immune to terror for the following combat phase.
Rites-based off Cathay society and other elements.
  • Rite to the Dragon Emperor-This rite is to the Dragon Emperor and the Celestial/Gold Dragons that inhabit Cathay. Spawns either a Celestial/Gold Dragon or a Shugengan wizard. Also decreases cost and recruitment for these units and allows easier confederation of Cathay factions as his subjects focus to support their Dragon Emperor.
  • Rite of the Great Bastion-This rite is to strengthen the important Great Bastion and spawns an immediate army that cannot move from the wall but will have unbreakable like the Blood Voyage so that they will lay down their lives to defend it. Also decreases recruitment of lower-tier Cathay units.
  • Rite of the Silk Road-This rite is to the Silk Road which is one of the only forms of trade for Cathay. This increases trade, diplomatic success and gives you a Dogs of WaSouthern Realms army (made of only lower-tier units) that you can command to defend areas of Cathay. Once the rite ends though, you will have to start paying them or they will desert.
  • Rite of Astromancy-An expensive rite that takes time to take effect as you recreate the comet that is similar to the Great Maw (not the same size for lore reasons but still quite big). It takes 15 turns to hit the picked location but when it does, it causes immense damage and razes settlements in the area as well as turning the area into Wasteland terrain (attrition to your forces and enemy forces, terrain takes time to recover from the comet). Although this is powerful, it is expensive, and you take massive diplomatic penalties with nearby races and factions (not to mention the unfortunate guys you hit!). Also spawns an Astromancer Lord.
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Intro to the Ogre Kingdoms! If You Aren't Hyped, then GET HYPED ALREADY

You should click "show images" for this one. If you don't have RES then get it...just for quality of life, my god
The Ogre Kingdoms
If you are so unfortunate as to have not yet been introduced to Warhammer Fantasy's Ogre Kingdoms, let me tell you all about them, and perhaps spark speculation as to how they shall be implimented into Total War Warhammer's dysfunctional, fanatical, genocidal family!
Here we have The Dark Lands. This, as well as perhaps the Chaos Wastes to the north, is the likely setting of Warhammer 3. It's mostly an impossibly tainted, corrupt, polluted industrial wasteland, largely thanks to our friends the Chaos Dwarfs, who reside in Zharr-Naggrund to the north. But who cares about them?
Nay friends, for our sad story we must look to the east, in The Mountains of Mourn.
As you can see, the Mountains of Mourn are a vast range of primordial peaks and primal plateaus, choked to the brim with official Games Workshop lore. Well, also ancient monsters and the ruins of forgotten empires.
But most important are the Ogres of the Ogre Kingdoms!
Ogres are hulking bulks of muscle and blubber who are constantly, incurably hungry for flesh - whether beast, dwarf, man, orc, goblin, other ogres, on and on. You get the picture.
In Total War terms, Ogres are basically an entire army of monstrous infantry. They and their broken beasts are even large and strong enough to haul cannons about as a man would haul a very heavy, bulky gun! See?
Truly the Ogres are the masters of their domain, the lords of the Mountains of Mourn. Although the ever-present hordes of Gnoblars also help them run their savage kingdoms. In ways. Gnoblars are basically like Goblins, but much weaker and worse in almost every way. Just filthy.
The Ogres have also tamed the dread beasts of the region, based heavily on Ice Age megafauna - such as the mighty Stonehorn.
Yes, But Who Are These Rank Fatties?
The history of the Ogre Kingdoms is an ancient, tragic, and blood-soaked affair. I shall give you the quick and dirty version here, but for a far more detailed approach I heartily recommend the wiki.
For thousands of years, the tribes of Ogrekind lived upon the vast steppes and fertile grasslands bordering grand Cathay in the distant east beyond the Mountains of Mourn. There were more than enough herd animals and livestock wandering the plains to keep the Ogres satiated, and some were even indoctrinated into the Grand Imperial Army of Cathay. Things were chill and good for a while, before they weren't.
The Ogres bred and multiplied, and began looking elsewhere for food. Children went missing, raids happened - it was a whole thing. Relations between the Ogres and Cathay steadily declined after generations of peace.
The Great Maw
The Celestial Dragon Emperor, His Most Excellent Majesty Xen Huong of the Imperial Empire of Cathay, was not happy with the Ogres at all. He and his astromancers may or may not have had anything to do with the gigantic comet that fell upon the Ogres' homeland one fateful night, obliterating it utterly. The once-fertile plains were consumed by a vast firestorm that incinerated everything for many miles around, transforming the great green steps into a lifeless wasteland of lethal desert and toxic fumes.
The comet itself had created a massive crater of death and fire, which seemed to the dim-witted Ogres a gargantuan mouth that hungered for the flesh of their entire race. So monumental was this event that it gave birth to the Great Maw itself - the merciless, eternally hungry god that the Ogre race worships to this day.
Only the strongest Ogres survived this devastating catastrophe and the famine that followed. The remaining tribes were forced to flee west in a great exodus, into the chilly peaks of the Mountains of Mourn.
The War in the Sky
Their days of fat and easy living forever behind them, the Ogres migrated into the Mountains of Mourn. No more green pastures and fat herds of cloven meat. Now the Ogres would have to fight for their food.
Beyond the clouds that obscured the highest peaks lay the realm of the Sky Titans – the ancient ancestors of all Giants. This race was much taller and more intelligent than the inbred Giants we see today, having their own cities, fortresses, and livestock in the form of giant herds of mammoth. The Ogre tribes took it upon themselves to feast on the Sky Titans' herds, which of course led to a great war between the two races known as the War in the Sky.
The Sky Titans had magic, mammoths, cannons, and their own great strength, but even in their diminished state the Ogres outnumbered them hundreds to one. One by one the fortresses of the Sky Titans fell, and with each fallen citadel the Ogres feasted on their enemies' vast bodies, gorging themselves on giant heaps of shrieking red meat in bloody feasts that lasted for days and weeks. Most were lucky enough to already be dead when the Ogres began to eat them, but certainly not all…
The Sky Titans were all but exterminated by the Ogres' insatiable hunger for meat, and before long the tribes found that there were no more Sky Titans left to devour in all the Mountains of Mourn. Their glorious, ancient empire of towering mountain keeps was now a vast swath of crumpling ruins and bleached bones strewn across countless shivering valleys below.
The Ogres Today
What else were the Ogres to do but claim the Mountains for themselves? And so the Ogre Kingdoms were founded on literal and figurative mountains of slaughter and woe.
Today - whether by raiding soft lands and caravans for booty and flesh, extorting money and meat from brave merchants traveling to and from Cathay along the Silk Road, or hiring out their great bulks as renowned mercenaries to the nations of the Old World and beyond - the Ogres have come back from the brink of extinction to thrive and multiply in their new homeland.
But the Great Maw ever hungers...
The Ogres' unique Lore of the Great Maw, also known to scholars of the Old World as Shamanic Victuals, Gastromancy, Thaumaphagy, Corpomancy or simply Gut Magic. It basically employs cannibalism and the eating of various raw meats as a shamanic rite, channeling the raw power of the Great Maw itself. It would not draw upon the Winds of Magic, as it is more of a religious miracle - more like an Arch Lector or a Runelord in terms of game mechanics.
Gut Magic can do a lot of things, including imbuing fellow Ogres with magical resilience and healing, and cracking open the ground beneath enemies' feet to reveal a tooth-lined Mini-Maw to devour them whole en mass. Fun stuff!
  • I will be talking about these models briefly in terms of their implementation into a Total War game, as I've not actually played the TT game.
Golgfag Maneater is by far the most likely candidate for the first LL of the Ogre Kingdoms. He's been around for a long time in both the fluff and as a model. He's made a name for himself as a cannibalistic mercenary across the Old World and elsewhere, but has recently returned to the Mountains of Mourn to gather his kindred for more war and stuff. As a native of the Sabreskin Tribe (see above map), he would start in the northern reaches of the Mountains of Mourn. What better introductory Lord for the Ogre Kingdoms, I ask you?
  • Likely the best overall leader. Possible buffs: Maneaters, monsters, and war beasts
Skrag the Slaughterer is the most likely candidate for the second/ alternate LL. He is a Slaughtermaster after all, which are the "caster lords" of the Ogre Kingdoms. His story is bloody and rife with betrayal and cannibalism, even for an Ogre. Basically he accidentally served his Tyrant a meal of the Tyrant's favorite Gnoblar. As punishment the Tyrant hacked off Skrag's hands, hooked his giant meat pot into his back, and sealed him off in the caves below the tribe's encampment to die. Instead of dying, Skrag attached giant blades to his stumps, dominated the Gorgers lurking in the caves, and led them back to his former tribe's encampent to slaughter and devour his former brethren. He now wanders about as a legendary, more-than-a-little-bit insane prophet of the Great Maw. He could start anywhere, likely some place far away from Golgfag in the north.
  • The only spellcaster Legendary Lord for Ogres. Possible buffs: Gorgers and Butchers
Greasus Goldtooth, also known as Tradelord Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Gatecrasher Hoardmaster Goldtooth the Shockingly Obese, is the fattest and most powerful Ogre Tyrant within the entire Ogre Kingdoms. He also holds the current title of Overtyrant, the Tyrant of all Ogre Tyrants. This alone could make him a starting Legendary Lord over Golgfag, but his look isn't nearly as...iconic. His history is long and bloody, but basically he is the son of the former Overtyrant, having eaten his father and inherited his title and tribe. He demands tithes and tribute men and Ogre alike. His kingdom is in the southern bits of the Mountains, putting him a good distance away from Golgfag's start.
  • Basically just a fighter-type lord that is tankier and fatter and lazier and richer than other Tyrants. Likely has great economic bonuses in campaign. Possible buffs: ...Gnoblars? They'd certainly be stronger than most if they have to haul his massive ass around all the time.
Bragg the Gutsman is renowned for the ability to kill foes with a single blow from his hideous weapon, and he is the self-proclaimed Executioner of Ogrekind. He is rather lonely, however, since even his own people are terrified of him...
  • The premier duelist LL of the Ogre Kingdoms. Would be good at destroying Lords/ heroes/ monsters, as well as cutting swaths through tar pit units. Could possibly have leadership penalties to his army however, since he's so feared by his own kind.
Tyrant - A ferocious, tanky fighter through and through. Not much to say, other than "Yes please."
Slaughtermaster - A caster-melee hybrid lord that can cast spells from the Ogres' unique Lore of the Great Maw.
Bruiser - A melee-focused fighter hero. Basically a mini-Tyrant, which isn't half bad.
Butcher - A lesser version of the Slaughtermaster. In a society of savage cannibals, every tribes needs its Butcher!
Hunter - The Mountains of Mourn are rife with dangerous primordial beasts and monsters. The Hunter...hunts them! He is the most independent and solitary of Ogres. If there is a stealthy assassination Ogre hero, this would be it. In battle he would most definitely have a high Bonus vs. Large.
Firebelly - A crazed priest of the Fire Maw, the Ogre god of fire and volcanoes, offspring of the Great Maw. Would likely have access to the Lore of Fire, as well as a flaming breath attack and a high resistance to fire.
Gnoblars - Cheap, plentiful, and all but useless. These will help to fill out the lines of the Ogre army, which is of course otherwise comprised of expensive monstrous infantry.
Ogres - The basic infantry of the Ogre Kingdoms. Tanky and relentless, able to roll right over most battlelines on the charge.
Ironguts - Wielding better armor as well as great weapons, the Ironguts in the TT were also good at hunting down heavy cavalry. They could very well be a catch-all for armor-piercing, anti-large infantry for the Ogres.
Leadbelchers - Ogres carrying cannons into battle. Just awesome.
Maneaters (album) - Ogres that have roamed the world as mercenaries, taking up the weapons and fighting styles etc. of all the people they have fought and devoured.
Yhetees - Wild and bestial cousins of the Ogres. Unlike the Ogres, they are agile and fast, moving about as quickly as an armored war horse. Likely fantastic on the charge, and could very possibly have the Frostbite mechanic.
Mournfang Cavalry - Ogres riding these carnivorous cave beasts into battle would not be so much "shock cavalry" as "meatgrinder cavalry."
Rhinox Riders - These are official Forgeworld models. As Ogres riding wooly rhinos into battle are just far too cool not to include, I could see these happening in Total War. If they manage to charge something, it is already dead.
Gorger - When an Ogre babe is born sickly, weak, or deformed, it is cast into the sealed caves beneath its tribe's encampment to die. Those that survive such conditions grow up to become Gorgers - bestial, primitive abominations more monster than sentient being. Their hunger for raw meat is even greater than that of normal Ogres, and they are many times as savage.
  • These were single models in the TT. They could also be a low-count monstrous infantry type in TW, if they show up at all.
Sabretusk Pack - Excellent war beasts with abysmal leadership.
  • In TT they could be taken with a Hunter to remedy this, but that wouldn't be easy to do in TW. They were oft best employed as single model units to hunt down spellcasters and artillery crews etc. Could see them being a low-count warhound-type pack unit, or even another variety of "monstrous cavalry."
Stonehorn - Giant terrifying wooly beasts! Could be taken as a monster unit, or as a mount for Lords and Heroes. They have an absolutely devastating charge, like a gigantic guided missile.
Thundertusk - A slow-moving, tanky howdah-beast. Has an aura that lowers melee attack and such of nearby models, among other things. Sounds delicious!
Giant - You know...
Scraplauncher - Cheap AOE anti-infantry artillery. Fine on its own.
Ironblaster - A mobile cannon! Also more focused damage than the Scraplauncher by far.
That's it! I only had so much time and coffee to spare, so please do expound and extrapolate about the various characters, units, and mechanics the Ogre Kingdoms shall bring to this glorious game!
Seriously cannot wait to pit Lizardmen against Ogre Kingdoms for a massive Megafauna VS Megafauna slugfest...
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